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NFC Alliances: Google + Mastercard + Citigroup. The ISIS Mobile Wallet: Are Visa, MasterCard and PayPal Under Siege? - Velocity - Remaking Personal Technology. Movistar, Vodafone, Orange partner on NFC m-payments. Spain’s leading mobile operators sign NFC collaboration deal. By Sarah Clark • • Published March 16th, 2011 • Last updated 5 April 2011, 15:37 Orange, Telefónica Movistar and Vodafone are to work together to “achieve maximum compatibility and uniformity in both the customer experience and the technology used in order to simplify the adoption of NFC services by customers, other companies and technology providers.”

Spain’s leading mobile operators sign NFC collaboration deal

PACT: The three leading Spanish operators are working together on NFC The three largest mobile network operators in Spain have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at generating a stable NFC ecosystem and minimizing the risk of market fragmentation. Under the terms of the agreement, Telefónica Movistar, Vodafone and Orange will work together to promote the development of mobile near field communication services in Spain. In the Works: A Google Mobile Payment Service? "You'll be able to walk in a store and do commerce," says Google's Eric Schmidt.

In the Works: A Google Mobile Payment Service?

"You'd bump for everything and eventually replace credit cards" Google (GOOG) is considering building a payment and advertising service that would let users buy milk and bread by tapping or waving their mobile phones against a register at checkout, two people familiar with the plans say. The service may make its debut this year, say the two, who requested anonymity because the plans haven't been announced. Google travaillerait sur un système de paiement mobile. Google Works on Mobile-Payment Service. Google is working on a mobile-payment wallet and advertising service that could launch this year, enabling consumers to make purchases by tapping their NFC-enabled Android phones, sources told NFC Times, following an article today that the Web giant was considering the move.

Google Works on Mobile-Payment Service

It’s unclear, however, if Google and its partners launch the service, how they would overcome the formidable challenge of building an acceptance infrastructure at the retail point of sale. That would be a problem whether Google tries to launch its own payment scheme or–more likely–if Google partners with established payment networks. Google Is Said to Plan Payment Test in New York, San Francisco. Google Inc.

Google Is Said to Plan Payment Test in New York, San Francisco

(GOOG) plans to start testing a mobile-payment service at stores in New York and San Francisco within four months, letting shoppers use their phones to ring up purchases, three people familiar with the project said. The company will pay to install thousands of special cash- register systems from VeriFone Systems Inc. Why Google isn’t interested in NFC mobile payments.