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NOTCOT.ORG. Future Watches: 10 Examples of Engineering Magnificence. Future Watches: 10 Examples of Engineering Magnificence We humans take the measurement of time for granted. Our mobile phones, our computers and our televisions all display the time without error, but this is a new revolution in human technology.

For the last few thousand years, we have relied upon complicated machinery and even the position of the sun to share with us a rough estimate of the current time. Yet a collection of watch makers in Europe have spent centuries building complex, intricate machines that tell time with micro-second accuracy. They still do today, putting a world of engineering mastery into tiny devices that measure the pulse of our changing world, one second at a time. MB&F Thunderbolt Watch Maximilian Büsser could be considered the Steve Jobs of horology. MB&F Thunderbolt Watch Gallery Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch Gallery Pininfarina Bovet Ottana Tourbillon Watch Pininfarina Bovet Ottana Tourbillon Watch Gallery Urwerk U-110 Torpedo Watch.

Easy 3D Home Design. Amazing Exotic Gourd Lamps from Calabarte. Creative ways to light up a room with amazing exotic gourd Lamps by Calabarte.

Amazing Exotic Gourd Lamps from Calabarte

Each gourd lamp is made from a gourd brought from Senegal and their exotic design is achieved after carefully selecting dried shells of gourd fruit and drilling patterns into them. Different patterns are designed by carving deeper or shallower into layers of wood. This allows light to pass through each carving, creating beautiful patterns of light on the walls. The gourds are all unique and the perforations differ in diameter, exposing light through its intricate patterns. Resting on a base carved in wood and finished with Italian natural oil, the Gourde Lamps will attract admiration and will surely offer an enticing atmosphere to the room. The fruit of the annual tropical vine originating in Africa and Asia are transformed into exceptional table lamps by careful drilling and framing. View the website. 20 Awesome Products And Design Ideas - StumbleUpon.