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Encyclopédisque Encyclopédisque : pourquoi ? Pendant près de 40 ans, les disques vinyles ont constitué le principal support de diffusion de la création sonore. Le 45 tours en fut le représentant le plus populaire : œuvre sonore, bien sûr, mais aussi œuvre graphique donnant aux pochettes le charme, parfois suranné, des différentes époques qu’elles évoquent. Nombre de recherches sur la Toile à propos de tel ou tel artiste nous ont amenés au constat que, bien souvent, en dehors des plus connus, l’information à ce sujet est pour le moins diffuse et difficile à retrouver ou, dans la plus grande majorité, inexistante ! Notre objectif est la sauvegarde de ce patrimoine musical francophone. Encyclopédisque : pour qui ?

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Outward Bound, Eric Dolphy's first album as a bandleader, is unusual for a jazz debut in that instead of being a showcase for Dolphy's songwriting it instead shines the spotlight one last time on the long-time Mingus sideman's prodigious talents on a number of woodwinds. Though Dolphy composed three of the tracks here, all of them are fairly standard hard bop compositions that serve more as a platform for the band's soloing than the rhythmically complex experiments he would become known for later; the other three tracks, such as the standard "Green Dolphin Street," also seem like they were chosen for their malleability. This, of course, is hardly a problem when you're talking about an instrumentalist as gifted as Dolphy, though, as his flighty solos here already prove he was leagues ahead of the genre trappings of his songs, with ambitions as far out as anything you were likely to hear in jazz in 1960. Rate Your Music
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