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FIleHippo. BigBrains. Linux Customs. Voici la quatrième édition des meilleures personnalisations de bureaux Linux.

Linux Customs

Six mois se sont écoulés depuis la dernière présentation, les tendances n'ont pas beaucoup évolué, sauf peut-être que l'on voit de plus en plus de customizations à base de KDE (cf. 6 derniers screenshots). Je vous laisse les découvrir sans plus attendre. Gaia10 Linux by Gabriela2400 GTK & Metacity: SproutPidgin iconset by Gabriela2400Covergloobus by Gabriela2400Conky: 5 individual configs made by Gabriela2400Wallpaper: See The WorldAWN: Skin by Gabriela2400Dock icons: Gaia IconsSource Ubuntu Linux by Transitmapsetc Theme: Equinox (with Faenza icons)Wallpaper: Wild Shine by Mohammad JavadFont: Domestic Manners (one of the Dustimo fonts)Ubuntu-Tweak added (for clear menus etc)Docky theme: Glass Sensualite by iHackr Re-upped 2nd by Sowizz Source Boxed by Afteroid GTK: by me, inspired by droidEmerald: by me, inspired by Gaia SproutIcons: A lot of different Themes.

Loser by StingBL Arch Desktop 2010 by kjell81d Source Source. BACKTRACK LINUX. Installing OpenVAS The simplest way of installing all of required parts of the openvas suite is to issue the following commands in a terminal window. root@bt:~#apt-get update root@bt:~#apt-get install openvas The package openvas is a "master" package that holds all of the info required to automatically download all of the other packages that make up the full openvas suite of tools.


Once openvas has been installed you will find all the of menu entries in this location. Openvas check setup openvas-check-setup is a very useful tool, here it is showing how it can help diagnose problems and give advice on how to fix them. Setting up OpenVAS Step 1. From the menu, select Openvas Adduser and follow instructions. Note that you can use any username you like but in this case I have just used root. Step 2. From the menu, select Openvas mkcert and follow instructions. Step 3. At this point we need to get the latest set of nvt's. So select OpenVAS NVT Sync from the menu Step 4. Start Openvas scanner Step 5. Linux Command 101. Overview This article gives you a brief introduction to some of the major features of the bash shell, and covers the following topics: Interacting with shells and commands using the command lineUsing valid commands and command sequencesDefining, modifying, referencing, and exporting environment variablesAccessing command history and editing facilitiesInvoking commands in the path and outside the pathUsing man (manual) pages to find out about commands This article helps you prepare for Objective 103.1 in Topic 103 of the Junior Level Administration (LPIC-1) exam 101.

Linux Command 101

The objective has a weight of 4. The material in this article corresponds to the April 2009 objectives for exam 101. Back to top. Linux Commands. Advanced Linux Commands. Tweaks.