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Letableau_v4_no1_2015_01_26_0.pdf. Cyberpunk: 1990 Documentary Featuring William Gibson & Timothy Leary Introduces the Cyberpunk Culture. WK3 – Creativity and Attention in the Age of the Web - ACM Web Science 2013. Age of Innovalesque: Replacing Education with Innovation: Kwela Sabine at TEDxBilbao.

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Les memes. Kansas state university. Students are asked to imagine the world in the classroom. We create a map that mimics the geographical, environmental, and biological diversity of our real world. The map is laid onto a map of the classroom, and students are asked to imagine themselves living in the environment that maps onto them.

The class is divided into 15-20 groups of about 12-20 students in each group. Each group is challenged to create their own cultures to survive in their own unique environments. The World Simulation itself only takes 75-100 minutes and moves through 650 metaphorical years, 1450-2100. Travailler en jouant : serez-vous prêts pour la nouvelle génération?  La tablette numérique plutôt que les livres et cahiers d'exercices ou un tout nouveau moyen d'apprendre par le jeu?

Travailler en jouant : serez-vous prêts pour la nouvelle génération? 

Par inuse pictures via Wikimedia Commons Déjà en 2008, ITBusinessEdge rapportait que près de 40 % des jeunes travailleurs seraient prêts à quitter un employeur qui n’autorise pas l’utilisation de Facebook au travail, tandis que plus de 20 % seraient embêtés par une telle pratique. Dans un monde du travail où le web et l’utilisation des réseaux sociaux sont encore vus comme une distraction, que fera-t-on de cette future cohorte de travailleurs qui aujourd’hui apprennent à utiliser Twitter au primaire? Selon Forbes, il faudra que le marché soit prêt à accueillir ces personnes pour qui les réseaux sociaux constituent des outils de travail et qui sont habituées à une rétroaction rapide. Disruptive sharing in a digital age: Rejecting neoliberalism? Buy & download fulltext article: Abstract: Some argue that neoliberalism can be seen as having negated its negation, namely socialism and communism, and become unquestionable and common sense.

Disruptive sharing in a digital age: Rejecting neoliberalism?

However, many practices from below resist, reject or at least disrupt the stringent property rights regime and the primacy of the market, two core elements of neoliberal ideology. State-social-media-2012.png (Image PNG, 970x4450 pixels) Create Netculture Online. (4) Amazing and Crazy videos. Qc-twittosphere.jpg (Image JPEG, 3000x2416 pixels) - Redimensionnée (24%)

IOPS - Home. Alain Badiou-Bibliography/The Event in Deleuze/Lacan Dot Com. Deleuze always paid tribute to Sartre as the figure who, during the thirties and forties, woke French philosophy from its academic slumbers.

Alain Badiou-Bibliography/The Event in Deleuze/Lacan Dot Com

He considered the 1937 article, 'The Transcendence of the Ego', the origin of everything: why? It is because, in this text, Sartre proposes the idea - I am citing Deleuze - of 'an impersonal transcendental field, having the form neither of a personal synthetic consciousness nor subjective identity-the subject, to the contrary, always being constituted.' I want to emphasize this remark of Deleuze's all the more insofar as the motif of an impersonal transcendental field is dominant throughout my Greater Logic, where it is effectuated, in the finest technical detail, as a logic of appearance or worlds. Deleuze remarked also that Sartre had been prevented from thinking all of the consequences of his idea because he had attached the impersonal field to a (self)-consciousness. This is absolutely correct. The event is a synthesis of past and future. Encyclopedia of Cyber Behavior (3 Volumes) (9781466603158): Zheng Yan.

