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The fitness benefits of ice skating. Benefits of Inline Skating - en - International. According to medical research, rollerskating and Inline Skating rank in the top 3 activities that improve or maintain physical fitness and general well-being.

Benefits of Inline Skating - en - International

The medical world has declared Inline Skating better for your health than jogging. Inline Skating at 20 MPH, a skater burns 6 calories per minute or 360 calories per hour. You can stay in shape just by Inline Skating three times a week for 2 hour sessions. At the Forum, you can accomplish this in the climate controlled comfort of our indoor rink. If you are over thirty-five, you should consult with your doctor to see just how much Inline Skating he/she recommends for your age group. Home Ice Advantage Skating Center - Tuckahoe, NY. The health benefits of ice skating. What does ice skating involve?

The health benefits of ice skating

Originating in Scandinavia four millennia ago, ice skating has developed over the years into a fun yet physically demanding winter sport enjoyed by millions. Ice skaters travel over an icy surface (normally an ice rink or frozen body of water) on bladed boots. Depending on the type of competition, they may race across this length of ice, or perform complex dance moves upon it.

Figure Skating Funny Fall. Evian Roller Babies international version. FUNNY FALLS. ICE SKATING AT SM SEASIDE, CITY. CEBU PHILIPPINES. "Roller skating wipe out in #Paris, 1951" #cool #funny #pics #perfect. Best Roller Skates Buying Guide.