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Video: Turning The Tables On Everyday Sexism 3 hours ago · culture · 0 Comments · 1046 Views Most women in the UK describe sexism as a regular daily event, whether it's men shouting at them to "get their t*ts out" or builders asking to speak to a man instead in a hardware shop. Flipping everything on its head, Leah Green... Desillusion Magazine Introduce TOME 1 5 hours ago · Art & Design · 0 Comments · 368 Views Since 2002, quarterly surf, skate, and snow magazine Desillusion have released 65 print magazines and 30 documentaries. Now, they are proudly introducing a 260 page coffee table book which is entirely ad free. The "tome" will also be accompanied by a series of short films showcased...


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This is definitely a quote I need to take to heart and put into practice this year! It's really hard for me to say "no" without having to feel the need to have an excuse or explanation. But you know what? Sometimes the answer is NO and that's that! Do you have a hard time saying no? belle maison - StumbleUpon

belle maison - StumbleUpon

Urban sexy loft space in San Francisco