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Alignable - The Local Business Owner Network. Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting. 5 Lead Generation Ideas to Help You Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates. Expected ROI of Inbound Marketing. Nasdaq SEO GUIDE. 10 Ways To Simplify Your Local Marketing Strategy In 2016. Where Social Media Is Headed in 2017: The Biggest Trends to Watch For. What does the future look like for social media?

Where Social Media Is Headed in 2017: The Biggest Trends to Watch For

That’s a question we regularly discuss here at Buffer and one we’re not quite sure anyone has a concrete answer to. However, there are some clues out there as to what the future in 2017, and beyond, may look like. REGGIE Awards - REGGIE Awards. Inbound Marketing Pricing & Packages. If your company is looking to generate leads from your online marketing, has a sales team to work those leads, and is willing to think creatively, we’re probably a good fit for you.

Inbound Marketing Pricing & Packages

We have experience working with all types of lead generating companies, including SaaS and technology companies, business services and consultants, home contractors, and retirement communities. We understand that we’re not a fit for everyone, and if we’re not completely confident that we can help you succeed with inbound marketing, we’ll let you know that upfront. The 5 Stages of the Sales Funnel (And The Tools You Should Be Using) - Ignite Visibility. The 5 Stages of the Sales Funnel (And The Tools You Should Be Using) In digital marketing, your task is to find customers and lead them all the way through the sales funnel.

The 5 Stages of the Sales Funnel (And The Tools You Should Be Using) - Ignite Visibility

That’s a step-by-step process involving some combination of advertising, blogging, social media outreach, email campaigns, conversion rate optimization (CRO), search engine optimization (SEO), retargeting, copywriting, SMS marketing, split-testing, and/or a variety of other possible strategies. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools on the market to help you all along the way. Even better: many of those tools are designed for specific points in the sales funnel. 2016 Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising. Inbound Marketing Agency. Free QR Code Generator for SVG PNG - 9 red flags when working with a small business marketing agency - DIY Marketing. The small business marketing industry: Let the buyer beware!

9 red flags when working with a small business marketing agency - DIY Marketing

Tech.Co - Tech & Startup Events, News and Resources. Customer Journey Marketer - Digital Marketing Blog. 20 Ways to Reward Repeat Visitors on Your Ecommerce Site. Many ecommerce businesses neglect the importance of rewarding their repeat visitors while they strive to drive revenue, increase social mentions, and build a loyal following.

20 Ways to Reward Repeat Visitors on Your Ecommerce Site

That is a mistake. Great ecommerce sites reward their recurrent visitors. They influence thousands and get the pick of their sales from loyal customers. Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief at Econsultancy, informed us in a blog post titled “21 Ways Online Retailers Can Improve Customer Retention Rates” that rewards and loyalty programs are the most popular factor in persuading customers to make repeat purchases. Visitors who repeatedly visit your site signal a level of connection with your brand, so a reward endears the brand to those visitors. Fortunately, there are no obstacles stopping you from taking the leap.

Reputation Management

4 Reasons to Start Planning for the Holiday Email Marketing Rush Now! – Litmus Software, Inc. Black Friday, the unofficial start of the holiday season, is just a little more than three months away.

4 Reasons to Start Planning for the Holiday Email Marketing Rush Now! – Litmus Software, Inc.

However, the vast majority of marketers haven’t started planning any of their holiday email marketing campaigns yet. Only 20% of marketers plan for their peak-season email campaigns more than three months in advance, according to our State of Email Production report. Study: The Number of Brands Deploying Holiday-Themed Email Campaigns Grew by 13.4 Percent in 2015. Yes Lifecycle Marketing finds that open rates fell as retailers sent more holiday-themed emails CHICAGO, IL – August 16, 2016 — The proportion of brands sending holiday-themed emails rose 13.4 percent, according to a new study from Yes Lifecycle Marketing.

Study: The Number of Brands Deploying Holiday-Themed Email Campaigns Grew by 13.4 Percent in 2015

The study also revealed that the number of holiday-themed emails brands sent increased — nearly doubling for some holidays. This resulted in a 5 percent dip in open rates in comparison to the previous year as consumers' inboxes were inundated. Study Shows Business Blogging Leads to 55% More Website Visitors. If you blog, you know that it's good for your business.

Study Shows Business Blogging Leads to 55% More Website Visitors

But how - and how much - business blogging is best? To answer to those questions, I looked at data from 1,531 HubSpot customers (mostly small- and medium-sized businesses). 795 of the businesses in my sample blogged, 736 didn't. The data was crystal clear: Companies that blog have far better marketing results. Specifically, the average company that blogs has: Free Website Analysis from Boostability. Discover Your Website Score The first step is to discover your website score, a valuable aid that helps us discover how your website is performing online and what you can do to generate more traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

Free Website Analysis from Boostability

Keyword Analysis. Tips and Tactics for Amplifying Your Content. 10 Tactics to Improve Blog Readership. Your Website is Your Best Marketing Tool. Here’s Why. - Wayne Turner. There’s a lot of advice from so called experts about the best way to market your website floating around the web.

