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DineSafe. Online Mobile Ordering System/App for Restaurants. Food Tech Media Startup Funding, M&A and Partnerships: April 2014. Mobile Applications for Restaurant, Takeaways. Mobile Ordering Enabled Your restaurant app comes ready with Mobile Ordering Feature, making it easy for your customers to book and order directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need to be on a computer or laptop.

Mobile Applications for Restaurant, Takeaways

No need to log on to your website to Order. Eliminates the need of a Laptop or Computer to order. Add to Cart Function. Multiple items can be ordered at the same time. Table Booking & Reservation App Allow your customers to book a table or even reserve the bar, poolside, or other areas in your restaurant for an event or party. Users can book tables right from the app. Offers & Discounts In-App You can easily offer dicsounts, vouchers, benefits to your customers on the go with our popular restaurant app for both dine in and take aways.

Built-in special offers option on the app. Unlimited Menu With the unlimited menu, you are free to promote your entire range of products and services. Unlimited Menus, Categories and Products. Social Media Plugins Facebook. Photo Gallery. NetWaiter: Restaurant Online Ordering System. Restaurant Online Ordering System. 스마트메뉴 - SmartMenu. Restaurant Apps. Online Restaurant Ordering Mobile App, Mobile Restaurant Ordering System. iMenu To Go. Restaurant Apps, Online Ordering and Booking Engine for Partners. Online Ordering System for Restaurants. Online Ordering for Restaurants. Boppl. The Ordering App. Ziosk - Industry leading tabletop ordering, entertainment and payment solutions. E La Carte Raises $35 Million to Expand Pay-at-the-Table Technology - Venture Capital Dispatch. Never queue in a restaurant again! App lets you order and pay for food in advance - and easily settle the bill when dining with friends.

PayPal has launched three features for use in different restaurantsFor example, you can order and pay at Wagamama with Order Ahead toolWhile people eating at Prezzo can use Pay At Table for their mealThis in-app tool also makes it easy for multiple people to split the bill Gourmet Burger Kitchen customers can pay for meals using their PayPal profile picture By Sarah Griffiths Published: 15:45 GMT, 21 March 2014 | Updated: 16:00 GMT, 21 March 2014 Waiting ages to pay the bill in a busy restaurant can take the edge off a tasty meal - especially if you're in a hurry.

Never queue in a restaurant again! App lets you order and pay for food in advance - and easily settle the bill when dining with friends

But now there’s an app which lets diners either order ahead and pay for their meal, or settle a bill at the table using a smartphone. This is the first time these services have been available in high-street stores in the UK. PayPal's new in-app features are designed to make life easier for diners. For example, the Order Ahead feature is only available at Wagamama. Never Wait In Line At A Restaurant Again With NoWait. One of the biggest problems with casual dining is waiting for a table.

Never Wait In Line At A Restaurant Again With NoWait

On a good day, you’re crammed between a couple of strangers in a tiny waiting area for ten minutes; on a bad day, you’re standing outside of the restaurant in the rain for half an hour. It’s a problem we all face, but one that no startup has dared to solve—until now. Jeff. QikServe: Mobile EPoS app using customer's smartphone. The product, dubbed 'the waiter in your pocket', asks diners to scan a QR code on the table they are seated at to bring up the restaurant menu; there is no requirement to enter restaurant registration codes or numbers.

QikServe: Mobile EPoS app using customer's smartphone

Diners are then able to scroll through the correct menu for the relevant time of day, place a food and drink order with any special requirements added and pay the bill if using a card. The app uses a cloud-based system, hosted by QikServe, to store the order and connect with the restaurant's own EPoS system or to a printer on-site to allow the kitchen and front of house teams to view the order and table number before cooking and serving the meal. In turn there are no hardware or software requirements for hospitality operators who pay for a one-off set up fee and a small charge per order made using the app. Improve service The Scottish inventors of the system told BigHospitality the app is not designed to be prescriptive or replace existing ordering procedures entirely. The Waiter In Your Pocket. Simple Technology for Every Kind of Restaurant. Best 50 Apps For Restaurant Managers. Reading Time: 17 minutes When it comes to the delicate balancing act that is restaurant management, you should use any tips, tricks and tools in the trade to streamline your job.

Best 50 Apps For Restaurant Managers

After all, better processes make for better management. Today’s apps, solutions and online tools provide ways to simplify the simplest and most complicated tasks – everything from timing your food prep to all-the-bells-and-whistles POS systems that fully integrate seating, ordering, payment, inventory and more. The following 50 solutions are some of the best in the industry: mobile apps and online tools that will make your life easier, your restaurant more profitable, and your patrons more satisfied.

Bon appétit! 1. If you’re thinking of opening another location, the Restaurateur app helps you make an effective financial plan. Never queue in a restaurant again! App lets you order and pay for food in advance - and easily settle the bill when dining with friends. New payment solution in Kuwait wants cloud-based tokens to replace cash registers. Food tech startups Archives. 8 food tech startups to watch out for in 2015. Food tech is the hot talk in the startup town.

8 food tech startups to watch out for in 2015

After technology startups have made their mark in the e-commerce, taxi & real estate sectors, now the ever-hungry Indian entrepreneurs are looking to satiate the appetite of others. If you live in Bengaluru, Delhi or Mumbai, almost everyday for the last one year a new startup is born to deliver something edible to your doorstep or your office desk. Yes, you name it and they bring it — breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, snacks, and salads. Food tech is a vast market and food delivery startups are just a part of it. The market can be categorized in multiple ways. Discovery: Restaurant to go to (ex: Zomato)Dish one wants to eat (ex: Quinto)Chef and make a reservation with him/her to come & cook at home (ex: ChefHost)Deal or coupon (ex: MeDine)

Online Ordering System for Restaurants.