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Hands on with Intel's open all-in-one platform. After many years of arousing little more than indifference among PC buyers, all-in-one systems are enjoying a surprising surge in popularity.

Hands on with Intel's open all-in-one platform

If you read our news section, you might have seen our coverage of a recent IHS report on the subject. IHS said all-in-one shipments are growing at a considerably faster rate than desktop PC shipments—by about 20% to 0.2%, according to the firm's forecast for this year. Perhaps users think desktop towers are old hat. Maybe they feel that, if they're going to have a non-portable computer at all, that system should have as small a footprint as possible. And what has a smaller footprint than an all-in-one? CableDrop: Multi-purpose cable clips. Express Technology Incorporated. S87-60003, 16MB Canon Innova Laptop 72-pin FPM SODIMM. The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project - Home.

Danger Room - Wired Blogs. Gallery Home. Computing Photographs This Gallery currently contains over 3000 photographs that relate to Computing and computer staff on the Chilton site that housed both the Atlas Computer Laboratory and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

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We would be pleased to receive copies of any other relevant photographs that people have.