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20th Century Fox Research Library. This is a brilliant viral for the new Planet of the Apes movie, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, and it all starts starts with the attention-grabbing title: “Ape With AK-47″!

20th Century Fox Research Library

Is Squarespace's New Logo Generator A Design Crime? Yesterday, Squarespace released a new tool called Squarespace Logo that brought the company's dead easy, drag-and-drop approach to making a logo.

Is Squarespace's New Logo Generator A Design Crime?

We wrote it up, and while we didn't think it was revolutionary, we did think it was a nice tool for small businesses and freelancers who wanted to put a dab more polish on their branding. To hear many of the Internet's designers tell the tale, though, Squarespace just upended a dysenteric bowel all over the community. This Genius Spoof Rebrands Santa For The 21st Century. Ever since Coca-Cola started featuring him in holiday ads back in 1931, and thus helped turn him into a pop culture icon, Santa Claus has been as much of a brand as he has been an omnipotent shape-changing elf.

This Genius Spoof Rebrands Santa For The 21st Century

Yet what would Santa Claus look like if his 21st-century identity had been determined not by the Rockwellian sentimentalists at Coke, but by today's jargon-obsessed branding "experts"? If you want to know, look no further than the *Santa* Brand Book. Created by U.K. agency The Quiet Room, The *Santa* Brand Book is an amusing spoof of today's silliest branding strategies right down to the smallest details. Consider the following branding trends that the Quiet Room expertly skewers: A meaningless mission statement The *Santa* Brand Book begins with a statement about who Santa is and what he represents that was seemingly written with a Speak 'N' Spell.

Fieldwork Identity by Fieldwork. La evolución gráfica de las olimpiadas y mundiales. Los juegos olímpicos del 68 fueron el punto de partida para que el diseño gráfico se mostrara como una profesión seria en México.

La evolución gráfica de las olimpiadas y mundiales

El logotipo consiste en tres líneas que se pasean paralelamente, formando a través de curvas la palabra México 68, mientras se entrelazan con los aros olímpicos. The Surprisingly Smart Strategy Behind London’s Infamous Olympic Branding. Say what you will about London’s Olympic logo--and many people have said, and are still saying, many, many things--it is nothing if not memorable.

The Surprisingly Smart Strategy Behind London’s Infamous Olympic Branding

International branding consultancy Wolff Olins was no stranger to Olympic identities, having created the mark for the 2004 games in Athens. In 2006, the firm won the London logo and branding bid with their power-to-the-people style pitch, which focused on social and cultural aspects of the games and beyond in an attempt to broaden the event’s reach and appeal. When the famously staccato symbol was unveiled almost six years ago, however, the response was resoundingly critical. Why was the world, design and otherwise, so worked up? Chairman Brian Boylan and Ije Nwokorie, managing director at Wolff Olins London, talked with Co.Design about embracing the inherent dissonance of the host city, and the strategy behind their effort.

Co.Design: In terms of branding, this idea of embracing a more social approach was actually quite prescient for 2006. 10 Inspiring Examples Of Small-Biz Branding. Branding campaigns don’t often make mainstream headlines, but when they do, they’re about the bigwig companies--Coca-Cola, Apple, and Nike, to name a few.

10 Inspiring Examples Of Small-Biz Branding

And we usually take notice only when brands go wildly and horribly astray--think Peter Arnell’s disastrous repackaging of Tropicana, or Gap’s unwelcome Helvetica logo. The real innovations in branding, however, are happening at small companies, which can experiment with daring and quirky concepts--without being beholden to executive boards, shareholders, or their own legacies. Some of the best examples are compiled in a new book titled Introducing: Visual Identities for Small Businesses from Gestalten. What makes these campaigns so successful? This New Fast Food Packaging System Makes Eating Junk Easier. Every day, 50 million Americans eat fast food.

This New Fast Food Packaging System Makes Eating Junk Easier

And while that has obvious ramifications for our ever-expanding waistlines, it also creates quite a bit of trash in the process. Ganadores de los Permios CLAP Branding 2013. Read in portuguese Ganhadores dos Permios CLAP Branding 2013 Los Premios CLAP, premios internacionales de diseño, branding y comunicación de IBEROAMERICA ya tienen ganadores.

Ganadores de los Permios CLAP Branding 2013

La marca más poderosa del mundo. Si te preguntan ¿cuál es la marca más famosa del mundo?

La marca más poderosa del mundo

These Chubby Fast Food Logos Will Make You Think Twice About Chowing Down. Restaurants and fast food joints in a growing number of cities are now required to display calorie counts on their menus.

These Chubby Fast Food Logos Will Make You Think Twice About Chowing Down

But that’s honestly kind of a downer when you’re craving a juicy burger, and it doesn’t really appeal to people’s gut emotions, if you will. (There’s also debate about whether this works). A designer in Saudi Arabia has just come up with possibly a better approach. Posting on Behance, a site for creative types to showcase their work, he wrote that he’d just lost weight and was looking for ways to deter himself from gaining it back. So he made Colonel Sanders a few pounds pudgier: And the McDonald’s Arch is no longer so slick: You can see the rest of his creations in the slide show above. La Proporción Áurea en las Marcas.

