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14 Short Videos That Will Make You Unstoppable. Sometimes even successful people need some extra juice to keep moving. In my own search for inspiration and motivation, I watched over a hundred videos to find these 15 gems:. 1. How to stop screwing yourself over Mel Robbins drills through the mental clutter that keeps you from getting what you want. 2. Forget big change, start with a tiny habit BJ Fogg shows that the key to lasting change lies in thinking small (like one push-up a day). 3. Carrie Green delves into how thoughts and actions reinforce themselves to create either success or failure. 4.

Adam Leipzig invites you to draw upon your self-knowledge to find your purpose. 5. John Scherer provides a plan for creating a workplace for yourself where you can learn and grow. 6. Scott Geller reveals how the latest research can help you can get yourself to take action. 7. Dr. 8. Magnus Walker explains how to take action without overthinking your tactics. 9. Eugene Hennie roadmaps the kind of soul searching that creates entrepreneurs. 10. 11. 12. Israels Hot Startup Scene is Fostering Several Unicorns | I recently had the privilege to fly from Silicon Valley to what many know as Silicon Wadi (also know as Tel Aviv, Israel). Israel has more that 6,000 startups and attracts more venture capital per person than any other country in the world.

While I was in Israel I was able to sit down with some of the hottest startups on the planet and find out everything there is to know about the tech scene in Israel, Jerusalem, and the surrounding areas. It was amazing to meet some brilliant entrepreneurs that are shaping how we do things online. Here are some of the hot startups that I see as having a bright future as well as every one of them having a potential billion dollar valuation (if they don’t already) in the near future. Windward One company that impressed me a lot was Windward.

Until 2010 and the arrival of commercial satellites, there was no data on a ship after it had left shore. Docady Getstocks FirstImpression AngelSense Checkmarx One Hour Translation Playbuzz Webydo OurCrowd Bizzabo Showbox enSilo. Introduction To A Venture Capitalist? There's An App For That. | The venture capital industry exists because of entrepreneurs but it you're an entrepreneur you'd hardly think you existed in the eyes of VCs. And you'd be partially correct is your assessment. The greatest startup challenge after product/market fit or traction may simply be getting a coveted warm introduction to a Union Square Ventures, Kleiner Perkins or other top firm. While venture capital may be not be the primary source of startup funding, it continues to be the most highly sought after. Andreessen Horowitz for example, only considers startup pitches which come through its network and of the several thousand pitches receives each year through this trusted deal funnel, several hundred are taken seriously by the firm to warrant additional diligence and perhaps a meeting with the founding team.

At the end of day, the firm it makes approximately 15 investments a year. Time will tell if the app leads to actual investments. What's the lesson for entrepreneurs? Network. 4 Timeless Books You Have To Read If You Want To Change The World ( Or Just Put A Big Dent In It) | Some people learn entrepreneurship from their family business; others learn it by studying entrepreneurship in school. I did neither. Instead, I was enrolled in the "learn while you burn" program of entrepreneurship.

When my partner and I started our first two businesses we were clueless. All we had was the ambition to build a business and enough naive confidence to believe we could. It was pure baptism by fire. Looking back at just how much we had to learn I'm amazed we were able to get through the first year much less build a business that spanned five continents and ended up being acquired by a multibillion dollar corporation. So, yes, I earned my stripes, but not without making more mistakes, enduring much more grief and embarrassment, and spending far more time and money than was needed. But in the process I've built a curriculum of sorts that I use as my own bible of entrepreneurism.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Peter Drucker "Entrepreneurship is inherently tied to innovation. " Inventors, Entrepreneurs And The Space In Between. Got a hot idea for a new product? You’re not alone. However, hard data on exactly how many products are introduced each year is surprisingly sparse. So far, the best source I’ve found is Mintel’s Global New Product Database. According to the firm, over 20,000 new products from 50 countries are added each month. But say for a moment the number is accurate. Thank God for such a low percentage. Risk as a Critical Filter In many ways we have supply chain costs to thank for such a low product launch ratio.

Then, even if you’re capable and committed to making a product, you’ve got to find a way to sell it. Inventor or Entrepreneur? In general, inventors want to focus on product creation. Inventors can mitigate risk by licensing their idea to someone else. Entrepreneurs are focused on execution. Inventors can mitigate risk by licensing their idea to someone else. Entrepreneurs prefer to tackle risk head-on. The Demand Side of the Curve At retail, merchandising teams are standing at the gates. 30 Business Books To Read Before You’re 30 |

There are over a million business books listed on and a few of them are actually worth reading! Among those few are 30 books that build the foundation for success, whether you're working for yourself or somebody else. Note: After much thought, I excluded the following three genres from this list: Biographies. Delving into the personal lives of celebrated businessfolk (e.g., Steve Jobs) is usually just gossip writ large. Case Studies. Regular readers of this column will see many books below that I've recommended in the past. The most important person in your business life is yourself. 1. Author: James Allen Why it's a must-read: Destroys any thoughts you might harbor about being helpless and puts you in control of your destiny. Quick Quote: "The dreamers are the saviors of the world. 2. Author: Tony Robbins Why it's a must-read: Most personal development books deal with your thoughts and emotions. Quick Quote: "If you can't, you must. 3.

Author: Daniel H. 4. Author: Susan Jeffers. Presentation Software that Inspires | Haiku Deck. Growth Hacking On Steroids: 33 Powerful Tools To Maximize Number of Users. On one hand, “growth hacking” is quite an overused buzz word which personally makes me cringe, on the other one it well communicates the essence of experimental online marketing techniques adopted by startups and small businesses so as to extend their user base fast and cheap.

