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Syncbox - the way data should be. Syncbox is a free solution for personal cloud storage.

Syncbox - the way data should be

With Syncbox you can access your files stored in Syncbox Server anywhere, anytime, and easily stay synchronized among your PC, tablets and smart phones. Here is a brief instruction on how to install Syncbox Server for Windows. Syncbox: Make A Personal Cloud Storage Network On Your Hard Disk. When I talk to people about cloud storage, I usually get skeptical glances.

Syncbox: Make A Personal Cloud Storage Network On Your Hard Disk

Some people don’t use it because they simply don’t need it, while others remain silent, probably because they don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about. And then a few keep complaining about limited free cloud space at disposal and that companies should find a way to provide them with more. How to Sync Box.net Files With Your PC for Free.

In case you haven’t heard, Box.net is giving away 50GB of free cloud storage to anyone who download’s their Android app before the 23rd March.

How to Sync Box.net Files With Your PC for Free

There’s no catch, so if it’s still not past that date when you’re reading this, go grab it from the Android Market. For many years, I have been a dedicated Dropbox user, keeping my files synced up with my account via the desktop synchronising application an the Android application while I’m on-the-go, but, apparently, this isn’t a feature to be taken for granted. Box does not do this for free; or at least it isn’t supposed to. The Box Sync for Windows app within Box requires a business account which costs money – and we don’t like using up any of those special credits! Comment transformer une photo en poster géant: 3 services.

XMind - Mind Mapping and Storming. Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming app - SpiderScribe. Needocs : consultez des milliers de documents et ebooks. Accès à distance et partage de bureau gratuits à travers Internet. Open-source community-based tools for learning. Processeur Word en ligne - Zoho Writer. Cost-Effective You don't have to install or maintain hardware and software and reasonably priced subscription plans lead to more cost savings.

Processeur Word en ligne - Zoho Writer

Anytime Anywhere Access Being a web-based document management solution you can take all your documents with you wherever you go with access to them anytime, anywhere. Reduced IT burden Scalability, security, reliability or software upgrades, we have them all covered, so you can focus on enhancing business productivity. Enhanced business continuity Storing your files online keeps all your valuable data safe from various threats and calamities and ensures the normal functioning of your business is not affected. Increased productivity Save valuable productive time by finding and accessing files with the click of a button. Online.