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Why Yahoo's "30 Logos In 30 Days" Campaign Is Actually Brilliant Rebranding. Yahoo recently announced it's getting a new logo. New CEO, new direction, new brand--makes sense. The question is: Why is Yahoo rebranding via a "30 Logos in 30 Days" campaign? At first glance, it seems like a marketing stunt that’s backfired. Criticized as a “gimmicky campaign” that has “confused consumers,” the Yahoo campaign appears to be a pale imitation of Google’s Logo Doodles (the themed logos that appear on Google’s search engine site). It would be easy to jump on this Yahoo-hater bandwagon and notch this up as another attempt to be cool that’s ended in a face palm. 6 Ways To Make Brand Sustainability Resonate With Consumers.

Climate change. Resource scarcity. Pollution. Human rights. These are some of the most pressing issues facing business today. They are also some of the most difficult for consumers to relate to, let alone orient their lives around. According to a recent report from The World Economic Forum and Accenture, sustainability is in desperate need of a makeover. “Business needs to use language that is more familiar, (as) insufficient consumer understanding contributes to a lack of trust,” the report says.

A More Friendly Condom Brand, Designed For Women. To Talia Frenkel, the condom aisle is a battlefield. The brands--Magnum, Trojan, Armor--default to an aggressive maleness (a "sex-is-war kind of thing") that’s out of touch with modern sexuality. "Why do I feel I’m entering an artillery unit? " she asks. Memes With Meaning: Why We Create And Share Cat Videos And Why It Matters To People And Brands. "This is what the Internet is all about, people.

A killer song, a stupid meme, a nostalgic throwback to 2001, and, most important, bites of dumb hilarity that come in 30-second bursts. " Huffington Post on the Harlem Shake, February 2013 The stats tell us that we’re spending more and more time on the web creating, curating, and sharing visual content. We uploaded over half a million variations of Harlem Shake to YouTube in the past few months.

Neenah Paper- #WhatMovesYou?


Video publicidad. Non profit sector. Cuando el plagio no es plagio. Cuando se trata de opinar sobre marcas gráficas o identidades corporativas, es muy común recurrir a una acusación de similitud o incluso plagio para descalificar el trabajo ajeno. Sin embargo, en la mayoría de las ocasiones, estas acusaciones se basan en meras coincidencias de recursos gráficos que los críticos no dudan en utilizar como un arma arrojadiza que hace ya innecesario cualquier otro tipo de argumento real. Está en nuestra naturaleza humana el buscar semejanzas entre las cosas que conocemos por primera vez. Cada vez que nos detenemos a observar algo nuevo, inmediatamente nuestro cerebro crea asociaciones, es un proceso inevitable e instintivo. Pero cuando hablamos de obras artísticas o creativas, basar en estas semejanzas un argumento crítico es algo que deberíamos meditar bien.

Grafología y Diseño Gráfico Publicitario. Ads Worth Spreading: See The 10 Most World-Changing Ads, According To TED. Communicating on behalf of a brand can be tricky business. A decent idea once passed through the brand’s filter and massaged and molded to hit key messaging targets can come out the other side a shell of its possible self. Then there are the great ideas that hit the right note with viewers not just as consumers but also as humans. It’s this latter work that global think-conference TED (underway now in Long Beach, CA) is celebrating with its Ads Worth Spreading honors. Added to the organization’s growing repertoire three years ago, Ads Worth Spreading supports the overall TED mantra ideas worth spreading.

Arts Branding Sucks. Here Are 4 Ways To Fix It. Bad arts advertising, it’s everywhere once you start to notice it. If Hollywood movies were as bland and formulaic as their posters, there’d be no point in going to see them. If the writers, directors, and performers on Broadway were as memorable as their publicity materials, their shows would be unwatchable. Of course, there are some truly outstanding campaigns for the arts. Need Branding That Transcends Cultures? Invent Your Own Language. Oxford University’s Clinical Research Unit is an 11-year-old network of groups that cooperate to track and prevent infectious diseases, from Dengue fever to HIV and AIDS. Though it’s affiliated with Oxford, OUCRU is based in Vietnam and works with partners in Thailand, Indonesia, and Nepal. So when Ho Chi Minh City-based graphic designer Scott Lambert was invited to develop a brand for the center, it was immediately clear that any identity would need to read clearly across multiple nations and cultures.

Lambert, who has worked across Southeast Asia on projects like this brand for Cambodia’s tourism ministry, responded by focusing on the glue that binds any community: language. Each element of the new identity can be read as a kind of translation. Whenever an English word appears--from an office placard to the OUCRU logo--it also appears as a system of color-coded shapes, each representing a specific letter. The Inside Story Of How Microsoft Built The Windows 8 Brand. Remember those horrendous Windows commercials with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld? Running in late 2008, the ads proved symbolic of Microsoft’s own failings at the time: What were they about? Was Microsoft Vista? Was Microsoft tablets? Could they be on phones anymore? While Apple and Google were reinventing themselves for the mobile era, Microsoft was making commercials about nothing. 14 Lovely Examples Of Old-Timey Branding For Small Businesses. Take an observant walk through a neighborhood described as “hip” (Brooklyn’s Williamsburg inevitably springs to mind), and you’ll find yourself in the midst of a typographic trend: the resurgence of old-fashioned logos.

Infographic: The Cost Of A Famous Logo? From $0 To $211 Million. Google spent nothing--Sergey Brin just opened up the free graphics app Gimp. A Student's Smart Microsoft Rebranding Is Better Than The Real Thing. Google, Ikea, Apple: The World's 10 Simplest Brands. Why Branding Is An Artifact Of The Past. Branding Is About Creating Patterns, Not Repeating Messages. When Pixels Dominate Design, Your Hardware Is The Brand. Pentagram’s Pattern-Happy Branding For A Slow-Food Success Story. What Venture Capital Needs Now: Serious Brand Thinking.

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