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7 Cool Maker Camp Projects You Might Have Missed. Henrik Blennow, one of the initiators of the Children’s Park of the Future included a Maker Camp zone as part of a festival in Vindbacke, Sweden called Lights in Alingsås.

7 Cool Maker Camp Projects You Might Have Missed

This fall we introduced the Maker Camp After School program so that Maker Camp could continue its annual summer program and keep it running all year long. Our whole new lineup of projects — loosely themed around balls, falling objects, and autumnally appropriate activities — featured everything from booby traps to spinning lamps. All of our project ideas are launchpads into the creative universe inside each kid’s head. We hope that every camper finds ways to customize these project ideas and make these projects their own, or to veer off into some other galaxy of projects that inspires them.

Whatever you make, we hope you share it on our Maker Camp Community or by adding the hashtag #makercamp to whatever you post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. #DIY 10 Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners. #DIY Celebrate Hour of Code with These Quick Programming Activities. #DIY 34 Cool Things You Can Do with Your New Vinyl Cutter. #labenbib Projet ABC3D : une série d’ateliers open-source à réaliser en bibliothèque grâce à l’impression 3D. Makedo Shop. Pimp ton sèche-cheveux en Atari Punk Console. Ce soir-là, nous étions les heureux élus : 12 personnes réunies autour d’une table au rez-de-chaussée de la BPI du centre Pompidou, là où plus de 500 personnes avaient promis leur présence sur Facebook.

Pimp ton sèche-cheveux en Atari Punk Console

Visiblement, anéantir son sèche-cheveux pour en faire un instrument de musique fait maison, ça remue les foules. 5 Sites to Play Music and Make Noise Just by Typing. Keyboards these days are awfully quiet.

5 Sites to Play Music and Make Noise Just by Typing

Let’s fix that. If you miss the days when you could make a lot of noise by typing, don’t worry: there are apps that can bring that back. Whether you want to hear keyboard sounds with every tap or to turn your keyboard into a musical instrument, today’s Cool Websites and Apps has you covered. Let’s start with drumming, shall we? TypeDrummer: Make Looping Drum Beats by Typing Have you ever wanted to try making drum loops, only to become intimidated by complex software? Type anything – each character represents a distinct sound. Oh, and here’s a tip: you can wrap letters in parentheses to create triplets. Josh Burker's Blog of Musings: 3D Printed Sugar Skull Stamp.

Twitter is great at providing collaborative possibilities.

Josh Burker's Blog of Musings: 3D Printed Sugar Skull Stamp

After @zackboston and I collaborated around a LEGO WeDo SpinArt 'Bot design, I jumped at the chance to work with her again.I wanted to play with Tom Burtonwood's idea of 3D printed Play-Doh stamps and the Sugar Skull. I downloaded a good Sugar Skull from Thingiverse and made a prototype stamp. ZackBoston sent me the graphic she uses in her events and I went to work.First, I created a mask of the skull shape by editing the graphic in Paintbrush and coloring it entirely black. The mask was easily converted to an SVG with Online-Convert. I tried to be clever and invert the skull design in Online-Convert but the conversion lost details. I wanted the black parts of the drawing to be what gets depressed by the stamp.

I downloaded the model and scaled it slightly to fill the bed of my Thing-O-Matic. The details looked awesome as the first layer was 3D printed. The finished model printed beautifully. The stamp made an excellent impression. OFFICE BEAR CREATION. Pepakura Designer. Polargraph Drawing Machine. Confirm you have set the right serial port, and that it's communicating with the arduino by looking for a Polargraph READY!

Polargraph Drawing Machine

At the top of the window. This line will be red if it's not connected. If you connect the machine after starting the controller, then you'll probably need to close and restart the controller too. If you're running from Processing, then you should also be seeing incoming: READY in the Processing console every couple of seconds, in the background. That's great! Ok, now click the Move pen to point button, which is as close to a manual move command as you have, and click somewhere right down at the bottom of the machine. The purple spot will move too. Try this again, and make sure the sprockets are moving in the right direction. If one, or both of your motors are going in the wrong direction, you might have got your datasheet wrong, or made an error when labelling them up or something. Privacy toolkit for librarians – Library Freedom Project. Teaching Activities - Mozilla Learning.

BrutBox, la musique DiY qui adoucit le handicap. Nantes, envoyée spéciale (texte et photos) Rien de tel qu’un projet fédérateur pour motiver les troupes, parfois dispersées, du DiY.

BrutBox, la musique DiY qui adoucit le handicap

Comment fonctionne une imprimante 3D ? Vidéo pédagogique. Y aura-t-il de l'Arduino à Noël ? Tout savoir sur Museotouch. Qu’est-ce que Muséotouch ?

Tout savoir sur Museotouch

Museotouch est un logiciel libre destiné à explorer et manipuler des collections de musées sur tables multitouch ou tablette tactile : le plus souvent des images, augmentées de cartels et des vidéos issues d’une base de données et renseignées de critères.