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Justin Farahi

Justin P. Farahi is a personal injury lawyer in California. He established the Farahi Law Firm, APC in Torrance in 2015. He specializes in Car Accidents, Brain Injury Cases, Motorcycle Accidents, Employment and Labor, Bicycles Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents, Dog Bite Cases, and more. With his strong leadership and dedication to justice, Farahi Law Firm has opened several new locations to help victims of injury cases across California: Torrance, Los Angeles, San Pedro, Panorama City, and Bakersfield.

Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyers. Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyers. Herniated discs are very serious injuries, and may result from car accidents, falls or heavy lifting.

Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyers

The normal spine is S-shaped, when viewed from the side. The curvature actually helps absorb the repeated shock of walking, running and jumping. The spine is wonderfully flexible, but this diminishes with age. The discs of the spine are the shock absorbers, the flexible parts of the spine. They separate the bony segments of the spine, which are very rigid. This is a herniated disc. Back pain tends to be severe, but more worrisome is the possibility of nerve pressure or injury. This is typically manifested by numbness and tingling in the leg, commonly on the outside of the thigh, back of the calf and down into the foot, sometimes involving the big toe. Wrongful Death Lawyers. Though life is unpredictable, death is permanent.

Wrongful Death Lawyers

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be extremely difficult. It is said that there are five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. People often find it difficult to come to terms with the loss of a close friend, family member or even pets. It is understandable because essentially humans are emotional by nature. Remove Background from Image – Truck Accident Lawyers. Brain Injury Lawyers. Often people who are struggling with a patient having traumatic brain injury (TBI) are struggling at their wit’s end to make sense of the situation.

Brain Injury Lawyers

The injury can be a physical, mental, emotional and financial burden on the entire family. It is important to have a proper support system in place. Having a Brain Injury Lawyers by your side who specializes in TBI can have the case properly evaluated and assessed to ensure that you get adequately compensated for the trauma. It is important to know what caused the accident and if possible, document the proof so that your case is strong.

The extent of the injury and the ability of the patient to function efficiently, even in the future is important to be assessed accurately to comprehend what compensation would be adequate. Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers. Car Accident Lawyers. Mission Statement. We are an Accident and Personal Injury law firm in California.

Mission Statement

We are a California Personal Injury Attorney group. It is our duty to represent people who have been seriously injured. We also offer a Free Consultation to help you understand your injury/accident claim or case. Farahi Law Firm, APC, based in Los Angeles, has a clear mission. Personal Injury Lawyers in California. Uber-Lyft-Car Sharing Lawyers. Met with an Accident in Ride Sharing?

Uber-Lyft-Car Sharing Lawyers

Hire Uber-Lyft-Car Sharing Lawyers for Appropriate Action The prevalence of ride-sharing companies can be seen everywhere. They are cheaper compared to hiring a taxi and they also are one of the fastest, cheapest and most convenient form to travel. Many people who are daily commuters but do not wish to use public transport, prefer to take an Uber or Lyft or any other ride sharing car.

You can call a cab at your location with an app and often the rides are cheaper than conventional taxis. Farahi Law Firm APC. Should You Hire an Dog Bite Lawyers if You got Bitten by a Dog?

Farahi Law Firm APC

Who wouldn’t like to keep a pet? Dogs are loved by most people and are preferred over other animals as pets. There is no denying the undying love and faithfulness you receive from a dog. People even look after them as their own children. However, for people who are not that fond of animals, it can be a bit of a difficult situation to have to ask a pet owner to keep their pet restrained. #1 Medical Malpractice Lawyers.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Medical Malpractice – is the term used to describe the negligence committed by a doctor, nurse or health care professional when providing care to a patient.

#1 Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Malpractice is said to occur when the health care in question fails to meet the standard of care which applies to any health care professional in that field of practice. Some examples of malpractice include: failing to timely diagnose a serious conditionimproperly performing surgeryfailing to properly monitor a patient’s conditionprescribing or giving the wrong or incorrect amount of medicationincorrectly interpreting the results of diagnostic tests. #1 Child Injury Lawyers. Child Injury Lawyers Might be the Need of the Hour When a child is born, a parent is born.

