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How can we provide free online e-portfolios for our students? Can Web 2.0 tools provide graduates with a way to create an online portfolio of work, at no cost, and help to position them for job search success?

How can we provide free online e-portfolios for our students?

I believe that all students who graduate with degrees in Digital Media or related disciplines should have an online representational electronic portfolio when they complete their studies. This type of tool, accessible to any potential employer, can play a critical role in the job search process. An online portfolio can also be a powerful resource for students in many other academic disciplines. While there are many tools available in today’s marketplace that can provide this sort of functionality, some students are very pressed financially (who isn’t these days?). It would be great to be able to direct students to a free site for creating and hosting such a portfolio, that they could keep and maintain after they complete their studies. Dr. Helen Barrett's Electronic Portfolios. Student-Led Conferences in the Digital Age. Debsplace.wikispaces. Professional Learning ModuleAllow approx. 60 minutesIntroductionLearning Portfolios are collections of student work that richly represent the learner and provide authentic evidence of learning.


They demonstrate evidence of the student’s efforts, progress and achievements in one or more areas, and illustrate a learning journey. Learning portfolios are ongoing, student managed selections of work that show learning progress and encourage student self-reflection and awareness, enabling them to take greater responsibility for their own learning.Ultranet provides all students with a Learning Portfolio on their eXpress Space. DP-SLC-overview. Echucaelearning.wikispaces.

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If you want to contribute to this e-portfolio or digital portfolio page, please join the wiki and then add your thoughts, your notes or describe how you created digital portfolios for your students. Please say which programs the students used, or whether they utilized Web2 tools like blogs or Wikis. Thanks! LinguaFolio Online - About. The Passport is an overview of your experiences and ability with different languages.

LinguaFolio Online - About

It records formal qualifications and diplomas as well as self assessments and can be updated frequently. The Passport includes: A summary of language learning and intercultural experiences or language courses outside of school Summer study, academies, or camps Contact with speakers of the language A self-assessment grid and global scale A linguistic profile The Biography is a record of your personal language learning history that helps to evaluate your learning goals and to reflect on your language learning and cultural experiences. The Biography includes: Internet Catalogue. ePortfolios - Overview - ePortfolios with GoogleApps. What is an ePortfolio?

ePortfolios - Overview - ePortfolios with GoogleApps

An ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) is an electronic collection of evidence that shows your learning journey over time. Portfolios can relate to specific academic fields or your lifelong learning.