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MAY 2015

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Fifa's Sepp Blatter 'under investigation in US' Fifa president Sepp Blatter is being investigated by US officials as part of their inquiry into corruption at the world football body, US media say.

Fifa's Sepp Blatter 'under investigation in US'

The news came hours after Mr Blatter, 79, announced that he was stepping down from his role. US prosecutors launched a criminal inquiry last week, with seven Fifa officials arrested in Switzerland, part of a group of 14 people indicted. Two days after the arrests, Mr Blatter was re-elected president of Fifa. Budweiser's Twitter Mentions Jumped 525% After FIFA's Sepp Blatter Quit. Amobee Brand Intelligence today tracked four major brand sponsors of FIFA—world soccer's embattled governing body—on Twitter during the hour before its president, Sepp Blatter, resigned in disgrace and the hour after he stepped down.

Budweiser's Twitter Mentions Jumped 525% After FIFA's Sepp Blatter Quit

A quick hit: Budweiser tweets spiked by 525 percent from 207 to 1,296. Call it "The John Oliver Effect," after the HBO host last night promised to drink a Bud Light Lime if the brewer pulled its sponsorship. Blatter stepped down at 1 p.m. Tuesday in the wake of bribery and racketeering charges against a number of FIFA officials. Here's what the Foster City, Calif. Coca-Cola tweets increased 97 percent from 1,575 to 3,105. All four brands have stayed with FIFA since word of the indictments came down nearly a week ago.

Sepp Blatter: From Defiant to Defeated in Four Fateful Days. Photo It must have been some sort of rotten long weekend for Sepp Blatter for him to decide, just days after his re-election Friday as FIFA’s president, that he didn’t want to run world soccer anymore, after all.

Sepp Blatter: From Defiant to Defeated in Four Fateful Days

Only four short days before, Blatter was giving his acceptance speech after winning his fifth term, chest out and nearly doing the jig while blathering on about being the captain of FIFA’s ship. Bribery Inquiry Drawing Closer to FIFA’s President, Sepp Blatter. Photo Federal authorities believe that Sepp Blatter’s top lieutenant at FIFA made $10 million in bank transactions that are central elements of the bribery scandal engulfing international soccer, United States officials and others briefed on the case said Monday.

Bribery Inquiry Drawing Closer to FIFA’s President, Sepp Blatter

The revelation puts the money trail closer to Mr. Blatter, FIFA’s president, than had been previously known. The FIFA criminal investigation got too close for Sepp Blatter to survive. (Fabrice Coffrini/Getty) FIFA President Sepp Blatter may have been re-elected to his fifth term in office last week, but a report from The New York Times on Monday set in motion a sequence of events that led to Sepp Blatter’s shocking announcement than he would resign his position.

The FIFA criminal investigation got too close for Sepp Blatter to survive

An investigation opened by U.S. authorities last week — which led to the indictment of 14 FIFA officials on charges of bribery, racketeering and money laundering — found that Blatter’s right-hand man may have played a key role in the organization’s ongoing corruption problems. According to the Times story, FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke is alleged to have authorized a $10 million transfer — money U.S. officials say was used to bribe others into voting in favor of South Africa hosting the 2010 World Cup.

Russia and Qatar’s World Cups Under Scrutiny after FIFA Chief Resigns. On December 2, 2010, the Zurich Exhibition Center was so packed with people waiting to hear who would host the World Cups in 2018 and 2022 that Qatar’s World Cup committee chairman Hassan Abdullah al-Thawadi could hardly see over the crowd.

Russia and Qatar’s World Cups Under Scrutiny after FIFA Chief Resigns

FIFA President Sepp Blatter opened the envelope and announced that this tiny, blisteringly hot, non-soccer-playing nation would host the 2022 tournament. Josh Duggar’s pastor says Caitlyn Jenner is defying God - NY Daily News. The conservative pastor who claimed God can forgive Josh Duggar amid his molestation scandal says Caitlyn Jenner is defying the way God made her during a fire-and-brimstone Sunday Sermon.

Josh Duggar’s pastor says Caitlyn Jenner is defying God - NY Daily News

Ronnie Floyd, the Duggar family’s pastor who heads the Pinnacle Cross Church in Arkansas, said Jenner is a sinner and should no longer be considered an American hero. God made two genders, and “there’s no fluidity to that,” he said. But hours after the scathing sermon, he told People that Josh Duggar, who is accused of molesting at least five underage girls when he was a teenager, can be forgiven for his wrongdoing. Steve Ruark/ASSOCIATED PRESS. John Oliver Warned Us: FIFA Is ‘Grotesque’

The latest planned attack on the terror army could be playing right into their hands.

John Oliver Warned Us: FIFA Is ‘Grotesque’

The Obama administration is being slammed from all sides for its failing strategy against ISIS—and rightly so. But amid all the scorn, one question has yet to be asked about the resiliency of the terror army, which, actually goes to the heart of its decade-old war doctrine. Fair Oaks homicide suspect tried to ‘test out’ bulletproof vest, victim’s family says. Miguel Martinez, 19, was hanging out with his friends last week in a Fair Oaks park when one of his companions fatally shot him, hoping to test out the reliability of a bulletproof vest, the victim’s brother said Tuesday.

