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Is This A First Taste Of Jony Ive's Influence On Apple Software? The felt poker tables were a bit cheesy.

Is This A First Taste Of Jony Ive's Influence On Apple Software?

And the paper shredder seemed over the top. Silicon Valley's Next Big Goal: Fixing Our Broken Food System. At ali Partovi's Partovi Porktacular, the assembled tech-and food-world luminaries, dressed in their best jeans, nibble on tortellini stuffed with locally foraged mushrooms in the golden, late-afternoon light while waiting for the main event--a heritage-breed whole pig from Marin Sun Farms--to make the requisite number of turns on a spit to reach the optimal shade of mahogany and crispy-skinned goodness.

Silicon Valley's Next Big Goal: Fixing Our Broken Food System

You can hear the occasional cluck from a chicken coop, strategically placed away from the action. It was just the kind of party at which you might find Michael Pollan, the best-selling author of The Omnivore's Dilemma and ­messiah of America's local-food revolution. In fact, Pollan is here, mingling among the likes of Dropbox cofounders Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, Airbnb CTO and ­cofounder Nate Blecharczyk, and Yelp CEO Jeremy ­Stoppelman. "Ali occupies a special place between Silicon ­Valley and the food movement," Pollan says. What does the food chain look like?

Ronald Kapaz. How To Pitch Investors On A Connected Device. Renee DiResta invests in connected hardware.

How To Pitch Investors On A Connected Device

She's a venture capitalist with O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, which has helped fund companies including LittleBits and Misfit Wearables. She is also organizing a conference called “Solid” which is all about the future of manufacturing, with a focus on the industrial Internet of things. During a recent event at Smart Design, we asked DiResta to talk about what it takes to "win" in the connected device space. Real-Life Zombies in the Animal Kingdom....And We May Be Next! Entrevista a Rodolfo Llinás, médico neurofisiólogo colombiano - Gente: Últimas Noticias de Famosos Colombianos e Internacionales. Infecting An Audience: Why Great Stories Spread. In his 1897 book What is Art?

Infecting An Audience: Why Great Stories Spread

The great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy defined art as “an infection.” Good art, Tolstoy wrote, infects the audience with the storyteller’s emotion and ideas. The better the art, the stronger the infection--the more stealthily it works around whatever immunities we possess and plants the virus. How "Minority Report" Designer Helped Create The Toy Car Of The Future. Boris Sofman, Hanns Tappeiner, and Mark Palatucci couldn't figure it out.

How "Minority Report" Designer Helped Create The Toy Car Of The Future

The three were experts in robotics and artificial intelligence, with a handful of advanced graduate degrees among them. But when it came to the task of designing a simple toy car for their first product, Anki Drive, the team was at a loss. "I designed the very first cars myself, and trust me, I'm not a designer," Tappeiner admits. "They sort of looked like Mini Coopers--I'm very glad nobody has seen them. " The engineers scrapped their initial plans, bought a slew of concept car books, and began ripping through the pages prowling for inspiration. The Last Interview Al Hirschfeld Ever Gave Was To My 10-Year-Old Brother. Yesterday, Co.Design covered a new exhibition of the late, great Broadway caricaturist Al Hirschfeld's work at the New York Public Library.

The Last Interview Al Hirschfeld Ever Gave Was To My 10-Year-Old Brother

Over the course of his 82-year career, Hirschfeld was interviewed by the biggest of wigs and ran in the glitziest of circles, drawing stars from Whoopi Goldberg to Duke Ellington to Carol Channing. But there's a secret that even the most expert of Hirschfeld historians have never known: Two days before Hirschfeld died at age 99, he gave one final interview to a divinely chosen young boy, the 10-year-old Oliver Dunne (my brother). In this never-before-seen interview, Hirschfeld reveals shocking secrets: his love of lo mein, his favorite book, and where he found his cat. Al Hirschfeld lived down the street from my family when I was growing up, in a building painted pink.

Imagine Breaking Up The United States. Design You Can Actually Taste. Sticklers: Gotta split. Investigadores en el exterior despertaron el debate científico. Hay debate en la ciencia colombiana.

Investigadores en el exterior despertaron el debate científico

O entre los científicos, mejor. ¿Cuál es la explicación científica del “déjà vu”? Déjà vu es literalmente lo “ya visto”, en francés.

¿Cuál es la explicación científica del “déjà vu”?

