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Tiny. TINY est financé !


Merci à tous !! En route vers le prochain objectif et les livres couleurs !!! Dans le jeu de rôle Tiny chaque joueur incarne le jouet de son choix ou un animal familier et tous peuvent entrer dans les rêves de leur jeune maître endormi. Dans les songes, les Akymérides, des créatures insidieuses, cherchent à effrayer l'enfant à tout prix. Car, si le petit se réveille à cause de l'entité, il lui donnera accès à la réalité. Rejoignez Tiny, le doudou-tigre de Nathan, et incarnez une peluche, une figurine de soldat, un jeu de construction, un dinosaure ou un chaton, tous unis pour sauver l'innocence et même la vie de votre maître et celles de tous les enfants ! Les monstres vont apprendre que l’on ne s’attaque pas impunément à un innocent. Après plus de deux ans d'écriture et de tests, toute l'équipe travaille à la finalisation du jeu pour cette campagne de souscription.

Merci aux 20 premiers souscripteurs de contreparties imprimées ! Pixel Princess Blitz: Sandbox Roguelike Action RPG by Lanze Games. Risks and challenges Game development is always full of challenges and uncertainties, but we've waited as much as I could until we were sure that the biggest risk factors are gone, and only then decided to tackle Kickstarter.

Pixel Princess Blitz: Sandbox Roguelike Action RPG by Lanze Games

We have a team of highly skilled creators who work with dedication and a sense of professionalism, and this project has left its conceptual infancy a long time ago. Many core systems are already in place, and the remaining workload is mostly about contents production, and not about inventing new ideas or entering a totally uncharted territory.

The projected release date is the best honest estimation we could come up for now. We will do our best to stay on our plan, avoiding laziness or arrogance. Maliki Blog. MECHA-UDE: Japanese Animation by Sae Okamoto with Oort. In this work, an anima-machine named “Mecha-ude” with self-awareness appears.

MECHA-UDE: Japanese Animation by Sae Okamoto with Oort

Even though they look inorganic in nature, they all show or express their own feelings and opinions. They can feel angry, sad, and even encouraged to fight against enemies. The Adventure Pals - A Story of Love, Giraffes & Hot Dogs by Massive Monster. The Adventure Pals is an epic adventure platformer fuelled by imagination.

The Adventure Pals - A Story of Love, Giraffes & Hot Dogs by Massive Monster

Enter a gorgeous & hilarious world in a game about friendship, exploration & riding giraffes. Inspired by such titles as Adventure Time, Castle Crashers, Zelda 2 & Banjo Kazooie Take on the role of a young adventurer as you travel the land and battle monsters-a-plenty in an epic quest to stop the evil Mr B who has kidnapped your Papa and is hell-bent on turning him into a delicious hot dog. But fear not, for you are not alone; you have the help of your best friends, Sparkles the giraffe and your pet rock!

La figurine de Savane. Xydonia - Action-packed Japanese-inspired retro SHMUP by Dario Fantini. XYDONIA is an old school arcade horizontal shoot 'em up, inspired by the Japanese milestones of the genre, such as R-Type, Gradius and Darius.

Xydonia - Action-packed Japanese-inspired retro SHMUP by Dario Fantini

Our goal is to bring you a game that looks, sounds and feels exactly like one of those classics, but retaining its own identity at the same time. The game is currently being developed by a small team of 3 arcade junkies and has reached alpha stage. In XYDONIA, you'll take control of a pilot on a mission to uncover the planet's coordinates and secrets, and reach the ultimate goal. Besides the 3 main characters you'll be able to pick from the start, there will be more to be unlocked by playing the game, each with their own gameplay style! After selecting your ship and weapons, to further customize your setup, you'll be able to select a non playable assist character, each possessing a passive gameplay modifier. Ikenfell by Chevy Ray Johnston.

About this project Risks and challenges Games take such a vast amount of work in so many different skills (code, art, music, troubleshooting, management, etc.) that they can be overwhelming.

Ikenfell by Chevy Ray Johnston

My 14 years experience developing games is enough to carry me through this project, and I have others (both friends and hires) to carry the weight of the tasks that could overwhelm me (writing and animation, being the big two). Technical risks are also a possibility. Smokitten. A propos Smokitten est le premier jeu vidéo pour arrêter de fumer... ou ne jamais commencer !


Smokitten est un projet de jeu vidéo sur mobile visant à aider les fumeurs à arrêter de fumer et à sensibiliser les plus jeunes (10-12 ans) aux dangers du tabac. Bran-CG presents CASSE-GUEULE — KissKissBankBank. Bar "Otaku" / Tatouages à Lille présenté par Aloyse.Bey — KissKissBankBank. 9DKP Trading Card Game by Erick Scarecrow. The Rise Of The Synths by Castell & Moreno Films. There’s five levels of narrative structure in the film.

