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PETROFF Business Communication. Aaron Christensen LESSON PLAN Accounting. ECON & PERSONAL FINANCE. Creating a slide show. LAP Resume AARON CHRISTENSEN. Free Courses. Guidelines for online teaching. LESSON PLAN Global Economy SPrince 10142014. Guidelines for Online Teaching Success. Years ago at a faculty meeting Larry Ragan, PhD, director of Faculty Development for Penn State’s World Campus, was trying to soft-sell the idea of performance expectations for online faculty.

Guidelines for Online Teaching Success

He didn’t want the discussion to be misinterpreted as an indictment against their teaching style, but he also saw an opportunity to share proven practices for improving the online teaching and learning experience. Finally a senior faculty member grew tired of the tip-toeing around the subject and said, “If you don’t tell us what is expected, how will we know what to do to succeed?” The faculty member’s point was well taken, and over the years Ragan and others on various committees at Penn State have worked to define: Core competencies for online teaching success – Currently there are 28 competencies across the three main topic areas of technology, course administration, and pedagogy.

The online instructor performance expectations he discussed are: 1. The instructor is expected to: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Motivational Device Brittany Francis. Teaching Economics Lesson Plans, Principles, Business, Education. Teaching in the Online Classroom. Mastering the Science and the Art of Teaching Online (1) Onlineteachguide. How Do Rubrics Help? Rubrics are multidimensional sets of scoring guidelines that can be used to provide consistency in evaluating student work.

How Do Rubrics Help?

They spell out scoring criteria so that multiple teachers, using the same rubric for a student's essay, for example, would arrive at the same score or grade. Rubrics are used from the initiation to the completion of a student project. They provide a measurement system for specific tasks and are tailored to each project, so as the projects become more complex, so do the rubrics. Rubrics are great for students: they let students know what is expected of them, and demystify grades by clearly stating, in age-appropriate vocabulary, the expectations for a project. They also help students see that learning is about gaining specific skills (both in academic subjects and in problem-solving and life skills), and they give students the opportunity to do self-assessment to reflect on the learning process.

Teaching with Technology, Classroom Technology Integration, Technology Lesson plans, Classroom technology tips, - Teaching With Tech. JARAMILLO Twitter Digital Demo assignment 11 NTM 3610 WSU Fall 2014 1. Business, Career & Technology Education Resources. The Cornerstone. Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - Home Page. The Ten Commandments of Effective Classroom Management. The Ten Commandments of Effective Classroom Management By William Shoap closeAuthor: William Shoap Name: William ShoapSite: See Authors Posts (1) William Shoap posted these commandments on the Classroom Management chatboard, and we thought them worthy of sharing here.

The Ten Commandments of Effective Classroom Management

One of the biggest barriers to teaching and learning in any school environment is the lack of effective classroom management methods. Failure to manage student behavior and learning at the classroom level is the main culprit for low student achievement and classroom behavior problems. Young teachers, new to the teaching profession, may possess the necessary academic knowledge to teach their subject but often must learn classroom management skills on the job, which can make for a very challenging first few years in this career. Here are 10 practical tips for new teachers to aid in building a successful classroom management strategy: Thou shall be called by no other name than “Mr.” or “Mrs” or “Ms.” Rubrics to the Rescue. By Melissa D.

Rubrics to the Rescue

Henning, M.Ed. Read this teacher-friendly article for an overview of the rationale for using rubrics and tools and tips for implementing rubrics as an assessment tool in your classroom. A Turn to Learn: September 2012. This idea is actually a gem that one of my students thought of a few years ago!

A Turn to Learn: September 2012

One of my classes' favorite YouTube videos was this one... "If You're a Boy" from Harry Kindergarten. Well... my kids were chatty one day and I said "If you're a boy zip your lips. " One of my girls said "If you're a boy, a boy, if you're a boy zip your lips! " And so a new tradition was born! Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Teacher Resources, and Rubrics from Project Based Learning Checklists. Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) Free Lesson Plans For Teachers, By Teachers. Tech Know Teaching - Tech Know Teaching. Blog. I am grateful for… With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am taking some time to reflect on just how very fortunate I am.


