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Comment maîtriser le moteur de recherche de Twitter comme un pro ? Twitter Tips (2020): How To Share Someone’s Twitter Video Without Retweeting. In this post, you’ll learn how to share someone’s Twitter video without having to retweet them and why this is incredibly important.

Twitter Tips (2020): How To Share Someone’s Twitter Video Without Retweeting

For example, when you retweet someone, your post typically will look like this: Retweeting is fine and is certainly encouraged. But sometimes, instead of retweeting someone, you should embed their active video in your own Tweet. Doing this not only makes your post look nicer, but this also gives you the ability to change the text when posting the video. Twitter Topics: How to Use It & What Marketers Need to Know. According to a report from Mention, roughly half a billion tweets are published on Twitter every day.

Twitter Topics: How to Use It & What Marketers Need to Know

The platform, which enables you to tweet out your thoughts or content in under 280 characters, is swirling with constant conversations about trends, news, and other insights. With all of these tweets, thoughts, discussion threads, and trending hashtags, it can be hard to cut through the noise and find content around topics you're actually interested in. Le guide ultime des vidéos sur Twitter - Blog Clipchamp. 7 bonnes pratiques pour les sondages Twitter ! How One Social Media Consultant Builds Her Clients' Brand Influence on Twitter. As a social media consultant, I help entrepreneurs and businesses unlock the power of social media marketing.

How One Social Media Consultant Builds Her Clients' Brand Influence on Twitter

With over eight years experience spanning across both B2B and B2C industries, I'm passionate about everything involving social media -- especially Twitter. Twitter is exceptionally exciting to me because it's a fantastic tool for building a brand and brand influence. It's easy to find and take part in conversations, stay on top of news (stories usually break on Twitter before anywhere else), find content, connect with people, and actually be social on social media. Additionally, it's a fast-paced network, which allows you to continuously drive traffic and share information without the content fatigue you find on other social media networks. Here, let's explore the nine strategies I've used to help myself, and my clients, build brand influence on the platform. Click here to take our Twitter Strategy course. 1. 2. Try starting at three tweets per day and go up from there. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Stratégie Twitter : #checklist 2019. Les bonnes pratiques Twitter ne sont pas autant partagées qu’on voudrait le croire.

Stratégie Twitter : #checklist 2019

J’ai conçu ce guide, à la fois stratégique et opérationnel, pour rappeler les points clés d’une présence efficace sur Twitter. J’observe que nombre organisations restent encore frileuses sur Twitter. D’autres se lancent au contraire sans préparation ou se contentent de faire vivoter un compte sans relief ni intérêt. J’ai donc pensé qu’un mode d’emploi sous forme de checklist pourrait rendre service. Une stratégie sur Twitter peut se décomposer en 3 phases : 1. 2. 3. Le mémo à emporter. How to live-tweet so your audience doesn’t miss a thing - Interhacktives. I spent a weekend covering huge environmental protests, and these are the 13 things I learnt about how to live-tweet.

How to live-tweet so your audience doesn’t miss a thing - Interhacktives

Want more followers? Want to reach whole new audiences in a matter of hours? People look to Twitter when they are engaged and in need of real-time information, so covering an event with entertaining and useful tweets is a great way to keep them informed. I covered the Extinction Rebellion protests in central London back in November. Because of the fast moving pace of the events, I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to write separate blog posts, so decided to live-tweet instead. By the end of the day, my tweets had received engagement in the tens of thousands, and I had been followed by dozens of key accounts in the environmental community. 1.

The evening before, I did a deep-dive into the key accounts and hashtags tweeting about the Extinction Rebellion protests. 2. It may be obvious to you, but not everyone will know what the event is that you’re covering. 3. 4. How to Tweet a Link with a Preview Image on Twitter. Have you seen Tweets where the image has a description on the bottom and clicking the image actually takes you to a website?

How to Tweet a Link with a Preview Image on Twitter

Ever wonder how to tweet a link with a preview image on Twitter? They’re the ones that look like this: Ever sat there scratching your head wondering how you can create one of these Tweets yourself? Trust me, you’re not alone. People ask me how to do it all the time. Entrepreneur : 6 astuces pratiques pour attirer l'attention sur Twitter. Avec environ 328 millions d’utilisateurs actifs dans le monde, dont 16 millions de visiteurs uniques en France (Merci Alexi Tauzin), Twitter est inondée par les pensées et les opinions de : Célébrités,Journalistes,Leaders d’industrie… Chaque jour, ce sont plus de 500 millions de tweets publiés.

Entrepreneur : 6 astuces pratiques pour attirer l'attention sur Twitter

Top 100 des outils Twitter. Spécifications relatives aux cartes pour les annonceurs. Remarque : si vous affichez la même image sur un ordinateur & sur un mobile, nous vous recommandons de respecter les spécifications relatives aux mobiles, qui sont valables pour ces deux types d'appareil.

Spécifications relatives aux cartes pour les annonceurs

& Le choix de spécifications appropriées à l'affichage sur ordinateur pourra entraîner un recadrage sur mobile. Mobile Texte du Tweet : 116 caractères sont disponibles (24 sont utilisés pour les images). Largeur/hauteur de l'image : minimum 600 X 335 pixels. Les images plus grandes (au format 1 200 X 675 par exemple) seront mieux optimisées en vue de leur ouverture par les utilisateurs.

Guide des Cartes Twitter pour les Entreprises.