Big enterprises with copious budgets can usually afford to pour tens of thousands of dollars into traditional (e.g. print, TV, radio) and digital (e.g. search engine advertising, web banners, mobile advertising) marketing channels. Starting entrepreneurs, by contrast, truly need to think out of the box in order to assert their position on the market — by conjuring up a steep growth curve on a shoe-string budget.

Some of the popular methods include lots of A/B testing and website data analytics to increase conversion rates, producing viral content to master social media, and extensive blogging to improve brand image and gain credibility. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. What's Your Start-up's "Bus Count"? 7 Myths of Entrepreneurship and Programming. (Photo: Stuck in Customs) For the last two years, one name has come up again and again when talking with A-class start-up investors: Pivotal Labs.

See, Pivotal Labs quietly helps dozens of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world, including freight trains like Groupon and Twitter. If your start-up needs to get good coding done quickly, as in lightning fast — or if new hires need to get good at coding quickly — top venture capitalists are likely to look over their shoulder and confide: “Call Pivotal Labs.” I first met the Founder of Pivotal Labs, Rob Mee, when one of the start-ups I advise, TaskRabbit, began working with them.

One thing is immediately clear: Rob is obsessed with how to get obscenely high output. But that’s nothing new. My kinda guy. I then posed a few questions: How do you create a scalable, bullet-proof business? What are the myths of tech product creation (software specifically, and entrepreneurship more broadly) that he’d like to expose? Enter Rob Mee 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Pivotal Labs | Pivotal. What’s the Difference Between, Wix and Weebly? The benefits of an online presence for small and medium-sized business owners can’t be ignored.

Most people use search engines to find local products and services—savvy consumers threw out their Yellow Pages long ago. If a small business isn’t online, it is going to miss out on a lot of local consumers. There are loads of platforms promising to increase Web traffic and visibility for small business, but can they all deliver? Check out this comparison of the small business website offerings from, Wix, and Weebly: Social Media Integration: vs. Wix vs. Weebly Branding a business across multiple online platforms will increase awareness for the company. Generating Leads: vs. A website isn’t doing its job if it’s not generating quality leads. Engaging Visitors: vs. Engaging website visitors in a meaningful way leads to more time spent on a site and ultimately increased revenue for the business. Small businesses can’t succeed if they’re not engaged online.

Sensemakers_Radar.pdf. Upload Video. Tim-ferriss-reveals-his-amazing-secret-weapon-for-building-a-career. 20 Sites With Free Images for Your Blog or Social Media Posts | The world of free stock photos can be a difficult one to navigate. If you're using a paid image repository like iStockphoto or Shutterstock, your rights and responsibilities are clear: You pay for the rights to use the image, and no attribution is required. However, if you're choosing to go the free route--and really, why wouldn't you? --it can be confusing to know how you're allowed to use the photos, and what (if any) attribution is required. This post will give you a list of 20 sites that offer 100 percent free images for use on your blog or social media posts. And the best part? All the sites below offer photos under the Public Domain or the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This meansno attribution (link) is required.

In case you're unfamiliar with copyright categories, here's a brief overview of the three main types: Public Domain--Images in the public domain are works whose copyrights have expired or whose creators have relinquished all rights to the works. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative. 100-awesome-free-things-for-salespeople-and-marketers. Welcome to the web! | Intro to HTML. Do You Have to Be Crazy to Become an Entrepreneur? | The question stumped me for a minute. I have been promoting my latest book on talk shows everywhere, and the question was one I had never gotten before. I had been going on about how everyone will need gain the same skills entrepreneurs have in order to thrive in our rapidly changing economy.

I wasn't arguing that everyone will have to become an entrepreneur--but I think eventually that will be true--but rather we will need to learn the skills for dealing with uncertainty that all successful entrepreneurs have. "But don't you have to be a little bit crazy to become an entrepreneur? It's like being an actor or painter. It is a very uncertain career path. Don't you think that all entrepreneurs are a little bit nuts," the interviewer asked. Well, some creative folks aren't "normal" for effect of course. Constant rejection and skepticism is part of the process. I think it is no different for entrepreneurs. Starting anything is difficult. Welcome to +300 Awesome Free Things for Entrepreneurs and Startups — Entrepreneurship, Startups & Life Hacking.

Adobe Creative Cloud. John Maeda sobre a simplicidade. Dica de livro: The Service Startup - The Service Startup – Inovação e Empreendedorismo através do Design Thinking é um livro que vai fazer você repensar muitos conceitos. Inicialmente, o livro foi lançado na Amazon, em inglês, e na época eu corri para comprar e ler. Estava curiosa sobre a proposta do autor, uma integração entre design thinking e lean startup que promete mudar a forma como os empreendedores criam seus negócios e serviços. Agora, o livro também está disponível em português e foi lançado pela Editora Altabooks. Se você está buscando criar novos serviços, produtos ou soluções para seu negócio, minha recomendação é que devore o livro assim que puder rs O autor, Tenny Pinheiro, é designer, fundador da Livework no Brasil, consultoria global de Design de Serviços, e criador da Eise – A escola de inovação em serviços, além de autor do livro Design Thinking Brasil.

O que você pode esperar do livro? As mudanças socioeconômicas do último século são o ponto inicial do argumento do autor. Um breve resumo… Para finalizar… Open Strategy. Criar Site Grátis | Descubra Como Criar um Site Grátis | WIX. Templates | Templates Grátis | WIX.