Fair Oaks homicide suspect tried to ‘test out’ bulletproof vest, victim’s family says

Thomas Cline said that Martinez, his brother, was wearing a bulletproof vest when suspect Elijah Ray Lambert, 21, pulled the trigger. Elijah allegedly told Martinez, “Don’t worry bro,” before shooting him, according to Cline, who learned of the story from an eyewitness. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department declined to comment on that account Tuesday, citing the ongoing investigation. The incident occurred about 9:46 p.m.

Kim Richards Relapse: Mexican Wedding Fiasco Could Cost ‘RHOBH’ Star A Sweetheart Plea Deal In Criminal Case. Postal Worker Who Saved Woman From Carmichael Shooting Honored. FIFA Bosses Get Rude Awakening With Arrests at Their Five Star Swiss Hotel. Soccer's international governing body FIFA was in crisis on Wednesday following the arrest of senior officials on corruption charges and the launch of criminal proceedings relating to the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in Russia and Qatar.

FIFA Bosses Get Rude Awakening With Arrests at Their Five Star Swiss Hotel

Seven men, including Jeffrey Webb who is FIFA vice-president and president of the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf), were detained in dawn arrests at a hotel in Zurich, Switzerland, accused of receiving bribes worth $100 million. How the Duggars and Right Wing Home Schoolers are Handling Sexual Abuse. In a chart that was designed to show what sexual abuse was, and includes blaming the victim for "immodest dress" or having "evil friends", the victim is taken to task as the reason why the may have suffered an attack.

George W. Bush Did Something Much Worse Than Lie Us Into War. The Iraqi regime possesses biological and chemical weapons, is rebuilding the facilities to make more and, according to the British government, could launch a biological or chemical attack in as little as 45 minutes after the order is given. The regime has long-standing and continuing ties to terrorist groups, and there are al Qaeda terrorists inside Iraq. This regime is seeking a nuclear bomb, and with fissile material could build one within a year.Radio Address of George W. Bush, September 28, 2002 Something critical is being lost in the torrent of pixels being spilled by the media as Jeb Bush wriggles haplessly, like some prehistoric insect trapped in amber, struggling to explain away, recast or rationalize his brother's hideous legacy.

And although many Americans, for various reasons, don't want to face up to it, that is the truth. Inside the Malaysian jungle camps: Human cages, 139 suspected graves. Malaysian forensics teams on May 26 exhumed a body from a shallow grave at an abandoned camp used by human traffickers on the border with Thailand. (AP) There were 139 suspected graves discovered in a mountainous region along the Thai-Malaysia border in what authorities believe are abandoned jungle camps used by human traffickers. The graves are a gruesome reminder of the dire migrant crisis afflicting thousands in Southeast Asia. “It is a very sad scene,” National Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar told the Associated Press. California accepts historic offer by farmers to cut water usage by 25%

The Twisted Business of Donating Plasma. I needed the cash. Duggars reeling from Josh's sex-abuse scandal. TLC star Josh Duggar named by police in underage sex probe. SC man will get sight-saving surgery as liberal donors chip in. The Fort Mill, S.C., Republican who went public Tuesday with his plea for help paying for sight-saving surgery had raised almost $12,000 by Wednesday evening – most of it from self-described liberals and Affordable Care Act supporters saying they hope he’s learned a lesson. That’s enough to ensure he can get the treatment he needs, said Dr. Obamacare critic gets sick, changes his mind.

Masters of Love. Bin Laden fixated on attacking U.S. interests -documents. Let Our Cities Move. In Oklahoma, hard data that finally lays out the danger from the state's man-made quake boom. Governing by Obstinance in Kansas. The finances of the county, the city and the school district I live in are now entirely trapped in a fight for the last tax dollar many are able to part with over the rush to create a libertarian utopia. The Real Reason Mothers Are So Tired. After Nearly Claiming His Life, Ebola Lurked in a Doctor’s Eye. Mom: The Designated Worrier. Republican ‘Abstinence-Only’ Crusader’s 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Pregnant. A Republican lawmaker who promoted legislation to teach “abstinence-only” sex education in schools announced that his own unmarried high school-aged daughter has gotten pregnant.

Transportation chief: ‘We ought to be embarrassed as a country’ Texas House Votes To Divert HIV Prevention Funds To Pay For Abstinence Only Education. Darrell Issa: America’s Poor are ‘envy of the world,’ Congress Tells Court That Congress Can't Be Investigated for Insider Trading. CIA's Ex-No. 2 Says ISIS ‘Learned From Snowden’ Stephen Colbert shocks South Carolina schools by funding every single teacher-requested grant. Al Jazeera America, Its Newsroom in Turmoil, Is Now the News. Freddie Gray’s life a study on the effects of lead paint on poor blacks. Why Freddie Gray Never Had a Chance: Lead Poisoning Is Killing Inner-City Baltimore. Israeli_soldiers_group_gaza_report_rules_of_engagement_strategy_decried.

The austerity delusion. Qatar cover-up? Doha detains German reporters investigating FIFA World Cup — RT News. Mexico: How 43 Students Disappeared In The Night. The Timeline of Freddie Gray’s Arrest and the Charges Filed. Column: The GOP’s Daddy Issues. Cruz tries to blame Obama for 2008 crash. House votes to strike down D.C. law banning reproductive discrimination. House GOP Seek Challenge to DC Abortion Law that Violates Religious Liberty - Cortney O'Brien. COMMENTARY: Kansas schools run out of money, call for early summer break - The Monitor: Opinion. Freddie Gray’s neck was snapped while in police van: report. Flakka, synthetic drug behind increasingly bizarre crimes.