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Wonkette — The D.C. Gossip. This is the best way I've ever seen to teach someone evolution. Why don’t people believe in GOD? Pharyngula Wiki. Pharyngula. Probably not.


But the New York Times reports: A review of studies has found that the health benefits of infant male circumcision vastly outweigh the risks involved in the procedure. Blag Hag. Hundreds of people showed up to my mother’s funeral.

Blag Hag

We were lucky the room adjacent to ours wasn’t also booked for a funeral, because we filled the seats in that room in addition to ours. In addition to that, about 40 people had to stand, and that doesn’t count the 50 or so people who came to visitation but didn’t stay for the memorial. My mother was much loved, and we lost her too soon. I wanted to share the eulogy I gave for my mother yesterday.