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How to process a roll of film with no darkroom or changing bag: Jobo 2400 daylight processing tank. SECOND-HAND DARKROOM SUPPLIES. Full Range of Colour and Black & White Film 35mm and 120 Film Available In Store. Guide to Film Photography - Basic film photography guide for beginner film photography tips, techniques, and information. Film developing, processing, printing, film scanning, digital photo printing. Ag Photographic. The Specialists for all traditional photo products.

RH DESIGNS. ZoneMaster II. Click on the keys in the picture to discover their functions (pop-ups must be enabled) Black and White Enlarging Exposure Meter with Grey Scale Display and built-in Densitometer function Features | Watch Videos | Specifications | Read User Manual | FAQ | Compare Banish the Test Strip!

ZoneMaster II

A baseboard enlarging exposure meter featuring our patented grey scale print tone indicator which shows you the tonal range of the print, so you can place important tones and preview the look of the print without the need for endless test strips. Includes a spot-metering probe with densitometer function, a wide exposure time range (1 - 240 secs) with steps in intervals of 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 or 1/12 f-stops, and storage for the characteristics of eight different papers. All the features of our Analyser Pro for users with an existing timer - or it can be connected to our StopClock Professional for instant transfer of the computed exposure to the timer.

Why the ZoneMaster II is different ZoneMaster II Features. Digitaltruth Photo - Film Photography, Darkroom Supplies & Resources. Second hand darkroom equipment camera accessories for sale UK and Ireland. Darkroom Supplies - Overland Photo Supply. Darkroom & Film Processing Equipment - Paterson Photographic. Buy Darkroom Equipment Online from the Paterson E-shop For nearly sixty years Paterson have specialised in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the manual processing of silver based photographic film and paper.

Darkroom & Film Processing Equipment - Paterson Photographic

Paterson darkroom products are in use all over the world in schools, colleges, and professional and enthusiast’s darkrooms. The comprehensive range of products includes film developing tanks, measuring graduates, enlarger accessories, film and print washing equipment and 35mm and roll film enlargers. All of the darkroom plastics are manufactured in Paterson’s own factory in the UK. The range of darkroom equipment is supplemented by the range of ‘ACU’ black and white chemistry formulated by Geoffrey Crawley which is designed to produce optimum quality from modern black and white film and paper Please click on the products below for more information Buy Black & White Chemistry Products Online from the Paterson E-shop Aculux 3 (PAC106) Acugrade (PAC131) Acufix PAC141)

Darkroom Equipment. Chemicals - Calumet Photographic. Darkroom - Morco Limited. Darkroom Equipment - Firstcall Photographic - Taunton, Somerset. Darkroom equipment - photo processing accessories - Speed Graphic. Darkroom Equipment & Accessories. Silverprint – Film and Alternative Photography Specialists. RK Photographic The Darkroom - Traditional Darkroom Equipment & Materials Online. Darkroom and Traditional Photographic Supplies - The Imaging Warehouse.

Film Photography & Darkroom Supplies Welcome to the home of NOVA DARKROOM!

Darkroom and Traditional Photographic Supplies - The Imaging Warehouse

Our new website incorporates Nova Darkroom and Nova Digital under a single brand name:The Imaging Warehouse. We are the same company that has served you consistently since 1983. Nova started in 1983 with the sole aim to develop and market a unique design of print processor to make life easier for the darkroom user. Now, having expanded our range into other hardware products and chemicals, papers and accessories, we are supplying thousands of darkroom users and businesses worldwide with all their processing requirements. With over 2500 products available from stock, a range of quality used equipment and a team of technical staff boasting over 100 years of knowledge and experience, we are a one-stop shop for all your darkroom needs.

Our new state-of-the-art distribution center provides climate-controlled conditions for optimal storage of photographic materials. Second-hand Darkrooms Supplies. How to load 35mm Film into Development Tank.