Looking outside through the window, one can see the typical scenery of a beautiful New England autumn: green leaves are changing into gold ones, a warm breeze is kissing the grassland, and bright sunshine is dancing around the rich fruits on the apple trees. As the editing process of the Encyclopedia of Cyber Behavior is almost complete, I am particularly pleased to write the preface, focusing on three topics: the concept of cyber behavior, the encyclopedia of cyber behavior, and the science of cyber behavior. 1. Cyber Behavior. Handbook of Research on Discourse Behavior and Digital Communication: Language Structures and Social Interaction (9781615207732): Rotimi Taiwo.

Digital communication in the last decade has attracted a growing body of researchers, especially those who study human social interaction and behavior, such as linguists, sociologists, psychologists, and communication and information science expert. Features - Addiction and the Structural Characteristics of Massively Multiplayer Online Games. Addiction and the Structural Characteristics of Massively Multiplayer Online Games What we know about gaming comes primarily from Yee’s studies, particularly his Daedalus Project.

Features - Addiction and the Structural Characteristics of Massively Multiplayer Online Games

While nearly all of the information collected by Yee came by way of selfselected respondents seeking out his surveys, the many thousands of people attracted for his studies have made his data likely the most widely cited in academic work on game player demographics. VHIL: Projects. Virtual Human Interaction Lab – Stanford University Using Avatars to Reduce Energy Use There are many reasons why Virtual Reality will reduce energy use, such as the much discussed proposition that virtual conferencing will reduce travel via airplanes and automobiles.

VHIL: Projects

However, we are taking a more active approach. A number of studies at VHIL are using avatars and virtual reality simulations to encourage people to reexamine their personal energy behavior. For example, VR can make the relationship between energy use and environmental consequences less abstract. Avatars and Behavioral Modeling Virtual reality enables us to create a powerful and persuasive stimulus: the virtual self. Any time people use the Internet, they leave a digital record behind (think "cookies" on browsers). Alloftheabove.pdf (Objet application/pdf) A Networked Self-Identity, Community and Culture on Social Network Sites [2011].pdf (Objet application/pdf) Publications. Joe Walther and his Home Page at Michigan State University. Walther 2006.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Selective self-presentation in computer-mediated communication. TenLaval:GamingMobilite. Nick Yee's HomePage. The DAEDALUS PROJECT: MMORPG Research, Cyberculture, MMORPG Psychology.

The Daedalus Project: Be a Part of Our New Study. Last year, my colleagues and I at PARC began an ambitious study in WoW examining how our behaviors in virtual worlds may relate to our real world demographics and personality.

The Daedalus Project: Be a Part of Our New Study

You can read our preliminary findings at the PlayOn blog . We are now launching our second phase of the study which expands recruitment to WoW players on EU servers. If you currently play WoW on a US or EU server and are interested in being a part of our new study, keep reading: Gnome Rogue with Pink Mohawk LFG Have you ever wondered if playing a gnome in World of Warcraft says something about a player's personality? To be a part of our newest research project only takes about 15 minutes to complete a web survey.

Other Ways You Can Help I would really appreciate your help in spreading the word about this study, particularly if you live in the EU and are fluent in a different language. Sadly, I finally got bored and gave up my account after 6 intense years. Totally understand, Ron. I have also dropped my account. Otaku. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Otaku (おたく en hiragana, dérivé du kanji お宅) est une personne qui consacre une certaine partie de son temps à une activité d'intérieur comme les mangas, animes, les idoles japonaises, ou encore les jeux vidéo liés à la culture japonaise. Le terme japonais est composé de la préposition honorifique « o » (お) et du substantif « taku » (宅) signifiant « maison », « demeure », le « chez-soi »..

Yee - MMORPG Demographics 2006.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Tyranny of Embodiment - Yee, Ellis, Ducheneaut (2009).pdf (Objet application/pdf) Avatars, Eternal Life, New Worlds, and the Dawn of the Virtual Revolution. Yee & Bailenson - Proteus Effect (in press).pdf (Objet application/pdf) WoW Racial Stereotypes sub español. World of Warcraft Class Stereotypes by Wowcrendor (WoW Machinima)