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What Your Klout Score Really Means. Last spring Sam Fiorella was recruited for a VP position at a large Toronto marketing agency.

What Your Klout Score Really Means

With 15 years of experience consulting for major brands like AOL, Ford, and Kraft, Fiorella felt confident in his qualifications. But midway through the interview, he was caught off guard when his interviewer asked him for his Klout score. Fiorella hesitated awkwardly before confessing that he had no idea what a Klout score was. The interviewer pulled up the web page for—a service that purports to measure users’ online influence on a scale from 1 to 100—and angled the monitor so that Fiorella could see the humbling result for himself: His score was 34. “He cut the interview short pretty soon after that,” Fiorella says. Partly intrigued, partly scared, Fiorella spent the next six months working feverishly to boost his Klout score, eventually hitting 72. But even if you have no idea what your Klout score is, there’s a chance that it’s already affecting your life. Go Back to Top.

Score. Reaccionan líderes de opinión en Twitter tras despido de Aristegui. Redacción| El Universal.

Reaccionan líderes de opinión en Twitter tras despido de Aristegui

An Introduction to the Transcendental Meditation Program.

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StatSocial Names The Top 100 Social Media Power Influencers For 2015 02/11/2015. Who are the Top 100 Social Media Power Influencers for 2015?

StatSocial Names The Top 100 Social Media Power Influencers For 2015 02/11/2015

StatSocial's list, released Tuesday, demonstrates the power of social media influencers by measuring the influence and interests of their real followers, not bots, that are active in social media across Twitter. The list of the top 100 social influencers, based on a measurement StatSocial calls "Pull," measures two degrees of separation -- the influence of the followers of an account and the connections of those following the followers. It combines social influence with interests to create a ranking. Social media, advertising, marketing, technology Web sites and business celebrities are the interests factoring into the equation, explains StatSocial CEO Michael Hussey. As for the ranking, Guy Kawasaki came in at No. 1 on the list with an Adjusted Pull of 1,677. Robert Scoble ranks No. 2, with about 437,000 followers, yet his Adjusted Pull of 1,668 nearly equals Kawasaki's.

Chris Brogan ranks No. 3, with an Adjusted Pull of 1,452. 3 Tips for Tapping Social Influencers. Tessa Wegert | January 8, 2015 | 2 Comments inShare96 Social influencers, who spread the word about your brand, can help boost your marketing efforts in an authentic way.

3 Tips for Tapping Social Influencers

Here are three ways to get them on board with your brand. It isn't a stretch to say that social influencers are more valuable to brands today than ever before. 6 Things the Best Social Media Influencers MIGHT Do Better than You. 2.1K Shares Facebook 490 Twitter 596 LinkedIn 764 inShare765 Google+ 235 Pin It Share 40 2.1K Shares × Want to be a social media influencer?

6 Things the Best Social Media Influencers MIGHT Do Better than You

Want to join the ranks of power players like Peg Fitzpatrick, Kim Garst, Chalene Johnson & Lewis Howes? 3 Tools for Finding Influencers on Social Platforms. Influencers are influential.

3 Tools for Finding Influencers on Social Platforms

They have a significant following on their social channels and are so knowledgeable about a topic that people not only like to consume their content, but share it. Engaging an influencer and being promoted by them is a great way for your brand to increase visibility, grow a following, and rank in search. Sounds simple right? It’s actually something many brands struggle with. There are over 500 million registered Twitter accounts, 300 million active monthly Google+ users, and 1.26 billion Facebook users. But it doesn’t have to be. How to find social influencers - VerveSearch. If running a social media campaign, one of the most important quests is to find key influencers, who are trusted industry voices with a weighty follower range.

How to find social influencers - VerveSearch

They can easily help you endorse your brand, share your content or promote a social media campaigns across several social media channels, in order to increase visibility and grow in a follower base. Moreover, don’t forget that online influencers are an effective word-of-mouth marketing channel, which involves low cost. What is influence? 5 Tips al contratar influenciadores en las redes sociales. Cortesia Social media magic Ademas de Community builder, soy influenciador en diferentes industrias, como lo son videojuegos, gastronomía y MKT Digital, y voy a darles los 5 tips al contratar influenciadores para las redes sociales:

5 Tips al contratar influenciadores en las redes sociales.

IBM Watson: How it Works. 5 Tips al contratar influenciadores en las redes sociales. Influenciadores en las redes sociales. Los influenciadores en Redes Sociales ¿la clave del Marketing? Inicio > Marketing > Los influenciadores en Redes Sociales, ¿son la clave para el éxito de la estrategia de marketing?

