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Top 25 Tech Tools for Teachers for 2015. Technology Evolves Quickly!

Top 25 Tech Tools for Teachers for 2015

Top 25 Tech Tools for Teachers for 2015. Three Useful Growth Mindset Resources. As I’ve written on many occasions in this blog (The Best Resources On Helping Our Students Develop A “Growth Mindset”) and in my books, I think the concept of a “growth mindset” can be very helpful in the classroom.

Three Useful Growth Mindset Resources

Here are three important new resources related to a growth mindset that I think teachers will find useful: Pedagogy Before Technology? Has there ever been a more exciting time to be a teacher?

Pedagogy Before Technology?

There is certainly more choice and opportunity, with access to tools that were merely an idea a decade ago. Global interconnectivity through technology has transformed the world of work. Character Education: Developing Effective Programs. Recently, "What Matters Most: A Newsweek Poll" (Newsweek, 1997) polled 506 parents of children ages 0-3 years and asked them about their most important goal as a parent.

Character Education: Developing Effective Programs

The most common response, given by 48% of the parents, was making sure their child grows up to be a moral person. Unfortunately, this goal is becoming harder for parents to achieve. Moral and Character Development. Citation: Huitt, W. (2004).

Moral and Character Development

Moral and character development. Educational Psychology Interactive. 4 Keys to Designing the Classroom of the Future. Classroom Design | Feature Page 3 of 3.

4 Keys to Designing the Classroom of the Future

List of 40 FREE Educational Websites. According to webometrics, there are more than 17 000 universities, but getting a degree in many of them is quite costly.

List of 40 FREE Educational Websites

Many students around the world(and their families) get into big debt or have to work over sixty hours a week in order to afford an education. Two thirds of the US college seniors who graduated in 2011 had student loan debt, with an average of over 27 000 USD per person. Tree_Cycle_.pdf.

Special needs

4 Principles Of Student-Centered Learning. 4 Principles Of Student-Centered Learning by TeachThought Staff A Definition of Student-Centered Learning.

4 Principles Of Student-Centered Learning

Happy Teaching, Happy Learning: 13 Secrets to Finland's Success - Education Week Teacher. Published Online: June 24, 2014 By Sophia Faridi Most educators have probably found themselves wishing for a simpler solution to the hardships and inequities of the U.S. education system.

Happy Teaching, Happy Learning: 13 Secrets to Finland's Success - Education Week Teacher

I recently got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the Oppi Festival in Helsinki, Finland, with a group of seven U.S. educators to learn more about the Finnish school system and the lessons it might offer. During the trip, our group had the chance to visit several innovative schools. Building_the_curriculum_3_jms3_tcm4-489454. VAK Learning and Communication Style Eye Movement Chart. Neurologists tell us that the eyes are the externalization of the brain.

VAK Learning and Communication Style Eye Movement Chart

That is, the way one moves their eyes when accessing information can tell us a great deal about their learning and communication styles. These neurological patterns are set by the age of eight and reflect the internal sensory processing preferences (learning strategies), of the individual. These eye movements cross barriers of culture, gender, and language and are highly observable. Top 5 presentation tools for teachers and learners. #mytop5 Published on May 11th, 2014 | by Mark Anderson PowerPoint. It is much maligned and certainly has its place in the education world. Even advances with Apple’s Keynote with Keynote in the cloud are a step forward, however, I would argue that we as educators should seek to set a higher bar on the way we present materials.

4 Great Rubrics to Develop Students Presentations and Speaking Skills. February 20, 2014 Looking for some rubrics to hone in your students presentation skills ? The rubrics below will definitely be of great help. REACT-2003-1-53.pdf. 10 Websites to Find Special Needs Apps for the iPad & iPhone. This post is part Five of the Special Needs iPad & App Series.

In only one year the Apple iPad has revolutionized the tech industry. 15 Million iPads have been sold and estimates are that within the next 3 years over 115 million tablets will be shipped. Dozens if not hundreds of applications have been created that enhance the quality of life for individuals with all types of disabilities.

This has lead Apple to create a special education section in the App Store. To try and make sense of all of this we have put together a nine part series on the iPad and useful applications. In part four we discussed 11 Social Skills & Life Skills Apps in iPad App Store This week we bring you: 10 Websites to Find Special Needs Apps for the iPad & iPhone About.Com – Apps for Children With Special Needs highlights new apps that are designed specifically to make life easier for people with special needs, by making communication or behavior management or health management easier.

Changing the World of Autism. Join our SN Community. Kathy Greenberg - Learning How To Learn. Learning, which begins before birth, becomes ever more important as the pace of change accelerates around us. Whether it involves learning how to better influence the future, or developing the needed skills for earning a livelihood, learning can be empowering, fun, and energizing – or it can be frustrating and discouraging – depending on your skills in learning. But how can we learn how to learn? Kathy Greenberg, Associate Professor of Special Education at the University of Tennesee, Knoxville, works to help teachers mediate their students’ learning experiences so that students gain practical skills in problem-solving.

Robert J. Sternberg, Elena Grigorenko, and Donald A. Bundy - The Predictive Value of IQ - Merrill-Palmer Quarterly 47:1. Find using OpenURL The Predictive Value of IQ Abstract This article reviews findings on the predictive validity of psychometric tests of intelligence. The article is divided into five major parts. Special Education Math Teaching Strategies. Life Skills Curriculums - Basic Math: Addition Skills. Special education needs / Fact sheets / Key information / National Standards / The New Zealand Curriculum Online - NZ Curriculum Online. Individual Education Programmes and plans (IEPs) Individual education plans (IEPs) will continue to be the basis for planning learning programmes for most students with special education needs. Allspeced. 22 Simple Ideas for Harnessing Creativity in the Elementary Classroom. Evidence-based practice (EBP) briefs have been developed for all 24 identified evidence-based practices. Select a practice in the list below to access the overview of the practice and downloadable PDF files for the EBP brief and the individual components. Autism Internet Modules (AIM) Learning Port - List of Featured Resources. Bringing resource based education to our local partners Welcome | Sign up for Email Updates » 9 Results 38 results found for Featured Resources | Showing 1-20 of 38 Achieve, Inc. Topics: common core, common core state standards A Strong State Role in Common Core State Standards Implementation: Rubric and Self-Assessment Tool.