Since becoming a connected educator in 2011, my learning world has expanded beyond my expectations and then some. I know that many of the successes our school is experiencing would not have been realized without this support. Here are a few people and groups that have recently made an impact on my professional and personal life. Using Phone in Classroom. Brainpop. Whether your students are using Apple©, Android™, Windows 8, or Chrome™ devices, there’s a BrainPOP app for you.


Ideal for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and other mobile learning environments, mobile access is now an integral part of all BrainPOP Jr. (K-3), BrainPOP, and BrainPOP Español subscriptions. The BrainPOP Featured Movie and BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week apps regularly deliver fresh movies, quizzes, and bonus features right to your students’ handheld device. Free Online Learning at GCFLearnFree. Create Free Flashcards, Quizzes and Study Teams on FunnelBrain. 28 Simple Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom. Digital Demo Gaming Petroff. LAP PREZI PETROFF. Digital Demo using video FRANCIS. Digital Demo Screen Casting 2. LESSON PLAN Digital Demo Polling and Quizzes SPrince 11182014. Motivational device communication game. FRANCIS 2 1 LG The Fan Segmentations.

GJaramillo Motivational device group ball toss assignment 5 NTM 3610 WSU Fall 2014. Sports Marketing LP. Cheshire cat Jaramillo. MOTIVATIONAL DEVICES from Porter. LESSON PLAN Digital Demo Quizzes and Flashcards SPrince 10272014. Sports marketing carachter sketch. CONTRACT LAW UNIT LAP FRANCIS. Global Economy International Workforce Worksheet SPrince 10142014. Sports marketing charachter sketch. Motivational Device Investing Your Money SPrince 09162014.

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format for Parts of a Computer PK-12. LESSON PLAN Global Economy SPrince 10142014. Values wants needs. Lending Credit Personal Finance. ValuesWantsNeeds Jaramillo. Digital Demo Keyboarding. Teaching Economics Lesson Plans, Principles, Business, Education. Scenario for 5 C's Gleed. Business Law BFrancis. Global Economy International Workforce Worksheet SPrince 10142014. Interest Graph. Free Online Learning at GCFLearnFree. CHRISTENSEN Types of Businesses & Business Ownership. Chapter 2 Integrating Business Ethics in Business Courses. Business Communication Headline News. Teaching Methods and Materials « Previous Entries The Flipped Classroom Model: A Full Picture Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 "Due to Khan Academy’s popularity, the idea of the flipped classroom has gained press and credibility within education circles.

Business Communication Headline News

Briefly, the Flipped Classroom as described by Jonathan Martin is: . . . " Shift_Learning: The 7 Most Powerful Idea Shifts in Learning Today Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 "So we’re taking a stand here," begins Terry Heick, director at 55 Content Curation Tools to Discover & Share Digital Content Friday, December 13th, 2013 "Discovering content is the easy part. 4 Popular Screencasting Tools Being Used in Education Monday, December 9th, 2013 "What is screencasting? Engaging the Mind Rather Than Fingers – Building Engaging E-Learning Monday, December 2nd, 2013 "Designing a course where the learner simply has to click on the “Next” button to go through pages and pages of information may not be the best way of learning.

According to Emily A. CHRISTENSEN Types of Businesses & Business Ownership2 1. MindPlay Educational Software for Reading Instruction. 5 C's of Credit Gleed. Welcome to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) Chapter 12 Business Foundations and Mgmt SPrince 10212014. Gunning Fog Index. Presentation Training, Business Writing Training. Petroff Notes Nonverbal Communication. 39 Tips and Techniques for Teaching Business Communication and Busi...

The Ten Commandments of Effective Classroom Management. Petroff Nonverbal Communication. Misbehaviors. Jarmillo Assignment 12 chapter 11 Accounting NTM 3610. MIke Gleed Chapter 19 Student Organizations. Petroff nonverbalcommunication 110726160236 phpapp01. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. Mind Tools: Management Training and Leadership Training.