Los influenciadores en Redes Sociales ¿la clave del Marketing?

Influenciadores ¿Quiénes son realmente? Influenciadores en redes sociales: claves en marketing digital. Con este título comienza un apasionante y denso artículo que pretende explicar algunas de las claves por las que las personas venimos a convertirnos en influenciadores y en prescriptores en las redes sociales.

Influenciadores en redes sociales: claves en marketing digital

¿Influenciadores? Cómo pueden ayudar a tu empresa en social media. Servicios ágiles de innovación creativa. Embajadores De Marca: El Modelo De Marketing Del... How to Work With Influencers to Promote Your Business. Although influencer marketing is sometimes touted as a newer technique, taking advantage of the way social media has created individuals with incredible online reach and influence, it is – at heart – an old school marketing technique.

Human beings have always looked to those they admire for recommendations and inspiration. Influencer marketing is about connecting your brand or product with individuals who have the influence within that field to reach and engage your end customers. When done well, it can add credibility to your campaign, help to reinforce key brand attributes and give you an ‘in’ with potential customers who, bombarded by content from all angles, may tune out from more traditional marketing approaches. However, if done badly, influencer marketing can feel forced, incongruous and do more harm than good. Who Are the Real Online Influencers? [INFOGRAPHIC] As the web's capacity for pageviews increases, marketers are becoming less interested in reaching as many people as possible, and more interested in reaching the right people.

According to Deanna Brown, the CEO of Federated Media, that's why context is so important — the ability serve high volumes of advertising continues to expand, but the real value for a brand is to surround its message with the right context so that it reaches the most influential people among customers. Yet, while most marketers agree that reaching influencers is important, they question how to measure influence and how to determine the most influential people online in the first place. Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing, (also Influence Marketing) is a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of recent practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole.

It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. Influencers may be potential buyers themselves, or they may be third parties. These third parties exist either in the supply chain (retailers, manufacturers, etc.) or may be so-called value-added influencers (such as journalists, academics, industry analysts, professional advisers, and so on).[1] The first approach to that theory comes from a communication classic, The People´s Choice (Lazarsfeld and Katz), a 1940 study on political communication that was also known as Multistep flow model, that claims that the majority of people are influenced by secondhand information and opinion leaders.

5 Top Social Media Dashboard Tools to Manage Your Social Accounts. Let’s face it. Social media marketing is hard work. Sometimes you feel like a one legged man in a kickboxing competition. Over the last few years it has become an integral part of your business and marketing. ¿Cómo medir tu influencia online? ¿QUÉ TAN INFLUYENTE ERES?... El Klout Score. Si usted, como yo, era de los que pensaba que ser influyente es llevarse bien con el jefe o tener por amigos ciertos funcionarios gubernamentales, déjeme decirle que sus conceptos han quedado obsoletos, y que si no está activo en las redes sociales está en riesgo de convertirse en un ser invisible. Luego entonces, ¿QUÉ ES LA INFLUENCIA? De acuerdo con el DRAE, la influencia es ejercer predominio o fuerza moral de una persona sobre otra u otras, definición que es equiparable a lo que encontramos ahora en internet1 donde se nos dice que la influencia es la capacidad para conducir la acción de otros.

Todo esto empezó a finales de los 90, Google desarrolló la base del algoritmo que ha ordenado los resultados de búsqueda de contenidos en internet hasta la actualidad y prácticamente sin competencia, lo que le ha llevado a ser una de las empresas del mundo más importantes. Klout. What is Klout? How-to Measure Social Influence? Discover Your Klout. Social Influencers: Identifying and Measuring Their Impact in Marketing. Microsoft Social Listening Spring '14 Identifying Influencers. Microsoft Social Listening Spring '14 Identifying Influencers. Understanding online influencers. How to Become a Social Media Influencer.

7 Things Your Brand Needs to Know About Connecting With Influencers. Social influencers and the law - where does it stand on disclosure? After Australia Post was found to be paying for social media endorsements which were not disclosed and with more brands looking to social media influencers in their campaigns, Stephen von Muenster looks at where the law currently stands on the issue. It is evident from a casual gaze through social pages or comms industry commentary that brands are turning to ‘social influencers’ to promote their products through online social channels with the intent of influencing consumer purchasing decisions in favour of their products. Brands and their agencies are identifying and building commercial relationships with individuals, events or groups such as journalists, bloggers, Instagrammers, consultants, or industry analysts (directly or via influencer networks) to leverage them and build brand credibility within their identified following or ‘tribe’.

