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Social Reading. Full text books free to read online in the full text archive. Online Research Library: Questia. World Digital Library Home. Free Audiobooks and eBooks - Librophile. Reading from the screen. [This page, which was first written in 1997, is now hopelessly out of date - almost ancient Egyptian.

Reading from the screen

Some day I'll rewrite it, but in the meantime I'll make just a few changes. A lot has changed since 1997 - we now have cascading stylesheets, anti-aliased type, and e-book readers - but I still don't see a lot of people reading long text from computer screens. And most Web pages are less readable now than they were in 1997.] This site is, above all, text. You'll find the odd picture, the odd map, the odd decorative graphic, but mostly it's writing. To improve the layout, you can save a web page, import it into a word processor that recognizes HTML, change the format, and print it out with the word processor. Here's my contention: it can be easy to read off the screen - if all the conditions are right. Screens are much heavier and less portable than books.

Readability and legibility Quite a lot of research has been done on readability, and many of the findings seem contradictory. No? 4 Tips and Tricks for more Legible Content. Readability & legibility are both areas of interest in accessibility and typographic design, and many resources exist that attempt to define what constitutes well designed copy.

4 Tips and Tricks for more Legible Content

In this post, we go over a few commonly overlooked and newer ways to implement more legible type on the web. 1. Add Text-Shadow to Custom Fonts With a growing number of web fonts to choose from, and new ways to implement custom fonts into sites using CSS instead of Javascript or Flash, it’s becoming increasingly popular to stray from traditional common fonts in exchange for fonts that help define a more unique and consistent brand. This is great for many reasons, and quite a few font foundries have already begun selling web font licenses making the potential for custom fonts substantial. Perhaps the most overlooked problem about using these custom fonts is how different devices go about rendering fonts differently. For many common web fonts, this isn’t a big concern. This is easily implemented in CSS:

Azuro – A New Typeface For Reading On Screens. FontShop has always been concerned about all aspects of legibility, especially in new media.

Azuro – A New Typeface For Reading On Screens

Two years ago FontShop AG (FontShop Germany) released a brand new typeface by Erik Spiekermann – Axel, an economical, highly legible font family optimized for on-screen use in office apps such as Microsoft Excel. Last year FSI FontShop International was the first foundry to offer a type collection specifically aimed at web designers – Web FontFonts, available in .eot and .woff font format, and optimised to achieve the best possible legibility on screen. And today FontShop AG publishes its second font product – Azuro, a new four-weight font family developed by Georg Seifert and mastered by Jens Kutilek. Azuro is probably the first type family whose appearance on screen was extensively tested on MS Windows, Mac OS and Apple iOS already during the earliest stages of the design process, and whose design was informed by the results of this continuous testing.

The Design of Azuro Mastering Azuro. OpenEdition Books. 1On a souvent souligné l’importance de la question médicale chez Michel Foucault.

OpenEdition Books

Mais on a rarement remarqué qu’à travers cette question se dessine l’une des lignes de continuité problématique de son travail. Tout un front de la recherche de Foucault sur la fonction (et sur le fonctionnement) du dispositif bio-médical dans les sociétés occidentales modernes se relie idéalement à une série de lieux et à certaines indications qui sont contenues dans Naissance de la clinique, à partir de la question du nouveau statut de la vie et de la maladie que Foucault par là interrogeait. 2Les nombreux écrits des dernières années, comme, par exemple, les deux versions de l’essai sur G.

Canguilhem témoignent de la persistance de ce problème. 3C’est cela, poursuit Foucault, que les sciences de la vie à cause de leur spécificité doivent prendre en compte, si elles ne veulent pas que leur objet et leur domaine soient effacés. 5G. 4 Ibid., p. 34. 5 Ibid., p. 186-196. 28 Où S.