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Love and the Brain | Department of Neurobiology. Richard Schwartz and Jacqueline Olds know a lot about love. These Harvard Medical School (HMS) professors and couples therapists study how love evolves and, too often, how it collapses. They have also been happily married for nearly four decades. Love may well be one of the most studied, but least understood, behaviors.

More than 20 years ago, the biological anthropologist Helen Fisher studied 166 societies and found evidence of romantic love—the kind that leaves one breathless and euphoric—in 147 of them. This ubiquity, said Schwartz, an HMS associate professor of psychiatry at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass., indicates that “there’s good reason to suspect that romantic love is kept alive by something basic to our biological nature.” Rewarding ourselves with love In 2005, Fisher led a research team that published a groundbreaking study that included the first functional MRI (fMRI) images of the brains of individuals in the throes of romantic love. Lasting love. What Happens When Fruits And Vegetables Are Scanned Under An MRI Is Amazing. Humans may speak a universal language, say scientists  13 Year Old Physicist's New Theory on God. Image Catalog. Study Reveals Earth Has 1 Trillion Species, Only 0.001% Are Known.

Surprisingly crowded Cataloging and analyzing available data on currently known species is a particularly daunting task. Even just tracing shared ancestry between two species proves to be quite a challenge, more so the relationship between millions of species. This task gets even more complex as more species are added to the pool every single day. That task is about to get a whole lot harder.

An analysis that looks at the intersection of large data sets of cataloged species and universal scaling laws has concluded that Earth may be home to nearly 1 trillion species, with only one-thousandth of 1 percent now identified. If it stands against scrutiny, it would mean that there are far more species on Earth than stars in our galaxy (scientists estimate that there are some 400 billion stars in the Milky Way).

The IU scientists collated datasets on the microbial, plant, and animal communities, which were sourced from the government, academia, and citizen science sources. Managing Microbes. Books - Theosophical Society in America. Other Links The Secret Doctrine By H. P. Blavatsky The Mahatma Letters to A. Collected Writings By H. Key to Theosophy By H. Voice of the Silence By H. Some Basic Concepts of Theosophyby Eunice & Felix LaytonThe Path of Spiritual Unfoldmentby Seetha NeelakantanPreface TO Self Culture in the Light of Occultismby I.K.TaimniIdyll of the White Lotusby Mabel Collins (M.C.)

The Ancient WisdomDr.Annie Besant A Textbook of TheosophyC.W.LeadbeaterIntroductory Studies in TheosophyBy Adelaide Gardner Elementary TheosophyL.W.Rogers To Light a Thousand LampsA Theosophic VisionBy Grace Knoche Theosophical websites Theosophy Wiki Online Theosophical EncyclopediaThe Campbell Theosophical Research LibraryClassic Theosophical Books OnlineThe Canadian Theosophical LibraryCanadian Theosophical Library of George Duguay. C.W. Books - Theosophical Society in America. Science and Spirituality | Theosophy Watch. THE principles of occult science and psychology were so unfamiliar, that Mme. Blavatsky often added the term “meta” to distinguish them from the mainstream.”Meta-chemistry,” for example, was frequently used.

“Theosophy, or rather the occult sciences it studies,” she explained in her article Le Phare De L’Inconnu, “is something more than simple metaphysics.” “It is, if I may be allowed to use the double terms, meta-metaphysics, meta-geometry, etc., etc., or a universal transcendentalism. Theosophy rejects the testimony of the physical senses entirely, if the latter be not based upon that afforded by the psychic and spiritual perceptions.”

This section might have been titled “Meta-psychology,” but the editors confess choosing to connect instead two of today’s popular topics, science and spirituality. This video blog is being published simultaneously to our subscribers, and a permanent link titled “Science and Spirituality” added to the site header. Babies Need Mothers Clancy D. Many of Dr. New and Featured Articles @ Theosophy Trust. Le Phare de L'Inconnu- HP Blavatsky - Theosophy Trust. Index of /files/resources. A Map Of The Entire Universe In One Image. If you ever happen to embark on a cosmic journey to the outer reaches of the universe, you may want to take along a copy of this map, which was created by musician and artist Pablo Carlos Budassi and encapsulates the entire cosmos in a single, mind-blowing image.

In order to create this incredible cartographic masterpiece, Budassi combined images from several of NASA’s telescopes and rovers with logarithmic maps of the universe created by astronomers from Princeton University. Logarithmic maps are able to encapsulate huge areas within manageable graphics since they decrease in scale as they move outwards from the center of the image, meaning that the objects in the middle of the map are shown in a much larger scale than those at the edges. As such, the vast distances of the outer reaches of the universe are condensed into a relatively small area on the map. The image features the Solar System at its center, beyond which is a region of icy objects known collectively as the Oort Cloud. Akashic Records/Book of Life. The Akashic Records or "The Book of Life" can be equated to the universe's super computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. More than just a reservoir of events, the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. Much more than simply a memory storehouse, however, these Akashic Records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us. Upon time and space is written the thoughts, the deeds, the activities of an entity – as in relationships to its environs, its hereditary influence; as directed – or judgment drawn by or according to what the entity's ideal is. The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of Creation.

H.P. Q. “Consciousness Creates Reality” – Physicists Admit The Universe Is Immaterial, Mental & Spiritual. “Consciousness creates reality,” a statement that has gained a lot of attention across various alternative media outlets around the world. Make no mistake, consciousness has been (for quite some time) studied by numerous scientists, especially in its relation to quantum physics and how it might be correlated with the nature of our reality. What is consciousness? Consciousness includes a number of things. It’s how we perceive our world, our thoughts, being aware, our intentions and more.

“Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking in the radio for the announcer.” – Nasseim Haramein, director of research for the Resonance Project“I regard consciousness as fundamental. The statement that “consciousness creates reality” comes with a number of different questions. “A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality.

The Science Behind The Statement “Consciousness Creates Reality” Buddhist Monks Bless Tea With Good Intention. Jessica Green: We're covered in germs. Let's design for that. Implosion Group - Dan Winter's Fractal Physics + Bliss Science..Sacred Geometry&Physics Consciousness. About Dan Winter. About Dan Winter Dan Winter’s background is as multi-faceted as his viewpoint.

Graduating with honors from the University of Detroit, Dan pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology and the origin of languages. In addition to his academic background, he has worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, an industrial metallurgist and crystallographer. He has undertaken many diverse studies, from quantum physics to modeling at the MIT space lab to developing the early biofeedback prototype equipment as Dr.

Dan is an accomplished keyboard artist, and was once a church organist and choir director, all before reaching high school. In the 1980’s, he founded an alternative newspaper entitled the "Network of Light". By the early nineties, Dan relocated in the Blue Ridge Mountains and founded the San Graal School of Sacred Geometry and the Biodome Healing Center located in Waynesville, North Carolina. Among his many projects, Dan is developing a new breakthrough theory on gravity. Contact: 9 Signs You’re An Old Soul. “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”

~ Satchel Paige There is a special kind of person in our world who finds himself alone and isolated, almost since birth. His solitary existence isn’t from a preference or an antisocial temperament – he is simply old. Old in heart, old in mind and old in soul, this person is an old soul who finds his outlook on life vastly different and more matured than those around him. As a result, the old soul lives his life internally, walking his own solitary path while the rest around him flock to follow another. Perhaps you’ve experienced this in your own life, or have witnessed it in another person?

If so, this article is dedicated to you, in hopes that you will come to define yourself, or understand another better. The “Old Soul” Robert Frost, Eckhart Tolle and even Nick Jonas have been called them. If you have not yet discovered whether you’re an old soul, read some of the revealing signs below. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Jade Small. PAO - Galactic Federation Members. The BHAGAVAD-GITA in English. Center for Investigating Healthy Minds - Web Links. Purpose on site, To help re-education humanity - Purpose On Earth. Knights Training Assemblies. Astronomers Solve Mystery Of Strange Object At The Center Of The Milky Way.

G2, a mysterious object near the supermassive blackhole at the center of the galaxy, hosts what was once a pair of stars that have been merged by the enormous gravitational influence of their near neighbor. Strange things happen at the center of galaxies. Black holes millions of times the mass of the sun produce enormous gravitational forces and emit x-rays. Stars crowd so close together, they are in danger of bumping into each other. Ionized streams of gas light up like auroras. Yet even in such an intense environment, G2 is something special. However, UCLA's Professor Andrea Ghez challenged the assumption on which these ideas are based. Ghez's conclusions are based on observations of G2 as it reached its closest approach (periapse) to Sgr A* in the course of its orbit. A gas cloud lacking a central object, “should be tidally disrupted during periapse passage,” Ghez and her co-author's suggest. They propose the center of G2 is a star.

"This may be happening more than we thought. 3 Scientific Theories about the Multiverse and How It Works! As we look at this week’s evidence of gravitational waves and cosmic inflation, it’s becoming increasingly hard to believe that the observable universe we live in is the only universe there is. Even modern science is laying down its “knowing” cap in the face of such a grand and complex puzzle. The makeup of the universe, including all that we cannot see (which is roughly 99% of the Universe). Putting aside the hopelessly three-dimensional questions inflation raises, it’s unlikely that the story of the entirety of the cosmos (memorably defined by Carl Sagan as “all that is or ever was or ever will be”) happened to begin with the oldest event we can record, and happens to extend only to the furthest horizon we can see.

But of course, we want to bridge this into Testable Science, beyond the realm of Theory and Philosophy – in order to take our understandings and use them to create better ways of life.. And so we ask the questions. Multiverse. 3 Scientific Theories about the Multiverse and How It Works! | Spirit Science. Friends Resemble Each Other Genetically. An analysis of nearly 1.5 million gene markers found that friends who aren’t biologically related resemble each other genetically -- about as much as "kissing cousins.

" “Looking across the whole genome,” James Fowler from University of California, San Diego, says in a news release, “we find that, on average, we are genetically similar to our friends. We have more DNA in common with the people we pick as friends than we do with strangers in the same population.” He and Nicholas Christakis of Yale conducted a genome-wide analysis using data from the Framingham Heart Study, which monitored heart disease in thousands of people and their children over decades. That study also included information about who is friends with whom, and one of its known limitations turned out to be an advantage for this present study: Most of the data come from people in the same population and of European descent.

“Most people don’t even know who their fourth cousins are,” Christakis says. Parks make us smarter — science proves it! Last year, a group of Edinburgh architecture researchers asked a dozen students to take a walk. They began on a tree-lined shopping drag, turned along the tranquil northern edge of the Meadows, one of the city’s larger parks, and wound up in a busy commercial district some half-hour later. The pastoral section of an otherwise urban jaunt, the researchers found, induced a significant increase in meditative thinking. This may not strike you as a novel discovery. Thanks to Henry Thoreau’s trip to Walden Pond, Teddy Roosevelt’s sojourn in the Badlands, and America’s other legends of retreat, the idea that nature has restorative powers is deeply embedded in our culture. This is not quite the same old story, though. It is, the researchers say, one of the first — if not the first — experiments to record live neural impressions of subjects moving through a city, and it has provocative implications for architecture and urban design.

Electroencephalography tracks voltage flows within the brain. Quantum Physics Tells Us Separation Is Only An Illusion. Elephant Says Goodbye To An Old Friend (PHOTO)