Malala los libros pueden derrotar al terrorismo, Mundo. David Harvey: Sector financiero y libre mercado, sustentos del neoliberalismo, operan bajo el criterio de acumulación por desposesión. Las contradicciones actuales del capitalismo, puntualiza Harvey, pueden llevar al mundo a una gran catástrofe.

David Harvey: Sector financiero y libre mercado, sustentos del neoliberalismo, operan bajo el criterio de acumulación por desposesión

El sector financiero y la libre circulación de mercancías que sustentan el modelo neoliberal, operan según un principio de acumulación por desposesión, porque lo que hacen es utilizar su control sobre esos bienes o sobre la moneda para generar una tasa de ganancia que arrebatan a los trabajadores, sostuvo en desarrollo de de las conferencias que dictó en el Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales (IAEN) de Ecuador, el reputado científico social inglés David Harvey, quien estuvo en Quito a mediados del mes de agosto cumpliendo una estrecha agenda académica. Caught In A Stress Spiral? Innovate Your Day With 8 Minutes Of "Ready, Set, Pause" Stress, anxiety, and pressure are no longer fleeting feelings we flirt with while working on a stressful project or stuck in a traffic jam.

Caught In A Stress Spiral? Innovate Your Day With 8 Minutes Of "Ready, Set, Pause"

They have become permanent fixtures in our lives. We have let them creep into our psyche and strangle our well-being. The American Medical Association purports that stress is the basic cause of more than 60 percent of all human illness and disease. They also state that stress is the number one proxy killer disease today. Whether we mean to or not, stress often dominates our thinking and decision-making process. How Radical Transparency Kills Stress. A Utah-based research software company, Qualtrics, practices a management approach they call “radical transparency.” Details and data regarding individual and company performance--including quarterly objectives and results as well as weekly snippets of employees’ past work and future goals--are shared throughout the company of over 300 employees. This way, the company communicates information that people need to do their jobs, which is particularly critical considering the largely invisible nature of knowledge work.

4 Ways Slow Design Will Make The Super-Fast World We Live In Better. All the buzz over “#unplug,” Baratunde Thurston’s excellent piece on “taking a digital vacation,” wasn’t surprising. The article tapped into an idea that’s catching on with Americans: Life in 2013 moves really fast, and sometimes that’s exhausting. All those products and services that have promised to make our lives easier and more efficient have also overstimulated us to the point of collapse. How Video Games Revived The Dying Art Of Japanese Woodprinting. Whether Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom, we’re used to video game heroes saving their own respective pixel worlds. This is the story of how video game characters like Mario, Link, and Kirby helped save a "floating world" (literally translated): ukiyo-e, a genre in the ancient craft of Japanese woodprinting.

After artistically languishing for most of the 20th century, the craft is in the process of being discovered by a whole new generation, thanks to Ukiyo-E Heroes, a collaboration between American illustrator Jed Henry and British craftsman David Bull that reimagines popular video game characters in the context of medieval Japan. Of all the visual art the West associates with ancient Japan, woodprints are probably the most well known. You may not have ever heard the term ukiyo-e before, or know how a Japanese woodprint is made, but if you’ve ever seen a copy of The Great Wave off Kanagawa or The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, you know the style.

A Skyscraper Curse with Chinese Characteristics - Mark A. DeWeaver. The Mises Institute recently spoke with Mark A. DeWeaver about the Chinese economy, malinvestment, booms and busts, and his new book Animal Spirits with Chinese Characteristics. Mark DeWeaver, PhD, manages Quantrarian Asia Hedge. ENSEÑANZAS DEL PARO AGRARIO. Mitología muisca. Cosigo, la punta de lanza de la minería en la Amazonía. Esta semana el presidente Juan Manuel Santos hizo oficial la ampliación del Parque Nacional Chiribiquete, convirtiéndolo en el segundo más grande del continente y en un símbolo del compromiso del Gobierno con la Amazonía. Balance de Juan Manuel Santos del paro - Política en Colombia y el Mundo: Noticias de Política. El mandatario afirmó que todas las propuestas son bienvenidas, sin embargo no permitirá la violencia ‘por ningún motivo’. Desplazados están reconfigurando la geografía humana en Colombia.

