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Beatbox - Felix Zenger

Glowing Water

Glowing Water Glow Water. How To Make Your Own. You will need Cup, gloves, highlighter, razor blade. Take the the back of the highlight pen.
Pythagorean cup of antigreedyness

Pythagorean cup of antigreedyness

Cross section Cross section of a Pythagorean cup. A Pythagorean cup (also known as a Pythagoras cup, a Greedy Cup or a Tantalus cup) is a form of drinking cup that forces its user to imbibe only in moderation. Credited to Pythagoras of Samos, it allows the user to fill the cup with wine up to a certain level. If the user fills the cup only to that level, the imbiber may enjoy a drink in peace.
17 Ways To Tie Your Shoe
Photos: Guy Laramee With the increasing popularity of electronic readers and e-books, the future use of hard-bound books also comes under question. While designers have responded with the likes of lighting, accessories and even fashion made entirely out of old books, French Canadian artist Guy Laramée tackles it from a decidedly philosophical — and creative — perspective, carving intricate, three-dimensional landscapes that look amazingly real up close.

Artist Carves Books Into 3D Sculptures

Artist Carves Books Into 3D Sculptures
Pencil Cravings