Your Website is Your Best Marketing Tool. Here’s Why. - Wayne Turner

Most advocate starting free blogs and using social bookmarking sites and surfing around commenting on other people’s blogs in order to drive traffic to your own, and then to direct traffic from your blog to your website. But wouldn’t it be more effective and less time consuming to direct traffic to your website? Some of those techniques actually do work, but they only work on a small scale. App Makers Missing the Mark on Engagement (Infographic)

Mobile usage and penetration has grown on a global scale in recent years.While this growth resulted in a boon for application makers and marketers, they are still missing out on a large chunk of engagement and retention, according to a recent survey. An infographic from Localytics examines the divide between app users and businesses. Users seem to be caught between a desire for personalization and the need to protect their personal information. 35 percent of users refuse to turn on location services in weather apps despite the obvious benefit, 50 percent trust their mobile operators less than they did three years ago and 50 percent of “smartphone-dominant” users replace apps monthly. Users also reject engagement efforts from businesses, mostly because it seems that businesses don’t understand how to engage. 52 percent of people view push notifications as annoying, and 25 percent of apps are used only once.

Influencing B2B Tech Purchases: Buyers' Content Preferences by Age and Funnel Stage. Which types of information do B2B technology buyers value most at different stages of the purchase funnel? Do buyers of different ages prefer different content formats and sales approaches? To find out, Arketi surveyed 262 business technology buyers from three generations: Baby Boomer (31% of respondents), Generation X (30%), and Millennial (30%).

Respondents were polled on how much they use different types of information while undertaking enterprise technology purchases of $10,000 or more. Below, key findings from the report on the most used information types at the top of the purchase funnel (awareness), middle (research), and bottom (decision-making). 10-benefits-of-quality-web-design. We all know that quality web design is a valuable investment, but what are the real benefits of hiring a professional designer? Is the price tag worth it? Will a website that looks good bring in business? Yes, and here’s why: 1. Consistent brand identity Professional designers think about the big picture. 2. You’re not looking for clicks.

Why QR Codes Are More Outdated Than Your Pog Collection. 53+ Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts. Update – we launched Pablo a new tool to create beautiful images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds You can use Pablo right from the get-go, no need to login or create an account. Just quickly create amazing images super fast. You can try out the first version of Pablo right now – no login required. Just head to and give it a try! We’d love to hear your thoughts about Pablo on Twitter, just hit us up @buffer and hope it makes creating images for your social media posts much easier for you.

Ok, back to the blogpost! Here on the Buffer blog, we think a lot about visual content. The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Positive Brand Image for Online Reputation Management. Online reputation management is something that most people and businesses only think of when they need it. And when they need it is when disaster has struck – a negative review about their business, a negative blog post about their products, or a negative record about themselves surfaces online. 5 PR Tactics That Will Make You Look Like A Genius. You like to appear smart. Heck, we all do. 60 Amazing Reddit Statistics (February 2016)

Today’s “By the Numbers” installment focuses on facts and statistics related to the social network Reddit. Details from a new survey give a fresh picture of Reddit. So You Want To “Market On Reddit” The Marketer’s Guide to Reddit. Reddit calls itself “The Front Page of the Internet”, and there’s never been a more appropriate slogan. It’s s a fascinating mix of interesting news, cool links, social commentary and computer nerdiness all rolled into one. Majority Of Digital Media Consumption Now Takes Place In Mobile Apps. U.S. users are now spending the majority of their time consuming digital media within mobile applications, according to a new study released by comScore this morning.

That means mobile apps, including the number 1 most popular app Facebook, eat up more of our time than desktop usage or mobile web surfing, accounting for 52% of the time spent using digital media. Combined with mobile web, mobile usage as a whole accounts for 60% of time spent, while desktop-based digital media consumption makes up the remaining 40%. Mobile marketing statistics 2016. "Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014" was the huge headline summarising the bold prediction from 2008 by Mary Meeker, an analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers who reviews technology trends annually in May.

The mobile statistics that the team at Smart Insights curate in the regular updates to this article include: Mobile marketing statistics 2016. Are you an analytics leader, student, or skeptic? As marketing continues to become progressively more digital, it is important that all those within the industry understand the value of analyzing and measuring data yielded from campaigns. Google kills Right Hand Side Ads: what does this mean for marketers and users? As we reported over the weekend, Google has removed all PPC ads from the right-hand side of the search engine results page with immediate global effect.

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line. Page loading time is obviously an important part of any website’s user experience. NextGen Jane. Top 5 Digital Branding Trends for 2015. Angie's List Top Doctors & Dentists.

Medical Marketing

For Designers. How to Activate Your Brand. Four SEO payment models you need to seriously question. The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO Is Real. 7 Legitimate Ways That Social Media Impacts SEO. 5 Things You Need to Know About Social Media & SEO. A Digital Marketing Agency to Fit Your Needs.