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Illustration Blogs. Yoshitomo Nara, dibujos entre lo naif y lo bizarro. Ilustración Yoshitomo Nara, dibujos entre lo naif y lo bizarro Yoshitomo Nara (Hirosaki, 1959) es uno de los artistas más reconocidos del Neo-Pop japonés.

Yoshitomo Nara, dibujos entre lo naif y lo bizarro

Su obra tiene una mirada fresca que se mueve entre lo naïf y lo bizarro; lo perverso o infantilmente atrevido. Del 3 de octubre al 14 de diciembre en el Dairy Art Centre de Londres tendrá lugar una muestra del artista japonés. Jacek Yerka painter of the fantasy worlds - preview of the paintings. Crajes. Home. Home. IMSCARED.COM. Antonio Caparo Illustrations. Serge Birault - Aka - Papa ninja - Illustrateur free lance - Toulouse France. Alexis Beauclair. PHOTON 12 pages 18 x 26 cm agrafé RISO 1/2/3 couleurs Noir / Jaune / Rose fluo / Bleu / Rouge Le lecteur avance à l’intérieur de l’instrument optique présenté en couverture.

Alexis Beauclair

Tel un photon il passe à travers différents types de filtres et prismes. Et arrivé à la fin, on peut retourner le livret et le lire dans l’autre sens, ainsi on remonte le temps. Comic book in which the reader is light itselfDo-it-yourself Optical instrument8 pages travellingDrawn on computer by Alexis BeauclairRisograph-printed bookletSelf-published —-> SHOP = As fotos surreais monocromáticas de Dariusz Klimczak. Conheça as belíssimas, misteriosas, sombrias e intrigantes fotos surreais em preto e branco de Dariusz Klimczak.

As fotos surreais monocromáticas de Dariusz Klimczak

Giratree O fotógrafo polonês Dariusz Klimczak constrói paisagens surreais através de uma manipulação inteligente. Nascido em Sieradz, Polônia, em 1967, é fotógrafo há 25 anos.

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See American History, Illustrated, In The Works Of Legendary Political Cartoonist Herblock. Years before the 1954 Army-McCarthy hearings that ended Joseph McCarthy’s paranoid Communist witch hunt in the United States, one political cartoonist used his art to face him down.

See American History, Illustrated, In The Works Of Legendary Political Cartoonist Herblock

Herbert Block--known professionally as Herblock, a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post--created the seminal 1950 cartoon attacking the McCarthy regime, inadvertently coining the word “McCarthyism” in the process. Like many who opposed the powerful Republican senator, Block’s editorializing risked potential ruin and blacklisting. This segment in the HBO documentary Herblock--The Black & The White, premiering January 27, particularly astonishes for three reasons: it drives home the morality of a man willing to risk his career to expose dangerous abuses of power, the willingness of a newspaper to stand by him, and the difficulty of that kind of editorial conviction happening today. Artist Spotlight: Daniela Uhlig. Gad Elmaleh - Gad Elmaleh - Le Monde Entier avec Matthieu Chedid - la vidéo sur Découvrez les 2 premiers épisodes de la nouvelle émission présentée par Gad Elmaleh sur avec Matthieu Chedid et Sandrine Kiberlain.

Gad Elmaleh - Gad Elmaleh - Le Monde Entier avec Matthieu Chedid - la vidéo sur

Tournée en public au Sentier des Halles et diffusée en exclusivité sur, l'émission « Le Monde Entier » est un rendez-vous récurrent dans lequel Gad Elmaleh reçoit des personnalités d’horizons variés (musique, cinéma, sport...). Matthieu Chedid s'est prêté au jeu et on le retrouve ici sous un angle inédit au cours d’un entretien ponctué d’une performance acoustique où -M- interprète avec Gad son nouveau single « Baïa ». LOS OJOS DEL GATO, de JODOROWSKY/MOEBIUS - Trazos de Tinta.

Ilustración, cómics y artistas.


Descubre el mundo de los trazos de tinta. Subscribe LOS OJOS DEL GATO, de JODOROWSKY/MOEBIUS. Sweeping Landscapes Painted On A High School Teacher’s White Board. We all have different ways of coping with the boredom that comes with a daily routine.

Sweeping Landscapes Painted On A High School Teacher’s White Board

Some of us take to YouTube, others smoke. When Gregory Euclide gets restless, he draws. The Minnesota-by-way-of-Wisconsin artist, who has exhibited at Mass MoCA and MAD, teaches high schoolers outside of Minneapolis. Secuencia de fotos de Pixelpancho. More Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski. EmailEmail These grim and satirical illustrations by Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski (who we’ve featured before here) are excellent examples of art’s ability to express meaningful messages.

More Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

Each one of his simple but gripping illustrations clearly but deeply expresses and explores a political, social or cultural issue – war, the environment, political corruption, crime, class issues, etc. Check out his thought-provoking art below: Source: | Facebook | Prints. Index.html. Felipe Camargo Rojas: COLOR. La serie de imágenes presentada arriba está realizada en las páginas de mi primera libreta Moleskine.

Felipe Camargo Rojas: COLOR

Cada imagen es una página. Mi intención al hacer esta bitácora fue crear una serie de deseos y recuerdos que me agradaran, supongo que por alguna intención de conservar una inocencia primaria que no se viera influenciada por imágenes externas. Quería entonces liberarme y hacer imágenes que tuvieran una serialidad y, por ello mismo, planteé desde el principio ciertas reglas básicas de forma que pudieran persistir a lo largo de la libreta (como el margen, los mismos materiales y un estilo particular de dibujo).

TELEFONO 4. Alicia Martin Lopez. Digital painting, photoshop.Digital Art, Painting2013 Personal Project.

Alicia Martin Lopez

Digital painting (Photoshop)Digital Art, Painting2013 MFACA SVA Thesis ProjectDigital Art, Fine Arts, Painting2013 Series of concepts commissioned by VolvoxLabs to create the visuals for a music festival in Toronto.Digital Art, Illustration, Painting2013 Digital painting, photoshop.Digital Art, Painting2013 Personal projectCharacter Design, Digital Art, Illustration2013 Personal projectDigital Art, Illustration, Painting2013 Series of concept arts commissioned by VolvoxLabs to create the visuals for a music festival in Toronto.Digital Art, Illustration, Painting2013 Series of creatures commissioned by VolvoxLabs for a music festival in Toronto.Digital Art, Illustration, Painting2013 Concept art for Digital Dreams summer festival in Toronto.

Craig schlewitz / misc I. Take A Vacation From Reality And Check Out The Hand-Drawn Creatures Inside Guillermo Del Toro’s Sketchbook. Creative people tend to have rituals and superstitions about the way they work. Guillermo Del Toro, for example, continues to sketch out characters and ideas for his films in a simple spiral notebook to this day. Perhaps it keeps the visionary director connected to the mindset he had before earning an Academy Award nomination. In any case, the contents of some of his sketchbooks recently found their way onto Reddit for all the world to enjoy.

One movie-focused member of the aggregator site gained access to and posted a collection of 20 hand-scrawled Del Toro sketches. These drawings date back at least to The Devil’s Backbone, the 2001 Spanish-language horror movie that first attracted international attention for the director, and cover his catalog all the way through to this summer’s Pacific Rim. Robert Crumb. Robert Crumb (Filadelfia, de Pensilvania, 30 de agosto de 1943) es un historietista, ilustrador y músico estadounidense.

Fue uno de los fundadores del cómic underground y es quizá la figura más destacada de dicho movimiento. Aunque es uno de los más conocidos autores de cómic, su carrera se ha desarrollado siempre al margen de la industria. Biografía[editar] Infancia y juventud[editar] CONCEPT ART. Philadelphia Artist + Illustrator - Jon Krause − portfolio. Georges le mercenaire on Behance.


Referentes frontera con arte. Comic. “Mi trabajo consiste en saber robar bien” Ape on the Moon: Contemporary Visual Culture. Breve História Ilustrada da Humanidade. Por maior que seja o esforço em contar a história da humanidade, esta é tão extensa, complexa e recheada de detalhes que torna esta tarefa quase impossível. A proposta que aqui fica é a de contar essa história com imagens da autoria de Milo Manara.

Para mim, a viagem ao longo do tempo foi tremendamente interessante por dois motivos: - Nunca encontrei um resumo tão bom - Julgo ser capaz de identificar quatro tendências que se repetem ciclicamente ao longo do tempo: Guerra, Mulheres, Sexo e Intrigas. Será dos meus olhos? Grim Colberty Tales with Maurice Sendak Pt. 1 - The Colbert Report - 2012-24-01. Illustration and Art News for Illustrators and Artists. WICKED Imagined as a Disney Animated Film - Character Art. Here's a great little collection of Wicked character art created by Disney animator Minkyu Lee, which shows us what the characters would look like in a Disney animated film. Lee worked on films such as The Princess and the Frog and Frozen.

These were created by the artist while studying at CalArts and interning at Disney. Lee is a very talented artist and animator who also directed the Oscar nominated short Adam and Dog, which you can watch here. Web Development and Design Blog -

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