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Trade book market in Italy 2014-2016 (pbook and ebook) All Brain’s market research report on Italy has been presented for the first time in New York City on January 15th 2015 during the Digital Book World Conference 2015 (DBW 2015).

Trade book market in Italy 2014-2016 (pbook and ebook)

The study led by All Brain entails the following highlights and best estimates for the book market in Italy: 201487 millions pbooks sold (87% offline, 13% online) for a total consumer market value of Eur 1,1 billions.The main trade channel in constituted by the bookshop chains that amounts to 41% of overall sales by valueOnline sales (eCommerce) constitute the smallest channel, but also the only one that grows (+8% vs. 2013)7 millions ebook sold for a total consumer market value between Eur 39-44mln (Eur 42 millions is the expected avg. value)The ebook share on the overall book market is about 3.8% by value and about 7.4% by volume.

The detailed market report is freely downloadable in pdf format: just click below. For more details and info please use the contact form. 5. Final consumption expenditure of households. Email marketing resources. Newsletters Directory, Free Newsletter Archive. La plateforme de veille concurrentielle en email marketing.


5 Innovative Email Marketing Tips That Drive Readers to Action. Airbnb nets 600 bookings with non-promotional email. By Adam Sutton, Senior Reporter Every year, usually in mid-December, scores of marketers wish their subscribers "Happy Holidays" in a dedicated email.

Airbnb nets 600 bookings with non-promotional email

The team at Airbnb wanted to put a new spin on this old standard. "It really started with an email from one of our founders, Joe Gebbia, putting out the idea that instead of sending one generic card to all of our users, what if we allow them to communicate with each other and wish each other 'Happy Holidays? '" Holiday hot sheet – Biggest winners of the 2013 holiday season. The magic of digital marketing at Christmas. Anthony Wilkey, Regional Director, SmartFocus In this article, Anthony Wilkey, Regional Director of the Account Management Group at SmartFocus, looks back at some of the key digital marketing campaigns of Christmas 2012 and provides insight into how marketers are, or should be, making the most of these new approaches for their campaigns this year and in 2014.

The magic of digital marketing at Christmas

Looking back to last year With the buzz around Christmas seeming to start earlier every year, by mid-November 2012 most Christmas-related campaigns had begun. Email was very much the marketing medium of the season, with our own research suggesting that many companies threw the frequency rule book out of the window, opting for daily emails to customers and inundating them with seasonal offers and promotions. The good news is that we saw some companies doing this really well. Visual content also grew in importance – rapidly moving from television to online sharing and social media often generating substantial media coverage. 1. 2. How Easter Eggs Can Beef Up Your Marketing. No, not the rainbow tin-foiled chocolate things you hide in the back yard for your kids, virtual Easter eggs are hidden messages and inside jokes baked into TV shows like the Simpsons, video games like Guitar Hero and Halo 3, and even software like AutoCad, Photoshop, Mac OSX, Skype and Microsoft Paint.

How Easter Eggs Can Beef Up Your Marketing

Google, Bing and Wolfram Alpha have cracked their share of Easter eggs, like Google Calculator’s Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference: It’s even slipped through to some ecommerce product pages (though in this case it may be the workings of a rogue employee). More recently, mobile sites and apps have leveraged the unique properties of mobile devices. Shake your iPad when viewing and watch the kitties fall from the sky: Tap the Monocle in the Yelp app and experience augmented reality goodness:

Quelle est l'efficacité des campagnes emails de reconquête ? Réactiver un abonné inactif n'est pas une mince affaire.

Quelle est l'efficacité des campagnes emails de reconquête ?

Découvrez les pratiques qui fonctionnent le mieux. Comment identifier les abonnés inactifs. Salon suisse du web, du E-commerce, du webmarketing. Du 1er achat au client fidèle : créez des parcours relationnels ROI... Email marketing statistics 2014 compilation. Email marketers often ask "how do our campaigns compare"?

