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250+ Places Artists Can Sell Online. How to Tie a Japanese Omamori (御守) Tassel Knot by TIAT.

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Foreningsliv i Pilegården. Draw and painting images. Gourmet Paper Mache. Selling crafts. Best on DA: volume 34 « Cosplay Gen. We continue the candy-sharing campaign by offering you our finest cosplay photos of this week.

Best on DA: volume 34 « Cosplay Gen

Just have a bite and some more. Magi – Dark Sideby ca-g-e Bayonetta 2 (Maid version) by rinoafatali Devil Scanty by Vavalika Kinuko Ibara ZONE 00 by AlienOrihara Shining Tears x Wind (Elwing) by Pugoffka-sama Smile! Cosfest 2013 – Magic Knight Rayearth by shiroang Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann by AlienOrihara Lady Sylvanas Windrunner by Kiirae Scissors Crown – Red Queen? Cosfest 2013 – Clover by shiroang BANG! Pain Is Righteousness by xXAnemonaXx Fate Extra : Red Saber – 2 by ImMuze Captains will curse our flag … by S-Seith Elin Priest – Tera by sundancekiid Magi – Yunan Cosplay by ElisaCosplay Blood on my hands by Miss-Alice-Monster Stone Ocean by yui930 Fate/Zero: Irisviel and Saber by Yuuri-C Giorno Giovanna by fritzfusion Devil May Cry 4 – Lady by Matosauce Mahmut by studioK2 Oichi – Sengoku Basara by Pugoffka-sama Kindan no Elixir-02 by hiyuki Legendary J anchor – Felyne by Shoko-Cosplay.

Magnet sets - 1 inch round 1.25 inch round 1.5 inch round 1.75 inch round 2.25 inch round 2.25 inch square 3 inch round 3 inch square.


Textiles. Sharpie Markers Official Blog. No one is a morning person, even if they CLAIM they are. They are probably lying and by “probably…” I obviously mean they are. Who LIKES having to get out of bed, especially when you JUST found the perfect sleeping spot and the open air is frighteningly and shockingly less welcoming than your blanket cocoon? What could possibly be even worse than that? The traumatic moment where you have actually managed to violently pull yourself out of bed but have yet to consume your morning wake-me-up beverage of choice. All you want is a straight caffeine shot to the face, but noooo you have to wait for water to boil and drinks to steep while making small talk with your roommie, slash bestie, who you love but at that pre-caffeinated moment, can’t remember why.

Enter Sharpie mugs who can say it alllll for you and possibly inject a smile into the AM routine we all love hate while working to get your day started off right. Image and tutorial via A Beautiful Mess blog. Search. Bow making Basics. I remember making my first bow as a kid.

Bow making Basics

I found a branch on the ground under the black oak trees that grew in our yard. There was a windstorm the prior evening and branches were everywhere. I found one with a bend and tied on a string. Then I grabbed a smaller, straighter branch. I placed this small branch on the string and shot it. What is it that attracts people to want to know how to make a bow and arrow? So how do you make a bow? Select your wood My first attempt at bow making was actually not that far off. You can walk outside, find some local trees or shrubs, and start bending wood. You can actually make a bow out of any wood.

Bow woods [twocol_one] [unordered_list style="tick"] HickoryOakPacific YewJuniper [/unordered_list] [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]