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Definition of feature - Merriam-Webster's Student Dictionary. 2 entries found for feature.

Definition of feature - Merriam-Webster's Student Dictionary

To select an entry, click on it. Main Entry: 1fea·ture Pronunciation: f -ch. Fun Facts for Kids on Animals, Earth, History and more! Wild Kids - Habitats. Free Wildlife Image Resources for Schools and Students. Living Landscape Australian Ecosystems. Education Resources for Schools. The below image galleries are related to a 10 part series produced by Gulliver Media and Education Queensland called “The Living Landscape – an Australian Ecosystems Series”.

Free Wildlife Image Resources for Schools and Students. Living Landscape Australian Ecosystems. Education Resources for Schools

To watch the videos online please visit our For Schools page. Urban Ecosystems. The desert biome. Online exhibits : The world's biomes The desert biome Deserts cover about one fifth of the Earth's surface and occur where rainfall is less than 50 cm/year.

The desert biome

Although most deserts, such as the Sahara of North Africa and the deserts of the southwestern U.S., Mexico, and Australia, occur at low latitudes, another kind of desert, cold deserts, occur in the basin and range area of Utah and Nevada and in parts of western Asia. Most deserts have a considerable amount of specialized vegetation, as well as specialized vertebrate and invertebrate animals. What's It Like Where You Live? The marine biome. Online exhibits : The world's biomes The marine biome Marine regions cover about three-fourths of the Earth's surface and include oceans, coral reefs, and estuaries.

The marine biome

Marine algae supply much of the world's oxygen supply and take in a huge amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The evaporation of the seawater provides rainwater for the land. What's It Like Where You Live? What's It Like Where You Live? Native animal fact sheets. This page contains links to fact sheets about some well-known native animals in NSW and a few species you may not have heard of.

Native animal fact sheets

Amphibians FrogsAustralia's diverse frog populations are in decline. Find out what's threatening them, and become a frog spy. Bell frogsThere are three species of bell frog in NSW. They are all similar in appearance but can be distinguished by their markings. Australian Animals. Why are Australian Animals Different?

Australian Animals

Unique and Strange Animals in Australia The reason Australia has such unique and unusual animals (and plants) is that it was isolated from the rest of the world for over 60 million years. Separated by vast oceans, Australian plants and animals evolved independently of those in other parts of the world. A-Z List of Native Australian Animals with Pictures. Lake Eyre dragons. Animals - Alice Springs Desert Park. Wild Kids - Animals of Antarctica. Wild Kids - Animals of coastal habitats. Plants and animals in wetlands. Introducing the plants and animals of the Wet Tropics. Australian Desert Plants. Australian desert plants are clever survivors.

Australian Desert Plants

Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent with 70% of its landmass being deserts or semi-deserts. It is a harsh country for plants to live – it is extremely dry and it gets periods of drought that can last for years. It is extremely hot, with temperatures in 50s (°C) during the summer so if it does rain, evaporation is quick. The soils are ancient, rich in salt and extremely infertile. Tropical Rainforest Plants in Australia. There are many different kinds of tropical rainforest plants in Australia.

Tropical Rainforest Plants in Australia

Tropical rainforests are some of the species-richest ecosystems in the world. They grow in areas with the best conditions for plant growth in the world – with year-around warm temperatures, plenty of sunlight and rainfall. Poster by AllPosters. Click on thumbnail to buy Despite the fact that their soils are poor on nutrients, they support so many species that they have been compared to coral reef ecosystems.