#1 Child Injury Lawyers

The relationship between a child and their parents is unique. While initially they require care and nurturing as well as protection, in the latter years, the role reverses. However, many times, the relationship is not always ideal. Negligence or accidents may cause injury to children which can turn into a lifelong disorder or sometimes fatal. In the United States, every year nearly 20,000,000 children suffer injuries of varying degrees. What can cause injuries in children? Despite the best interests of parents, a child may injure themselves. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone. #1 Pedestrian Accident Lawyers. Met with an Accident While Walking?

#1 Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Consult Pedestrian Accident Lawyers While much has been said, written and discussed accidents involving multiple vehicles, it is pedestrian accidents which are equally alarming. Why do so Many Motorcycle Accidents Occur at Intersections? Why do so many motorcycle accidents occur at intersections?

Why do so Many Motorcycle Accidents Occur at Intersections?

According to NHTSA report total 4493 number of motorcycle fatalities and injuries occurred in Los Angeles county. And as per recent FARS report 34% motorcycle crashes occurred at intersections compared to other locations. Above stats indicates intersections can be dangerous for motorcyclists. Brain Injury Lawyers. Drunk Driving Accidents - How Dangerous is Driving Under Influence? If ever you have been in an accident, you might realize the trauma it has on your life.

Though with time, you may be able to overcome the physical trauma, mental trauma takes a lot of time to go away. Numerous times we have heard about accidents caused due to drivers who have driven under influence. Back Injury Lawyers Los Angeles. #1 Personal Injury Lawyers in Panorama City. We are an Personal Injury Lawyers and Personal Injury Law Firm in Panorama City, CA. We are a Panorama City, CA Personal Injury Attorney Group. It is our duty to represent people who have been seriously injured. Efficient Car Accident Lawyers Helps you Get the Best Deals! Some of the Most Prominent Causes include: 1. Being distracted during driving: Being addicted to mobile is a habit that is common with this generation. Quite often kids and even adults are glued to their mobile so much, that texting and driving have become a norm for them. #1 Slip and Fall Lawyers. Slip and Fall Lawyers Whether it happens at the grocery store or a friend’s house, slip and fall accidents occur fairly often.

In some instances, the property owner is responsible for the injured party’s injuries, and in others, the property owner will not be held liable. FindLaw’s Slip and Fall Injuries section provides both the basics and some in-depth information about slip and fall liability. TRUCK ACCIDENT ATTORNEY IN LOS ANGELES - Farahi Law Firm. Get in contact with a Truck Accident Attorney in Los Angeles immediately if you or someone you care about gets into a truck accident. Your swift action could be the key to getting the parties responsible for the incident to settle fairly. Trucks are larger and heavier than almost every other vehicle on the road. When small passenger vehicle like car or a motorcycle is involved in an accident with a truck, those in the passenger vehicle can suffer catastrophic and fatal injuries. A personal injury attorney can assist in protecting your legal rights or the legal rights of your deceased loved one. Truck accidents can occur for a multitude of reasons, but most stem from a few common causes.

Drowsy Driving – Drowsy driving is an extremely serious issue. #1 Child Injury Lawyers. Hire the Best Personal Injury Law Firm. #1 Brain Injury Lawyers. What is my personal injury case really worth? - Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyers. #1 Bicycle Accident Lawyers. Hire the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to Get Out of the Mess of Accident Safe and Sound! #1 Wrongful Death Lawyers. Best Personal Injury Attorneys or Accident Lawyers in California. #1 Truck accident lawyer Los Angeles. Best Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles.

#1 Motorcycle Accident Lawyers. California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and Attorney – The drivers of automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles who intentionally, recklessly or carelessly hit a motorcyclist in most cases suffer very little, if any, harm themselves. Unfortunately, it’s not the same for the motorcyclist who was hit. Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles CA - Trusted Attorneys. #1 Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers.