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1. Earth (1930)Inspired by Communist dogma, Soviet filmmakers staged a political and cinematic revolution with silent-era masterpieces like Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin and Strike or Vsevolod Pudovkin’s Mother. But for sheer visual poetry, Alexander Dovzhenko’s Earth has no equals. Opening with majestic shots of lush fields swaying in the wind before harvest—cue Woody Allen in Love And Death: “Fields of rippling wheat.”—and persistently setting its characters against the sheltering sky, the film presages Terrence Malick’s obsession with the relationship between humans and the natural world. Once it settles into the simplest of stories, Earth hails the glories of collectivism by showing a community of Russian peasants rally around the tractor that will bring prosperity and sustenance to all of them. A working class hero is something to be: 23 proletariat classics  | Film | Inventory A working class hero is something to be: 23 proletariat classics  | Film | Inventory
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No girlfriend? No life? No problem!Dive into the world of an aging bachelor desperate for love as he wrestles with his inner angel and devil while pursuing a variety of women who are definitely not interested.Watch now The warped world of consumer advertising Hit the hill, live the life A hypnotic cycle of images Discover new releases and uncover hidden gems from our collection of documentaries, animation and interactive projectsRead Now New place, new hopes, new trials Annie-nominated new release from Theodore Ushev

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The Kid Should See This.

The Kid Should See This.

Kaia is a dog that clearly loves to run trails, and it looks like Bryan Gregory, her mountain biker, is working hard just to keep up with her. Bryan and Kaia, filmed by Foxwood Films. Related watching: more running in Jim Henson’s Run, Run, and lots of dog videos. From the BBC’s Life in Cold Blood, Sir David Attenborough narrates as an anaconda — one of the largest snakes on the planet — gives birth underwater in the marshes of Northern Argentina. Related reading: live-bearing snakes vs egg-laying. In the archives: more BBC videos, more snakes, and more babies.

milano film festival - mff 2011 Jonathan Demme Retrospettiva Completa milano film festival - mff 2011 Jonathan Demme Retrospettiva Completa Jonathan Demme Accanto ai nuovi talenti dei concorsi, Milano Film Festival dedica ogni anno una retrospettiva completa a un grande autore del cinema contemporaneo. Per riscoprire un percorso d'autore significativo, che ha avuto un'influenza fondamentale sul cinema contemporaneo, e dare la possibilità a un pubblico sempre più ampio di rivedere i suoi film sul grande schermo e in lingua originale. Negli anni passati Milano Film Festival ha risvegliato l'attenzione su Ciprì e Maresco, Terry Gilliam, Ermanno Olmi e Jim Jarmusch. La retrospettiva del 2011 sarà dedicata a Jonathan Demme: figura chiave del cinema americano degli ultimi 40 anni, premio Oscar per Il silenzio degli innocenti e autore di opere memorabili come Qualcosa di travolgente, Una vedova allegra ma non troppo, The Manchurian Candidate, Rachel sta per sposarsi, Philadelphia.
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