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Free to play. Jeux HTLM5. Play on-demand video games over the internet - Utilisation de Wiimote Controller - Tab'Infos. Nintendo. Polytron Corporation » Fez. FEZ is an independent videogame for Xbox LIVE Arcade released on Friday, April 13th 2012.

Polytron Corporation » Fez

It has been in development at POLYTRON since 2007. In it, you play as Gomez, a 2D creature living in what he believes is a 2D world. Until a strange and powerful sentient artifact reveals to him the existence of a mysterious third dimension! FEZ is a 2D platformer set in a 3D world. Frozen Synapse: A Simultaneous Turn-Based Strategy Game / Turn-Based Tactical Game!

Untitled. Dear Esther. Antichamber - A Mind-Bending Psychological Exploration Game. Botanicula. Spelunky World. Way - Coco & Co. Gamerside.

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