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Your Guide to Organization - Pearltrees

What is Content Curation? About Pearltrees. Content Curation With Pearltrees. EduTip: Content Curation with Pearltrees by Linnea Sudduth Ward Content curation tools—or tools designed to collect, store, and share ideas on a particular topic—are great tools for allowing your students to delve more deeply into a given concept.

Content Curation With Pearltrees

Perhaps the most well-known content curation platform is Pinterest, which boasts 1.36 unique visitors a day. A less popular tool, though perhaps a more useful tool for education, is Pearltrees. Indeed, Pearltrees is such a useful platform that the Department of Academic Innovation & eLearning created an entire project (the Instructional Design Core Toolset) with this platform. Like Pinterest, Pearltrees users create a “collection” (i.e., “board”) around a given topic and add pearls (such as relevant websites or photos) to it. Yet, Pearltrees’ capabilities exceed that of Pinterest’s. Perhaps the most useful feature that separates Pearltrees from Pinterest is its advanced organizational capabilities.

Pearltrees as an Educational Technology Video: 6 reasons to use Pearltrees. Pearltrees is the first and largest social curation community on the Internet.

6 reasons to use Pearltrees

It’s a place to organize, discover and share all the cool content you find online. However, beyond this basic definition, a question remains: why would I want to use Pearltrees? Well, what I want to share with you are six major use cases (or reasons) we’ve identified as being most popular across our entire community of web curators.

In addition, I’ll also share with you a couple of interesting ways in which I have put Pearltrees to use for myself. Hopefully, you’ll not only get value in learning how the community uses Pearltrees, but also be inspired to find even more clever and creative ways to use our software yourself. 3. The problem is that aside from searching your personal twitter stream to get back to the cool stuff you tweeted there’s no great way to keep those links at hand. Note: For advanced users you can even hashtag the links you tweet with #PT and the name of a pearltree in your account (e.g. Pearltrees Review. The rise of big data marketplaces.

Thanks to the ever-marching progression of Moore’s Law, we’re moving into the era where data itself becomes a traded commodity.

The rise of big data marketplaces

Before we look at this megatrend and how it will almost certainly impact nearly everything and everyone on Earth in some form, let’s take a brief look at where we’ve been: Online marketplaces for goods and services We know them and, in some cases, love them: Amazon, eBay, E*TRADE, (why not?) , just about everything conceivable has found its way online and into our Internet-enabled handheld devices. Add to that the emergence of the hosted services à la Airbnb, Uber and so many more. Early data marketplaces There are some. Now, big data marketplaces As Moore’s Law, applied to processing power, storage, available low-cost bandwidth and other core elements, brings us headlong into the generation of more data each year than was generated in the entire history of computing before it, we’re now talking about big data.

Like what?

Pearltrees How-To: Step by Step

Examples of using Pearltrees. Discover Your Community of Interests. Team Up. Organize your Collections. How to adjust your privacy settings. Adjust Your Privacy Settings Start by quickly adjusting the privacy settings on all of your major accounts by using the icons below: Check Your Privacy Now you can use these two links to see what your Facebook and Google Plus profiles would look like to a complete stranger: Test Your Privacy Next, you can test your privacy settings by seeing how easily you can find yourself using this custom people search engine.

How to adjust your privacy settings

Useful Privacy Tools Finally, you can use the following online tools and resources to help maintain your online privacy: As Seen On. Why Pearltrees?

Pearltrees Mobile

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