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Lead Dijital Strategist at Dijital Farm. Digital Marketing, E-mail marketing, analytics, SEO. Father of 3. Beautiful wife. App St. fan. Budding triathlete!

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Google Plus Items. Architecture/Engineering companies. Tri Gear. Social Media Updates. WordPress. Social Media Research. Easy Steps To Implementing Your Own Company-Wide SEO Awareness Program - YouMoz. With some hard work and a little strategic marketing, you can have all of the employees within your company actively applying SEO within their daily work lives.

Easy Steps To Implementing Your Own Company-Wide SEO Awareness Program - YouMoz

Too often, companies view SEO as, ‘an option instead of a mandate,’ as Marshall Simmonds stated in his article, Why So Many Companies Fail At Enterprise SEO. With a well-developed SEO campaign, you can show your company how SEO is easy to implement (when broken up in different segments), and how it can generate revenue with hardly any money put into it. How My Organic Search Team and I Made It Happen I am an SEO for a medium-sized, international e-commerce business and recently (along with my small organic search team) put together an Organic Search/SEO Awareness Campaign within the company. Instant screencasts: Just click record. Social media class.

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5 Common Tracking Problems: How Troubleshoot & To Fix Them. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with some clients’ analytics installs.

5 Common Tracking Problems: How Troubleshoot & To Fix Them

Unlike types or broken code, or misspelled words – issues with tracking scripts don’t always raise their hands and scream, “Hey dummy, you deleted the </script> tag!” I thought it would be handy for the beginners out there to have a few tips for finding issues with your tracking and some tricks to resolving those issues without tearing your hair out. I’m Referring To Myself… This is probably the most common error I find, your own domain is showing as a referrer to your site.

Logically, this doesn’t make sense since anything that happens on your site should be an action of course, not a referral. Most times, this means there is a page missing a script somewhere – the question is, how do we find that page? Run a tool called and ask it to crawl your site and give you the status of GA scripts on every page. Check out the “pages” section listed under content.

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A New Year, New Markets & New Keywords. As we kick off the new year with replenished budgets, many of you are using your pot of gold to kick off new markets.

A New Year, New Markets & New Keywords

Over the past few months I have surveyed over 150 companies on how they manage their keywords. The research will be presented in a forthcoming article. In the process, I received numerous questions about keyword research for entering new markets, expanding existing campaigns and using search for market research. The following are the most common questions I received that will hopefully help you get the new year off to a prosperous start. Launching A New Search Market. Publications Facebook CPMs Rising, Click-Throughs Too 01/16. The cost of advertising on Facebook keeps climbing.

Publications Facebook CPMs Rising, Click-Throughs Too 01/16

Average CPM rates increased 8% and cost-per-click (CPC) rates rose 1% in the fourth quarter of 2011, compared to the prior quarter, across five major markets (U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Canada). That’s per TBG Digital on Facebook advertising, based on a total of 326 billion Facebook ad impressions in the year’s final quarter.

In the U.S., CPC rates rose even faster, at 10%. U.S. cost per clicks shot up during the holidays, when rates spiked 55.7% between Nov. 21 and Dec. 17. “This could point to demand increasing as more brands are advertising on Facebook and supply plateauing as U.S. user growth slows,” noted the TBG report. CPM rates across all five markets increased 23% between the first and the fourth quarter. During the same period, click-through rates have increased 18%, suggesting that advertisers are building better ad creative that piques users’ interest, while also getting more out of the available targeting options.

Justified - Beginning Steps To Proving Your Internet Marketing Point. If you’re working in online marketing in some function, you’ve battled this – the need to justify your marketing budget to the bean counters in the office 10 floors up, or even next door.

Justified - Beginning Steps To Proving Your Internet Marketing Point

Those not “in the know” about the truly trackable benefits of online marketing are generally skeptical at best when told “I can show you where every penny went, and what we got back in return.” The inability to track return on radio, tv or even print ad buys without extensive (and frankly pretty difficult) work and integration between multiple departments makes these less than desireable mediums in my mind, but to someone who has used those outlets for 20 years or more, getting them to divert, or continue to divert, dollars into “this Internet thing” is not easy. Here are some tips for those fairly new to using analytics on how to justify your job, and your budget. First, you MUST set up conversion tracking.

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Triathlon. Ironman. Appalachian State Mountaineers. Google+ (Google Plus) Clients. Life reflection questions. Pearltrees videos. Getting started.