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BBC Bitesize - Which material do we use? Schools Science Clips - Grouping and changing materials. BBC Bitesize - How to identify materials. What material is that? - ABC online education. First the base, then the frame - ABC online education. Exploring materials when paper plane making - ABC online education. More info Copyright Metadata © Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Education Services Australia Ltd 2012 (except where otherwise indicated).

Exploring materials when paper plane making - ABC online education

Digital content © Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2012 (except where otherwise indicated). Video © Australian Broadcasting Corporation (except where otherwise indicated). Why Is Wool Warmer Than Cotton? Traditional Aboriginal Painting Methods - Aboriginal Art Online. Contemporary Aboriginal artists use a considerable variety of materials and techniques in painting.

Traditional Aboriginal Painting Methods - Aboriginal Art Online

Some of these materials are rooted strongly in tradition - such as the use of ochres in the Kimberley and, to a lesser extent, ochres on bark from Arnhem Land. Other artists have adopted modern media and work with acrylic paints on canvas, gouache or ochres on archival paper or other surfaces. Apart from the materials used, Aboriginal artists have shown considerable innovation in the techniques they adopt for applying paint and creating designs - ranging from the crushed end of a stick, as used for example by Emily Kame Kngwarreye in some works to produce characteristic large smudged dots, to the fine brushes used to produce the delicate rarrk patterns of Arnhem Land art. Ochre Pigments and Paint Ochre was the most important painting material used traditionally by Aboriginal people. Explore Indigenous Australian Objects - Australian Museum. Ochre and the Indigenous Culture.

Australian Aboriginal use of Spinifex resin technology. Basket Weaving - Girl TV Australia @ Booderee National Park.