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Fish Paper Plate Craft. Margarine Tub Boat Craft: Classic Crafts for Kids. Whale Water Scoop. Christian crafts - Jonah and the big fish. A whale of a craft to help kids remember the story of Jonah and that walking with God in obedience is always the best choice.

Christian crafts - Jonah and the big fish

Before class, cut out one big fish for each child from Gray©Fun Foam using the “Big Fish Template.” (Construction paper can be substituted for Fun Foam but it won't last s long.) Cut out a 1/4 wide by 3 inches long strip also using Fun Foam. Print the Jonah cutouts page and cut out enough Jonahs so you have one for each child. Stuffed Paper Bag Whale. This is a classic craft that we've likely all made when we were young. It continues to be loads of fun for the kids! Materials: paint - blue or grey (tempra, poster or acrylic paints all work well) paper lunch bag newspaper blue construction paper elastic band or masking tape scotch tape glue, black marker Optional: wiggly eyes Instructions: stuff paper bag with shredded newspaper, leaving about 3 inches unstuffed Scrunch the top together and wrap an elastic band or masking tape around to seal.

Jonah & the Big Fish - Sunday School Crafts. Jonah and the Whale Sunday School toddler lesson, preschool crafts,songs, activities. Colorful Fish Craft Kit (makes 12) Jonah & the Whale Craft Ideas.