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Fish With Transparent Head Filmed. Stunning Siphonophore. How to Give a Memorable Speech (Chip Heath and Dan Heath) What makes a speech a great speech, one people remember, especially your teacher?

How to Give a Memorable Speech (Chip Heath and Dan Heath)

The key is in your message, not your presentation. Use the six sticky principles taught by Chip Heath and Dan Heath in their book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, and give a speech you'll get an A on. Unless you live in a cave, you know the story of Jared, the college student who lost hundreds of pounds eating Subway sandwiches. It's a story that almost wasn't told for the same reasons that many of our papers and speeches are boring. We get so filled up with statistics and abstractions and all the things we know, that we forget to share the simple message at the core of what we're trying to communicate.

Subway executives wanted to talk about fat grams and calories. The ideas the Heath brothers teach are ideas that will make your next paper or speech memorable, whether your audience is your teacher or the entire student body. Here are their six principles: About the authors: 8 Practical Strategies to Ge to Know Your Students.

August 23, 2014 As a teacher, the first week of the new school year is always an exciting time for me as I get to deal with new classes and new students.There is always that deep-seated drive to know your students and learn about their learning styles, their previous academic background and what they expect from your class.

8 Practical Strategies to Ge to Know Your Students

Each teacher has her/his own strategy to get to know their students but now with the widespread of technology, a number of digital activities can be used to enable students to express themselves freely and articulate what they want others to know about them. Creating autobiographical trailers, audio clips, blog postings..etc are some examples of how students can use technology to introduce themselves to their peers and to their learning community.

There are also a set of other interesting strategies that are not necessarily technology based and which teachers can use to get to know their students. The handy visual below features some of them . Questioning Strategies. iPad, Mac and web apps for academics. High school stops fighting, learns to love students and tech. At the public New Tech High School in California, students bring their own laptops and are encouraged to use Twitter in class.

High school stops fighting, learns to love students and tech

The New Tech High School in Napa allows students to bring in their own computersInstead of limiting access to social media, school teaches about digital responsibility Custom program using Google Apps puts assignments, grades in the cloud Napa, California (CNN) -- Many high-school-age students are hooked on their phones and computers. Instead of fighting the kids, some schools like the public New Technology High School in Napa, California, are jumping right in and embracing the technology. "We meet kids where they live," New Tech Principal Michelle Spencer said. Where they live is increasingly online, on instant messenger and Twitter. The Triumph of the Tablet - Peter Osnos. The summer of 2013 has been, in many ways, the summer of the iPad.

The Triumph of the Tablet - Peter Osnos

Over the years, our annual family foray to Lake Michigan has become, aside from the usual vacation pleasures, a measure of how technology has changed our habits when it comes to information and entertainment. We've come a very long way from the farm edition of the Chicago Tribune and a small black and white television with antenna ears. This year, in addition to bringing laptops (mainly for the steady stream of office and personal e-mails that are now, irreversibly, an accepted 24/7 routine), smartphones, iPods, a stack of books, and our New York Times subscription delivered at dawn, we added an iPad (mine) and an iPad Mini (my wife's). Also, for the first time, we had household wi-fi (no longer really optional) and cable installed on our television as an incentive to possible renters in the off-season.

The New Yorker, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal. 70+ iPad Apps Written in French for Students. Sylvia Duckworth is a French teacher who has started a new blog about iPad and iPhone apps that are available in French.

70+ iPad Apps Written in French for Students

Slyvia reviewing apps and making suggestions for apps that students can use in French. Some of the apps are for learning French while others are for completing activities completely in French. You may notice that some of the apps you have used in English are also available in French. As a starting place take a look at this list of more than 70 apps Sylvia suggests. Apple - Education Seminars & Events. Education - iPad - Teacher Stories. Longfield Academy - iPad Scheme. Classroom 2.0 LIVE! - Home. Εκδήλωση "Learning with Apple" iSquare.