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Untitled. At Norwood-Fontbonne Academy, service to others is a core element of the students’ educational and spiritual experience.


Unique in its approach, NFA’s comprehensive Service Learning curriculum is fully integrated into the Academy’s curriculum. Developed in 2001 by NFA staff and advisors, Service Learning empowers students of all ages to impact the lives of others and the earth while developing sensitivity towards others and an awareness of social injustice. Our Service Learning Program flows directly from the Vision and Mission of Norwood-Fontbonne Academy and makes visible the lived expression of the Vision and Mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, “We live and work so that all people may be united with God and one another.”

NFA’s Service Learning is a comprehensive program of preparation, action, and reflection where students live Gospel values by meeting the needs of others and our earth. Grade level Service Learning. United By Blue Volunteer Opportunities - VolunteerMatch. United By Blue is using the power of business to make a big impact on our environment.

United By Blue Volunteer Opportunities - VolunteerMatch

Friends of the Wissahickon. The Peace Project. Love heals all things. The First-Ever Urban Earthship Is Being Built In West Philly. Tires being unloaded at the site of Philadelphia’s first Earthship, a building made entirely of recycled materials When Thomas L.

The First-Ever Urban Earthship Is Being Built In West Philly

Miller, the owner of a vacant lot in West Philadelphia, heard a woman on the radio talking about her plan to build an “Earthship” in August of 2013, he was quick to call the radio station and donate his lot to her. The woman was Rashida Ali-Campbell, founder of Yeadon-based nonprofit LoveLovingLove, Inc. The Earthship, which is in development now at 675 N. 41st Street, will act as a Philadelphia branch for LoveLovingLove, Inc, whose mission is to heal impoverished communities with holistic health education. It also hosts programs like Operation Olive Branch, an annual award that recognizes local law enforcement districts with the lowest complaint rates. #ShowYourSelfie: A Visual Petition for Youth. Girl Child Day Celebration - Panorama - Youth Media - TakingITGlobal. Around a month ago I had the chance to speak at TIG’s celebration of Girl Child Day among different girls from around the world and it was such an amazing experience for me that I wanted to share it here for everyone.

Girl Child Day Celebration - Panorama - Youth Media - TakingITGlobal

My talk was mainly about women in Egypt, my participation in CaiRollers, the roller derby team in Egypt, and my own women role models. So, here is what I’ve talked about that day. Women exist in almost every field in the society but, unfortunately, as a minority. They have the potential to be in every position and field and to succeed in it and lead it but the society’s culture oppresses them. For example in my school and many other schools in Egypt, majority of high GPA achievers are girls and therefore they join more prestigious universities than boys. Work Force: Women exist in so many fields in the work force but the society defines some fields of work as “men only” and other fields as the only fields for women.

Politics: Roller Derby: Role models: Local Food Banks You Can Support This Holiday Season. In this season of plenty, it’s important to remember those who have so little.

Local Food Banks You Can Support This Holiday Season

One in four people in the greater Philadelphia area struggles to put food on the table, according to the Coalition Against Hunger. If you’re feeling generous this holiday season, here is a list of places that will gladly take your donations. Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger. Founded in 1996, the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger strives to build a community where all people have the food they need to lead healthy lives.

Rubye's Kids Holiday Party: Rubye's Kids, Inc. Opportunity. Project Paradigm. Sports-for-All Clinic - VolunteenNation. Details 21 February 2014.

Sports-for-All Clinic - VolunteenNation

Stephen. J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarships. Office of the Managing Director - PhillyRising. PhillyRising Conference on October 18 Gives Participants the Opportunity to Meet With City Agencies. Encouraging an Ethic of Service After the Project is Over. An advantage of service-learning projects is that they often have a beginning, middle, and an end.

Encouraging an Ethic of Service After the Project is Over

This structure makes them appear manageable, even doable, and, as a result, more attractive to otherwise hesitant teachers. There is comfort in the routine of starting something when you know you can finish it. We educators are also a community of list writers who — whether we like to admit it or not — feel a constant and nagging pressure to “cover” our curricula.

Social Action

TIC'S MISSION - Teenagers In Charge. Gysd. On April 11-13th, young people will be given the opportunity to serve their communities.


The small opportunity can provide an accessible onramp to service, and support youth on a life-long path of service, learning and civic engagement. Engaging young people in this way -- especially those who are not usually asked to serve -- can be a life-changing experience, not just for the young person, but for our communities and our country as a whole. Take Charles Orgbon, 5 years ago he was a 13 year old kid looking to make a difference. Sure, he wasn’t your typical 13 year old -- he was the CEO of Greening Forward, an organization he had started as a 7th grader who was upset about the litter found all over his school campus.