Bettie Page: A Rainha das Pin-ups. Bettie Page era muito mais do que uma modelo bonita: era simplesmente a melhor. How Not to React to the News That Bradley Manning Is Transgender. Sorry, Erin, but 'he' is technically still a 'he' until surgically transitioned; the media may use whatever pronouns they please currently. The timing of this announcement is all too convenient. El Chavo del 8 infierno. The Encrypted Constitution: A New Paradigm of Oppression. The key to power as dom­in­a­tion in our pseudo-​democratic, glob­al­ized world is its en­cryp­tion. Our task is to de­velop strategies for its decryption. Ever since ju­di­cial su­premacy was af­firmed in Marbury v Madison [5 US 137 (1803)], the polit­ical con­tent of US-​inspired con­sti­tu­tions has been com­pressed and turned into purely techno-​legal con­tent (or­dinary law). What has taken shape is a tra­di­tion in which the meth­od­o­logy of con­sti­tu­tional in­ter­pret­a­tion is re­duced to a con­ven­tional set of legal rules.

The Economist explains: How safe is fracking? Pop Music's Biggest Moments, Illustrated In Pictograms. John Lennon once said that Bob Dylan could “get away with murder” with his notoriously obtuse--and critically adored--lyrics. He was right. An Oral History of HBO's Real Sex. George Soros. Inspirational Design Quotes. Erik Prince. Paramilitares disfrazados de misioneros amenazan a indígenas en Talamanca. Wong Kar-wai. To Predict The Future Of Technology, Figure Out How People Will Use It Illegally.

Quimps, Plewds, And Grawlixes: The Secret Language Of Comic Strips. Go Behind the Scenes to Watch How Heather Dewey-Hagborg Creates Portraits with Found DNA. Osho, la radiante polémica de un ser muy especial. The End Of Advertising As We Know It. The Road To Resilience: How Unscientific Innovation Saved Marlin Steel. What Kind Of Data Scientist Are You? ⚙ Co. Joseph Stiglitz. La communauté scientifique préoccupée : les cadavres ne se décomposent plus. Ray Anderson sobre la lógica de negocio de la sustentabilidad. Ron Paul on Julian Assange.

Watch: Space-Time Explained With A Music Box And Möbius Strip. 10 Ways To Rescue Handwriting From The Grave. The 150 Things the World's Smartest People Are Afraid Of. Baltasar Garzón. "Seek Out Those That Will Take A Risk On You": DJ Patil's Inspired Commencement Speech. The Future Of UX Design: Tiny, Humanizing Details. How to Spot a Communist Using Literary Criticism: A 1955 Manual from the U.S. Military. Factory Girl (film) A Virtual Weimar: Hyperinflation in a Video Game World - Peter C. Earle. Dark Art: Giger, Kalmakov, Zouravliov, Beksinski, Poumeyrol, Bayros, Gil, Jean, Saeki, Wain.

From Ideas & Concepts to Inventions & Solutions. En 10 Datos: la desnudez en la historia. Colin Wright. A fama inversa de andy warhol. Our distinctive practical approach. How Should We Be Talking About Sex? Sexisme chez les geeks : Pourquoi notre communauté est malade, et comment y remédier. #4 Voyage / Viaje - PHI Creative Pool. Nicholas Felton Unveils His Latest Annual Report. The Underground Library, Sadie Stein. Where Are All The Women Creative Directors? Juego de la vida. Win-win game. La teoría de la diversión… cambiando el comportamiento humano. This Amazing Bionic Hand Can Actually Feel Someone's Touch. Adam Green: The Spectacular Thefts of Apollo Robbins, Pickpocket. Read & Draw.

Review: This 'smart' Beam Brush is dumb in execution. America’s Art, If The Nuke Fell Here Rather Than Hiroshima. Borges. Is Your Boss a Psychopath? How Paper For iPad Reinvented Digital Color Mixing. The PDF search engine. Alejandro Jodorowsky. Arte y Memoria. Romani people. The New Slingboxes Turn Thermodynamics Into Stunning Design. Top 10 Animated Films (Not for Children) – The Lists. Robert Browning. Self-taught African Teen Wows M.I.T. How Google's Designers Are Quietly Overhauling Search. It's Science! Novels Will Make You A Better, More Empathetic Designer. 10 Under 10: Writers to Watch. 15,000 Volts. Origen del concepto disegno. Cambio de paradigma: la Comunicación Visual. Toy Story (servicio, no cuentos)


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