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Genomic Testing

MagLab - The largest and highest powered magnet lab in the world. Gonzalez-Lima_2014.pdf. Cancer. Pain Practitioner Articles - American Academy of Pain Management. Resources Pain Practitioner Articles Pain Areas Naturopathic Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Pain Practitioner, Spring 2010 A central tenet of naturopathic medicine is that “all disease begins in the gut.”

Pain Practitioner Articles - American Academy of Pain Management

tDCS. Log In. Medscape Log In. Integrative Associations. Dry Needling. Sugar. Reproductive Medicine. Telemedicine. Biofeedback. Home and Health. Supplement Suppliers. Ergo. The Integrator Blog. News, Reports and Networking for the Business, Education, Policy and Practice of Integrative Medicine, CAM and Integrated Health Care. - Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Health and Medicine Round-up #87: January 201.


Acupuncture Websites. Going Feral: my one-year journey to acquire the healthiest gut microbiome in the world (you heard me!) Unless you’ve been holed up in a cabin in the Siberian outback, it’s been hard to miss the avalanche of research and associated press coverage ballyhooing the connection between microbes and human health and disease in 2013 – and 2014 will be no different, as fecal transplants become the new black!

Going Feral: my one-year journey to acquire the healthiest gut microbiome in the world (you heard me!)

Name just about any ailment plaguing humanity and you will find some researcher, somewhere, working the microbial angle for a causal or correlative connection. More federal funding please! But reading between the lines of the near breathless and optimistic reporting on the human microbiome, sits a sobering fact: scientists know very little about the connection between disease and the potential microbial culprits (these are early days).

Science is hard and the human gut is a vast and diverse ecosystem. As with any ecosystem, it’s the community as a whole that’s likely more important, not single members per se. That said, projects like American Gut (think about joining the project!)


Collaborative Medicine. Evidence Based Medicine. Laser. Herbal. Neurology. Pain. Rethinking the Placebo Effect: How Our Minds Actually Affect Our Bodies. By Maria Popova The startling physiological effects of loneliness, optimism, and meditation.

Rethinking the Placebo Effect: How Our Minds Actually Affect Our Bodies

In 2013, Neil deGrasse Tyson hosted a mind-bending debate on the nature of “nothing” — an inquiry that has occupied thinkers since the dawn of recorded thought and permeates everything from Hamlet’s iconic question to the boldest frontiers of quantum physics. That’s precisely what New Scientist editor-in-chief Jeremy Webb explores with a kaleidoscopic lens in Nothing: Surprising Insights Everywhere from Zero to Oblivion (public library | IndieBound) — a terrific collection of essays and articles exploring everything from vacuum to the birth and death of the universe to how the concept of zero gained wide acceptance in the 17th century after being shunned as a dangerous innovation for 400 years. As Webb elegantly puts it, “nothing becomes a lens through which we can explore the universe around us and even what it is to be human.

It reveals past attitudes and present thinking.” Donating = Loving. The Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Home Page. TCM WEB (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Sleep Medicine Home Page. Last Updated June, 2008 This home page lists resources regarding all aspects of sleep including, the physiology of sleep, clinical sleep medicine, sleep research, federal and state information, patient information, and business-related groups.

If you have any additional sleep-related information appropriate for this listing send me information by email. Sleep-related Newsgroups and Discussion Groups Complimentary CME Activity: MANAGING SLEEP APNEA SYNDROME. California Smokers' Helpline.

AIDS.ORG: Educating - Raising HIV Awareness - Building Community

Obamacare Explained: A Guide for Californians. Buying Health Insurance Today Before the Affordable Care Act, if you bought insurance for yourself or your family, it may have been hard to find a policy with comprehensive benefits.

Obamacare Explained: A Guide for Californians

Health insurance companies were generally not required to cover specific areas of care. If you had an illness, the health plan might have charged you a very high premium to get the care you wanted, perhaps more than you could afford. Or you might have found an affordable plan, but the company would not have covered the care you needed. For example, the company might have excluded specific illnesses based on your health history. What Changes With the Health Law? A doctor is humbled about chronic pain. We recently spoke with Marta Meyers, MD, FACP, who works as an internist in a group practice in New Jersey.

A doctor is humbled about chronic pain

“I unfortunately became a patient when I was 52-years-old,” she told us, “and I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease I had always feared I would get.” Dr. Meyers was found to have multifocal disease and underwent a right mastectomy and lymph node dissection. “Ever since I had seen mastectomies when I was in training, I dreaded ever having to get one,” she said. Doctors who call patients hypochondriacs are committing malpractice. Zackary Berger, MD, PhD | Physician | November 25, 2013 There’s one question I get asked a lot: “I research my health problems on the Internet.

Doctors who call patients hypochondriacs are committing malpractice

Am I a hypochondriac?” First, we should ban that word when talking about ourselves. BioVisions. What Is ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Current ratings for: What Is ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? <div class="rating_title">Ratings require JavaScript to be enabled. </div> Health experts say that ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is the most common behavioral disorder that starts during childhood. However, it does not only affect children - people of all ages can suffer from ADHD. Psychiatrists say ADHD is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder. An individual with ADHD finds it much more difficult to focus on something without being distracted. HeartMath Interventions (HMI) Extranet. ESI Ergonomic Solutions - Keyboard Platforms, Flat Panel Monitor Arms. ESI Ergonomics. MSKCC. HIGH-INTENSITY CIRCUIT TRAINING USING BODY WEIGHT: Maximum R... : ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal.

At the Human Performance Institute, Division of Wellness and Prevention, Inc., in Orlando, FL, our clients are high-performing professionals from a variety of industries.


These men and women face incessant demands on their time, along with the pressure to perform at high levels and balance their careers and personal lives. From our work with elite performers, we have learned that managing energy is the key to sustaining high performance. However, when facing seemingly infinite demands, one’s ability to manage and expand physical energy can be severely compromised. This can result in persistent fatigue (physical, but also emotional and mental) and a growing level of disengagement with one’s career, family, friends, and personal well-being, which can ultimately lead to performance failure. Traditionally, resistance training often is performed separately from aerobic training — typically on two or three nonconsecutive days each week. Contraindications Exercise Selection Exercise Order 1. 2. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

The University of Vermont. Physical Therapy with a Friendly Atmosphere. NHS Direct - Health & Medical Information. MedlinePlus: Interactive Health Tutorials.