Email marketing statistics 2014 compilation

They're looking for statistics to compare subscriber engagement for open, clickthrough and delivery rates, ideally within their sector. Fortunately, there are a number of good options to benchmark email response across different sectors. B-intelligence_report_02-2014.en-us.pdf. [Focus] L'e-commerce en Espagne à la loupe. Email Client Market Share and Popularity - February 2014. The Direct Marketing Association (UK) Ltd. Style Your Emails for More Fashionable Results [SLIDESHARE] Style Your Emails for More Fashionable Results [SLIDESHARE] We talk you through what’s hot and what’s not in the world of email marketing. 1.

Style Your Emails for More Fashionable Results [SLIDESHARE]

5 Email Marketing Hacks for Clothing Retailers. As you might have read in Dan’s news post, in recent years customer acquisition through e-mail marketing has quadrupled to nearly 7%.

5 Email Marketing Hacks for Clothing Retailers

E-mail marketing is particularly powerful for e-commerce websites, you only need an Amazon account to see that (order emails, review emails, related products & shopping cart waiting emails). Here are 5 quick hacks to improve the quality & ROI of your retail (fashion in this instance) e-mail marketing campaigns. 1.Draw Up An Offers Calendar. Aftersales email best practice from ASOS. Much of what we write about on the Econsultancy blog focuses on driving site traffic, improving the user experience and ultimately increasing conversions.

Aftersales email best practice from ASOS

But if you want to make sure that people are happy with the overall sales experience and turn into repeat customers then aftersales care is equally important. I recently made my first ever purchase from ASOS and was genuinely impressed by the level of email customer service I received while awaiting delivery. Most e-commerce companies send confirmation emails, but with a few additional messages ASOS went beyond the level of customer service you would expect to receive and really improved my perception of the brand. As a result, I’ll definitely be shopping there again. 60+ amazing email marketing best practice tips, stats, blog posts and more.

We've already produced some handy round-up posts on ecommerce, content marketing and social media: now here's the email flavour.

60+ amazing email marketing best practice tips, stats, blog posts and more

Here you'll find lots of best practice tips, email campaign reviews, reports and more, taken from the last 12 months of Econsultancy output. Do favourite it, won't you? And if there are any other resources or tools you like, feel free to add them to the comments below.


Emailing - La révolution email marketing est en marche - Statistiques 2013. Improve Response Rates with a Reactivation Campaign. Keeping your email subscriber lists clean is essential for successful email marketing campaigns. Not only will it increase open rates, click rates and keep your messages effective, but it will also maximize your budget, increase deliverability and improve your sender reputation. Keeping your email subscriber lists clean is essential for successful email marketing campaigns.

Not only will it increase open rates, click rates and keep your messages effective, but it will also maximize your budget, increase deliverability and improve your sender reputation.After all, a clean database is a happy database. Although regular maintenance is imperative, you have to bring out the big guns every once in awhile. In our case, the ammo was a reactivation email for the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development. Simplicity was key.


À lire. Mobile. 5 éléments à contrôler pour arriver en boîte de réception. Avant d’envoyer votre campagne emailing à l’ensemble des destinataires, il est important de vérifier que votre message arrive bien en boîte de réception dans les principales messageries. Cependant, si celui-ci arrive dans le dossier « Courrier indésirable », testez ces 5 éléments : Le nom de l’expéditeurVous pouvez utiliser le nom de votre entreprise, celui d’un collaborateur ou encore un nom fictif.

L’important est que le destinataire vous identifie facilement. Si ce nom amène votre email en courrier indésirable, n’hésitez pas à le changer. L’objetLe choix de l’objet est important pour votre communication. L’adresse expéditriceVous pouvez utiliser une adresse générique ou nominative. Nouveau : réservez vos articles en boutique sur le site de NafNaf « Rennes des bons plans : tous les bons plans à Rennes Rennes des bons plans : tous les bons plans à Rennes. C’est tout nouveau et c’est bon à savoir pour votre shopping des fêtes de fin d’année. Convert data into percent format. Saowanee, There are a couple of ways to deal with this that don't require coding.