This has sometimes been referred to as the Oprah Winfrey effect. Introducing Twitter Influencers and Creators In Spike. We’re launching two new features in Spike to help identify the most influential writers and publishers in any area on social media. Today we’re excited to announce two new features in Spike that will allow publishers, PR professionals, and editors to quickly identify key social influencers and writers on any subject. Cómo hacer amigos e influenciar a los ‘influencers’ en social media [miniguía] “¿Cómo he llegado a ser tan inteligente, bien hablado y rico, con el cuerpo de modelo de anuncio de fitness de 20 años? How to Find Social Influencers Who Can Expand Your Global Outreach. The Important Role Of Social Influencers. (Image URL: It’s pretty much common knowledge that we’re more likely to trust word-of-mouth than an advert on television.

We’re more likely to trust the washing powder that Jane got 10-year-old Randall’s grass stains out of his trousers than an advert claiming it produces whiter results than an ordinary non-bio. The customer is the most powerful tool in marketing. So it’s no surprise that the role of influencers in social media has never been more important. In fact some would say it’s changed the balance in the way brands actually market their product. According to Nielsen 92% of consumers consider recommendations from friends and family over advertising, which has led to around 64% of brands now actually putting emphasis on word-of-mouth campaigns. (Image URL: And this means finding the right influencers. New boots for Sunday’s game from @nikeuk #hypervenom— Wayne Rooney (@WayneRooney) September 19, 2014 Take PokerStars for example.

HP presenta el primer videoclip creado junto a social influencers. The rise and rise of social influencers – the most powerful new voice in life sciences. On social media, there is a growing and vocal group of opinion leaders in life sciences. Interestingly, these opinion leaders are not necessarily physicians, academics or scientists. Instead, they are increasingly likely to be tweeters, bloggers or other social media users who are influencing the attitudes and behaviours of their followers.

InstaBrand - Find Top Social Media Influencers. Influencers - Influencer Marketing Platform and Social Analytics Tool. Next Gen Word of Mouth: the Social Media Influencers. If deployed correctly, influencers could see your brand being promoted successfully across social media with minimal marketing spend… Word of mouth is the holy grail of marketing. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers say they trust recommendations from friends and family above all else. And this “social proof” is just as relevant online, with a Search Engine Land study stating that “72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”.

Social Influencers - Vancouver - Site web. Leveraging Influencers, Events and Social Media to Ignite Brand Momentum  Firms turn to online 'influencers' to spread the word on social media. The Easy Way to Get a Social Influencer Advocating Your Brand Is to Hire One. How to Identify and Use Social Influencers for Your Brand. Social1nfluencers – YouTube Creators Network HOME - Social1nfluencers - YouTube Creators Network. Social Media Influencers versus Brand Advocates Infographic. Traductor de Google. Construye tu confiabilidad online. Klout y las mentiras que te hacen creer un influencer. 3 alternativas a Klout para medir tu influencia en Twitter. Conoce @Klout, el Estándar en Medición de Influencia en Social Media. Un medidor no tan confiable. El Espejismo de la Influencia: Klout y Peerindex.

Por qué es mala idea ofrecer trato preferencial según la influencia en redes sociales. Klout. El medidor de influencia. Fernando Santamaría González. PeerIndex — Think People. Social Media Marketing Platform.

Klout, una herramienta falsa para medir la influencia. How To Answer The Phone Like A Gentleman! (Greeting and Voicemail) Forever 21, H&M, Abercrombie, Hollister, Toms & Vans. The Style Blogger, Season 1 - Introduction. Garance Doré: Pardon My French/Lunch at Miss Lily's. Garance Doré/Pardon My French: At Self Service, pt. 1. Pull&Bear Pool Party BCN. How to Take Good Instagram Photos. Chiara Ferragni: 17 things you don't know about me. The Blonde Salad goes to New York. Dressing In The Morning: 5 Time-Saving Tips.

Personal Branding. ¿Cómo construir tu personal branding? En fiestas y eventos, los tuiteros ya importan más que los famosos. Jorge Lerdo de Tejada. Jorge Lerdo de Tejada. Jorge Lerdo de Tejada. ¿Qué es Klout? Sign In. Klout. Saber mi índice de Klout, mi influencia en las redes e internet. Qué es y cómo funciona Klout. Que es Klout - Kloutspain. Score. How to discover social media influencers. How to Define, Identify and Engage Social Media Influencers For Your Brand. Top 50 Social Media Influencers on Twitter. How To Find and Engage With Social Media Influencers. The Definitive Guide to Influencer Targeting. Welcome to Forbes.