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Spinzone™ Magnetic Whiteboard Spinners - Boards & Supplies - Classroom Supplies. ClassTools Headline Generator. Sutori Educator Review. How Can Teachers Use It?

Sutori Educator Review

Teachers can use the pre-made timelines, construct their own timelines, or create assignments (like an exam review study guide or final assessment) that require students to build multimedia-rich timelines. Teachers should definitely take time to search through both the developer's pre-made timelines and the community timelines to see what may be relevant for their specific classroom needs. For example, “A History of Immigration of the USA” highlights the experiences of immigrants; “Franz Ferdinand’s Assassination” gives students the opportunity to follow a journalist through a turbulent period. Sutori lends itself to solo, partner, or small-group assignments. Hey Language Arts teachers, timelines are for you, too. 1.

Hey Language Arts teachers, timelines are for you, too.

Introduce a timeline from Hstry to students, showing them the ability to add text, images, and links. Most timelines on Hstry are actually focused on history (no surprise there), so you might want to create a sample one based on a book yourself. It's not necessary, but it can be helpful. 2. Point out the nature of captions - concise, clear, focus o on central ideas. 3. 4. 5. 12 or more stops on the timeline (with a max of 24)self-created images for at least 12 of them (photos, drawings, collages)1-2 links to some connection between the book and personal experience (blog post, other project) or real world events (news stories, videos, etc.)a focus - For focus, I usually give students the choice of: showing evidence of theme; showing how a character changes or how we come to understand a character; key elements of the central conflict; or some other topic from the student (but checked with me first).

Student Instructions. Tiger, Tiger. Aurelia is born to riches and power, where slaves rush to meet her every want and need, and where every citizen of Rome knows and admires her.

Tiger, Tiger

She is the daughter of Caesar, the ruler of Rome. And Caesar adores his youngest child, so he plans an exotic and spectacular gift for her: a wild tiger cub! Boots the tiger is born to the green wilds of the jungle, where he lies in the sun with his brother and learns to hunt and survive with lessons from his mother. But when their mother is murdered, he and his brother are taken captive and dragged miserably across the ocean in the dark, dank hold of a ship. Upon arrival, Boots is defanged, neutered and forced to wear leather coverings over his razor-sharp claws. When sheltered Aurelia attends the Colosseum for the first time, the images of the cruel and horrid deaths of the gladiators, the outlawed Christians and the beautiful animals linger in her soul, haunting her dreams and days.


ClassFlow. What is Understanding by Design? Author Jay McTighe explains. GRASPS for Assessment Design. Rain forests. Classroom homepage. Home issues classroom support About HEC training.

Classroom homepage

Home. Flashcards SJIS DECA word root. Dr. Nagler's Laboratory: Longitude and Latitude. Describing graphs. Here is a set of worksheets I made last year.

Describing graphs

I used them over a series of lessons with various groups at Intermediate and Upper Intermediate level. (They may take a while to load on this page) Some of the activities are taken from other sources, in which case they should always be credited. If you believe I have used something which is uncredited, please let me know. Feel free to use and adapt the worksheets however you see fit. They can be used in whatever order you see fit. Like this: Like Loading... Related Articles Flowchart: Final Draft (I hope!)

SEN Spelling

Video games can have lasting impact on learning. An image from the brain training program Activate.

Video games can have lasting impact on learning

A computer-based brain training program developed at Yale University helps improve student performance in reading and math — in some cases even more than individualized tutoring, according to a new study published Sept. 12 in Scientific Reports. In a study of more than 500 second graders, math and reading scores on school- administered tests increased significantly more in children who used the brain training program Activate during the school year than in control classes. The effect on math achievement scores was greater than what has been reported for one-on-one tutoring and the effect on reading scores was greater than what has been reported for summer reading programs. The findings illustrate that the benefits of the training, conducted three times a week for a four-month period, extend beyond getting better on the training games themselves and lead to improved learning of material that is very different from that in the games.

Barrynsmith79's Blog. I was talking to a lovely, keen, young teacher earlier this week and she said she’d been told that she needed to work on, “Pace, progression and checking for understanding.”

barrynsmith79's Blog

I hate words like that! What does any of that actually mean? It’s so “teacher speak”! Wrong Number by Chloe Rayban. Great Idea: Dictogloss. The Illustrated Classroom Teaching Resources. I've been a teacher in inclusion middle and high schools since 2005.

The Illustrated Classroom Teaching Resources

Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects - University of California, San Diego.

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