First, point at the field in the measure shelf, right-click on it, select Field Properties, then select the percent number type and pick the number of decimal places you would like to display. That method defines a default data type for all uses of that measure in any worksheet. If you just want to change the number type in a particular use for a specific worksheet. Point at the number in your worksheet, right-click, select format. The second method will only define the format for that specific use in that particular worksheet.

Exemples de voeux de nouvel an : Sélection des meilleurs emailings. Email Marketing (Still) Works. Colin Jeavons, CEO, and Kerstin Recker, head of marketing and communications, Vertical Search Works December 04, 2013 10 tips for effective email marketing A recent study from DMA reported that 75.8% of marketers are using more promotional emails to market their business than they were just three years prior. In fact, Forrester Research predicts that “email marketing spending will balloon to $2 billion in 2014 with retention email, services, and ad-sponsored acquisition newsletters all representing a bright spot.” The fact is that new innovations will continue to flood the world of online marketing. Email Marketing Reports. L'e-mailing domine les sources de trafic entrant : D'où les principaux sites de mode tirent-ils leur trafic ?

En moyenne, 21% du trafic entrant sur les principaux sites d'habillement provient de l'e-mailing et 20% des moteurs de recherche, selon le 11ème baromètre JDN / Kantar Media Compete France, qui analyse l'audience recueillie en novembre 2013 par les sites de mode hors ventes événementielles. L'examen de la répartition des sources de trafic pour chacun des sept principaux sites d'habillement révèle de fortes disparités. Il apparaît ainsi que Zalando tire des réseaux sociaux une part de son trafic bien plus importante que ses concurrents, puisqu'il obtient un score de 306 par rapport à l'indice 100 de la moyenne des sept sites.

Du 1er achat au client fidèle : créez des parcours relationnels ROI... Marketing Pragmatique  Website Review - SEO Tool. Colorful, bite-sized graphical representations of the best discoveries we unearth from our data. Tests utilisateurs, eye tracking, ergonomie web et mobile, conception. Design de l'email : 9 bonnes pratiques validées par une étude d'Eye tracking d'Edisonda. New Media Trend Watch - Provided by the European Travel Commission. New Media Trend Watch - Provided by the European Travel Commission. Email in Q4 2012: Open Rates Up Y-O-Y, but Click Rates Fall. Further data from the Epsilon report reveals that triggered emails, deployed as a result of an action, such as Welcome or Abandoned Shopping Cart – continued to vastly outperform business as usual (BAU) emails.

Open rates for triggered emails stood at an average of 46.7% in Q4, down from 47.7% in Q2, but still 70.5% higher than the BAU rate. Click rates on triggered emails dropped for the 5th consecutive quarter, to 9%, far lower than Q4 2011′s rate (11.5%). Even so, the average click rate for triggered emails was more than double the rate for BAU emails. Qu’est-ce que FUN ?

Créé en 1967, Inria est l'institut public de recherche entièrement dédié aux sciences du numérique. A l’interface des sciences informatiques et des mathématiques, les 3400 chercheurs des équipes Inria inventent les technologies numériques de demain. Issus des plus grandes universités internationales, ils croisent avec créativité recherche fondamentale et recherche appliquée. Ils se consacrent à des problèmes concrets, collaborent avec les acteurs de la recherche publique et privée en France et à l’étranger, et transfèrent le fruit de leurs travaux vers les entreprises innovantes.

Tutoriel Fonction RECHERCHEV. Les références Vous devez sélectionner les références dans votre tableau. Alphabetical List of Countries - Internet Indicators - ISO 3316. CRM : actualité gestion de la relation client, CRM multicanal.