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Review: Living with the ars-imago Lab-Box - by Tom Rayfield. For those of you not aware, Lab-Box from ars-imago is a daylight film development system, designed to be used to develop 35mm and 120 format photographic film rolls.

Review: Living with the ars-imago Lab-Box - by Tom Rayfield

The makers claim it to be easy and quick to use allowing you to “develop your own films in full daylight anywhere and at any time”. For those of you not wanting to read this entire article, here’s the TLDR: …the Lab-Box is a quirky, yet brilliant piece of kit for developing 35mm or 120 format film. There is a small learning curve and the margin of error is quite fine, but once mastered provides an excellent solution to those without space for a full darkroom setup, or for the more casual film photographer.

Yes, there are alternative setups that can be had for less money, but if you are looking for an all-in-one film developing solution that can be used during the day, look no further. Before I begin the review of the Lab-Box, as is often customary with reviews these days, a quick disclaimer. Bellini Hydrofen B&W Film Developer 100ml or 250ml ~ aka Rodinal Special/Studional – Nik & Trick Photo Services. We love this product too….in fact we process more b&w films in this now than any other developer it’s that good!

Bellini Hydrofen B&W Film Developer 100ml or 250ml ~ aka Rodinal Special/Studional – Nik & Trick Photo Services

An almost direct replacement for the legendary Studional or Rodinal Speziale, this is a fine-grain black and white film developer with an excellent contrast balance once loved by many great photographers. It will develop just about all b&w films, all the most popular ones have times given in the datasheet and our guide sheet which can be downloaded below…and for sure, we are lucky to see the return of this developer courtesy of Snr Bellini! 250ml is the new larger sized bottle of this superb film developer made especially for Nik & Trick Photo…100ml is perfect for the low to average volume user. The pack is 1 bottle of concentrate product to be diluted 1+15 / 1+39 (and others!) So it is nice and economical to use with good shelf life. P30 Best Practices v3. How I built my darkroom for less than $500. “Oh sure, it may not look like much, but it’s going to be my new photo darkroom.”

I said this, with a touch of nostalgia, a bit of a whim, and the driving force of practicality around the return of my college-age children (and their belongings) to our home this summer. It was New Years Day when I opened the door of our basement storage area. Not every home has a basement, but in our part of the central plains, it’s fairly common that some of the basement be fully finished rooms, often with a walk-out door to the outside. In our case, the part of the basement where I was standing is a large, partially finished space, with some raw wood stud walls, a few electrical sockets. In the space was a separate and an odd-shaped corner room that was finished on the inside. This was – at the time, storage – filled with overflowing boxes, old studio lights, a hand-painted portrait backdrop and other collections of “things“. But I was committed. Much better. Dark Room.m4v. Our darkroom design and equipment. Our darkroom(s) Building a traditional 'wet' darkroom is a lot easier than most people imagine.

our darkroom design and equipment

You don't need running water; you don't need much space; and with the Gadarene rush to digital, there are endless quantities of darkroom equipment on the market at rock-bottom prices -- often, indeed, free for the asking. We hope that this module will help you design your darkroom and help you avoid some of the mistakes we have made over the years. It's also an unashamed plug for the Nova darkroom tent, which we have now used in three houses, in three countries, and for Nova deep-slot tanks. Roger had his first full-time darkroom in 1966; he was on to his fourth by the time he met Frances, so 'his' darkroom became 'ours'. The first was in Roger's parents' Royal Navy married quarters in Bermuda.

The second was in a steel-walled bomb shelter under a Georgian granite house belonging to his girlfriend's parents (her father was a very generous man). Ventilation. Nova Darkroom & Digital Inkjet Supplies. How to process a roll of film with no darkroom or changing bag: Jobo 2400 daylight processing tank. SECOND-HAND DARKROOM SUPPLIES. Full Range of Colour and Black & White Film 35mm and 120 Film Available In Store.

Guide to Film Photography - Basic film photography guide for beginner film photography tips, techniques, and information. Film developing, processing, printing, film scanning, digital photo printing. Ag Photographic. The Specialists for all traditional photo products. RH DESIGNS. ZoneMaster II. Click on the keys in the picture to discover their functions (pop-ups must be enabled) Black and White Enlarging Exposure Meter with Grey Scale Display and built-in Densitometer function Features | Watch Videos | Specifications | Read User Manual | FAQ | Compare Banish the Test Strip!

ZoneMaster II

A baseboard enlarging exposure meter featuring our patented grey scale print tone indicator which shows you the tonal range of the print, so you can place important tones and preview the look of the print without the need for endless test strips. Includes a spot-metering probe with densitometer function, a wide exposure time range (1 - 240 secs) with steps in intervals of 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 or 1/12 f-stops, and storage for the characteristics of eight different papers. All the features of our Analyser Pro for users with an existing timer - or it can be connected to our StopClock Professional for instant transfer of the computed exposure to the timer.

Why the ZoneMaster II is different ZoneMaster II Features. Digitaltruth Photo - Film Photography, Darkroom Supplies & Resources. Second hand darkroom equipment camera accessories for sale UK and Ireland. Darkroom Supplies - Overland Photo Supply. Darkroom & Film Processing Equipment - Paterson Photographic. Buy Darkroom Equipment Online from the Paterson E-shop For nearly sixty years Paterson have specialised in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the manual processing of silver based photographic film and paper.

Darkroom & Film Processing Equipment - Paterson Photographic

Paterson darkroom products are in use all over the world in schools, colleges, and professional and enthusiast’s darkrooms. Darkroom Equipment. Chemicals - Calumet Photographic. Darkroom - Morco Limited. Darkroom Equipment - Firstcall Photographic - Taunton, Somerset. Darkroom equipment - photo processing accessories - Speed Graphic. Darkroom Equipment & Accessories. Silverprint – Film and Alternative Photography Specialists. RK Photographic The Darkroom - Traditional Darkroom Equipment & Materials Online. Darkroom and Traditional Photographic Supplies - The Imaging Warehouse.

Film Photography & Darkroom Supplies Welcome to the home of NOVA DARKROOM!

Darkroom and Traditional Photographic Supplies - The Imaging Warehouse

Our new website incorporates Nova Darkroom and Nova Digital under a single brand name:The Imaging Warehouse. We are the same company that has served you consistently since 1983. Nova started in 1983 with the sole aim to develop and market a unique design of print processor to make life easier for the darkroom user. Second-hand Darkrooms Supplies. How to load 35mm Film into Development Tank.