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Student Agency and Technology:
Broaden your thinking about how technology can nurture student agency and voice through Approaches to Teaching and Learning.

Technology enables all students to express themselves in multimodal ways and to be active participants in a variety of local and global communities. Students can build relationships, take ownership of shaping new knowledge, and take real-life action both online and offline. Agency and Technology Slide Handouts. QR Codes in the Classroom. Learner Agency, Technology, and Emotional Intelligence.

Preface Early in my training as an educator, I was exposed to William Glasser’s conceptualization of basic human needs and their importance in creating a healthy educational setting.

Learner Agency, Technology, and Emotional Intelligence

They are: Belonging – Fulfilled by loving, sharing, and cooperating with othersPower – Fulfilled by achieving, accomplishing, and being recognized and respectedFreedom – Fulfilled by making choicesFun – Fulfilled by laughing and playing. TPACK.ORG. SAMR Model examples. Louise Hall Prezi for TIP model. High Possibility Classrooms: Student Agency Through Technology-Enhanced Learning. Imagine a classroom where very young students produce beautiful paper puppets that are scanned and then used to inform writing narratives.

High Possibility Classrooms: Student Agency Through Technology-Enhanced Learning

Picture a classroom where the teacher tells elementary school students on a regular basis: "Questions are more important than answers. " Visualize a classroom with long bench-like seats that are set up around work tables and where there is no teacher desk -- a place where the teacher uses a process called Q U E S T and BYOD to support middle school students in understanding what topics in the curriculum are important to them. Envisage a high school classroom where eager students learn film protocols in a digital media unit alongside their visual arts teacher who is a successful Australian filmmaker.

Does this all sound a little too idealistic? Webinar Today's Meet. Webinar Padlet. IB Webinar Survey: Models. AnswerGarden Poll. What is your favorite digital tool?

AnswerGarden Poll

20 characters remaining pearltreespuppet pals Share Share this AnswerGarden on various social networks using the following buttons. Embed. Reflection Voicethread. Common Sense Education. The EdTech Roundup. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Free Technology for Teachers.

Research: Kid-friendly Search Engines and more

Research: Social bookmarking. Self-management: Centers and LMS. Thinking: Surveys, polls, and quizzes. Communication: Website and eportfolio makers. Thinking: Game-based learning. Digital Storytelling. Peer collaboration. Global collaboration. Authentic resources. DiY. Makerspaces and Coding. Avatars.