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9 Top Designers On What Every New Grad Should Know. 'Tis the season.

9 Top Designers On What Every New Grad Should Know

Caps are flying all across the country as the latest generation of design graduates collect their sheepskins. Soon, they'll hit the pavement, looking for their first real jobs. Should they head to Silicon Valley? Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Stories Of How Designers, Brands Do Great Work. Successful People Who Failed At First. Google Ventures On 12 Shortcuts Designers Should Never Take. Richard Buchanan: Keynote. 5 Crucial Strategies For Making 2014 Your Most Innovative Year Yet. When it comes to innovation, topping 2013’s banner year will be a tough one.

5 Crucial Strategies For Making 2014 Your Most Innovative Year Yet

Twitter went public. 3-D printing went mainstream. Volume 1: A Guide to Making Things. In celebration of our first year, we wanted to send something nice to friends, fellow makers and people who do good things.

Volume 1: A Guide to Making Things

Working with the lovely folks at Hey, who illustrated these ideas for us, we made 100 copies of the printed version. This is the digital version, and we have lots of copies. Fieldwork began one short but eventful year ago. How A Company Gets Away With Stealing Independent Designers' Work. You've probably never heard of Cody Foster & Co.

How A Company Gets Away With Stealing Independent Designers' Work

That doesn't matter, though, because if you're an independent artist, designer, or illustrator, there's a good chance Cody Foster has heard of you. ¡Qué bueno que nos copien! Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York. These Startup-Inspired Motivational Posters Will Motivate You.

Get your company in gear Silicon Valley style.

These Startup-Inspired Motivational Posters Will Motivate You


Why We're All UX Designers Now. What's the difference between interacting with a Dell laptop and an Apple one?

Why We're All UX Designers Now

Fumbling through Blogger or gliding through Tumblr? Hyperventilating on Twitter or exhaling on Medium? Call it user experience--or as the cool kids call it, UX. As Robert Fabricant argues at HBR, it's the direction of leadership--and as empathic companies like Apple, Tumblr, and Toyota evidence, it's a dapper way to dominate a market. 1) Apple and Steve Jobs. Diseño y politica. John Hockenberry: Todos somos diseñadores. A Case For Why Green Design Must Be Beautiful. 4 Lessons From The Web’s Most Ruthlessly Addictive Site.

Startups & work

7 Design Principles, Inspired By Zen Wisdom. One of the best-known photographs of the late Steve Jobs pictures him sitting in the middle of the living room of his Los Altos house, circa 1982.

7 Design Principles, Inspired By Zen Wisdom

There isn’t much in the room, save an audio system and a Tiffany lamp. Jobs is sipping tea, sitting yoga-style on a mat, with but a few books around him. The picture speaks volumes about the less-is-more motive behind every Apple product designed under his command. Is Tim O’Reilly's Internet Evangelism Actually A Blight? Open source.

Is Tim O’Reilly's Internet Evangelism Actually A Blight?

Web 2.0. Government as a platform. What's The Secret To Design Innovation? Extreme Immersion. Editors’ note: The following is an excerpt from Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Create Extraordinary Products for Tomorrow’s Customers by Jan Chipchase with Simon Steinhardt (Harper Business).

What's The Secret To Design Innovation? Extreme Immersion

There’s a particular type of traveler that many of us know: the tourist who never strays from the well-worn path of landmarks and tourist traps, who only sees the side of another culture that has been handpicked for people like him, and returns home with a very predictable--and incomplete--experience. Then there are those who like to explore, to get lost on purpose and let the unexpected find them. Unlike the first form of travel, those who allow themselves to get lost in the new environment have fewer guarantees and a greater risk of disappointment (and mugging), but there is also an infinitely greater chance of new and unique experiences that will prompt new ideas and points of view.


Open design. Comment remettre l'homme au centre de la technologie : le manifeste de Jaron Lanier. « Que se passe-t-il quand nous arrêtons de façonner la technologie et que la technologie commence à nous façonner ?

Comment remettre l'homme au centre de la technologie : le manifeste de Jaron Lanier

» C’est la question centrale qui anime le livre « You are not a gadget, a manifesto » de Jaron Lanier, publié par Alfred A. Knopf. > Qui est Jaron Lanier ? Top 10 skills children learn from the arts. Design the New Business - Spanish subtitles. 1000 Words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design. 4 Things Obama Could Do To Foster America's Creativity. When President Barack Obama takes the stage on Tuesday night to deliver his State of the Union address, he’ll attempt to take the pulse of the nation and prescribe a cure. His message is going to focus on the economy and helping the middle class. But his prescriptions, as leaked to the media, appear to be standard political fare--boost R&D, build infrastructure, more clean energy, and better schools.

That’s all good, standard stuff but familiar stuff. The problem is that Obama isn’t a very creative president. Infographic: 50 People Shaping The Future Of Design. In our design issue last year, the Co.Design 50 laid out 50 of the most influential designers in America. This year, as a sequel, we took it upon ourselves to highlight 50 people who are shaping the future of design. That sounds like a funny task. Infographic Of The Day: America's 50 Most Influential Designers. Adobe: 5 Reasons We Killed The Creative Suite. How To Design For The Sharing Economy. The definition of ownership is changing. Consumismo y ética profesional. «El consumismo puede referirse tanto a la acumulación, compra o consumo de bienes y servicios considerados no esenciales, como al sistema político y económico que promueve la adquisición competitiva de riqueza como signo de status y prestigio dentro de un grupo social. El consumo a gran escala en la sociedad contemporánea compromete seriamente los recursos naturales y el equilibrio ecológico.El consumismo, entendido como adquisición o compra desaforada, idealiza sus efectos y consecuencias asociando su práctica con la obtención de la satisfacción personal e incluso de la felicidad personal».1 Si partimos de la Revolución Industrial, tomándola como el gran inicio no sólo de la industrialización sino también de una nueva «sed de información», desde las publicaciones impresas hasta la producción masiva de productos, podremos notar una aceleración en el proceso de «compra-venta» o de adquisición de bienes materiales.

Sí, la sociedad es su causante. Hagamos una pequeña pausa aquí. Legendary Design Guru Jony Ive Now Runs Apple Software, Too. Masked by a gigantic Frankenstorm, Apple announced yesterday that Scott Forstall, the head of iOS, is leaving the company.