The Rise Of The Synths by Castell & Moreno Films

The film is a time travel towards the roots of the music genre, back in the late 70s. A quick overview of this time travel: - Today: Presentation of the current scene situation. KAMINI, nouvel album présenté par Kamini. Une Vie Décente pour mes Parents Retraités. RECITS NUMERIQUES présenté par Directive Première. La Noria Film. La Noria is an animated short film directed by filmmaker/animator Carlos Baena and produced as an online collaboration with artists from around the world.

La Noria Film

Carlos is born and raised in Spain. He moved to the US in 1994 and has been living and working there ever since. La Noria is a very personal story for him and very different than most animated films that he's worked on. It combines suspense horror and emotion. It's about a little boy who likes to draw and build toy ferris wheels who after a devastating loss encounters some creatures who turn his life upside down.

We wanted to do horror in animation. STARBOUND: Penguin Plush Project by Erick Scarecrow. Use the starmap to travel between star systems, settle down and farm the land, build and colonize a modern metropolis or take on jobs and earn a living, and do all of it alone or with friends!

STARBOUND: Penguin Plush Project by Erick Scarecrow

With a near-infinite number of procedurally generated worlds to discover, Starbound allows players to create their own adventures in space. In Starbound, penguins are sentient beings, living and working alongside the galaxy's other races. Despite their outwardly cute appearance, they are mischievous rogues who prefer the darker underbelly of society. Some penguins have achieved great renown as rogue scientists, black market dealers and even space pirates! To help make this project happen, ESC & Chucklefish have set up some some special rewards just for this Kickstarter. In this campaign, you can easily increase your pledge to include additional Penguins. TO ADD AN EXTRA REGULAR BLUE PENGUIN (increase your pledge by $30 per Penguin. Chucklefish are an independent games studio based in London, UK. Indivisible: An RPG by Lab Zero and 505 Games.

Français Italiano Deutsch Español 日本語. Thems Fightin Herds. Mane6 (Hi, that’s us!) Is the team behind creating this 2D fighting game where players can explore and do battle across the mysterious lands of Fœnum. We want to create a game that is fun and rewarding to play for all players across all skill levels. XrayUnwrap2.0 quicker auto unwrapping solution. Raylight is a leading italian games and plug-ins developer for Autodesk. We are the developer behind the much acclaimed and already released XrayUnwrap 1.6 for 3ds Max and Maya, XrayCat St for 3ds Max CAT, XrayBlendSkin and Rattle 1.0 for 3ds Max. These plug-ins have been very much appreciated by many famous companies which work both in the game and animation industries, but also by many freelance artists and animators.

Support YandereDev creating Yandere Simulator. Challenger. Tales of Alethrion - Season One by SunCreature Studio. - The Reward is a non dialogue short film created by Mikkel Mainz and Kenneth Ladekjer back in 2013 and Tales of Alethrion is the fantasy webseries based around the universe of The Reward - The pilot webisode was funded through Kickstarter and now we are here again going for the whole season! - We are inspired by the worlds that blew us away as young like Legend of Zelda or Dungeons and Dragons, where storytelling, characters, music and atmospheres flirts with your imagination as it invites you to go adventuring The Reward (2013) is the bromance fantasy film that started it all.

We follow Vito and Wilhelm on a life long journey guided by Alethrion´s treasure map! Tales of Alethrion pilot: "The First Hero" (2015) Many years before the series takes place we see how the mysterious map was created by Alethrion and what awaits to be found at the X on the map. Bliss-Box : 4-Play - One Adapter for Many Controllers by Bliss-Box. Support GonzoSSM creating Animations, Parodies, Art & Games. Hey, what's goin' on everybody, I'm GonzoSSM! I'll introduce myself/remind you guys who I am again haha. I've been making Free to play/view stuff online for about 7 Years now.It's always been Free content, minus the one Steam game.

I've gone from making Flash Games like Toss the Turtle (remember that?) , to a Steam game called Deadly 30, to making Animations on Youtube! With over A Million Subscribers now., I have my eyes set on continuing that, and to further push myself on Youtube. Thing is though, Youtube has made it exceptionally difficult now to pretty much continue on it. As an animator you can only pump out so many minutes of Animation a month. 1-2 minutes of animation really, unless it's extremely simple. This Patreon is basically to counter-act that so that I can keep pushing on Youtube. I've got some Rewards for you guys that can maybe worth your while.

I won't set any Goals yet, since Animation is a very unpredictable job. So, in closing...Spare some change? Izle by Ynnis Interactive. In Izle you build your own world. ✔ Check, Please!: Year One by Ngozi. Risks and challenges These comics have all been drawn and are available to read online. Yet, the biggest challenge in bringing this project to fruition will be creating the book.

Human Interface - Nakamura Tower by Postindustrial Games. Bliss-Box : 4-Play - One Adapter for Many Controllers by Bliss-Box. Distorsion X. Soutenez ELEMENTS CITY - Transmédia et Science Fiction. Human Resources - An Apocalyptic RTS Game by Uber Entertainment Inc.


Héro(ïne)s. Badass Cartoons. Breeks. Erwan & Maël - Toutes les news. Band Saga by Rekcahdam. Hullabaloo Steampunk animated film. La collecte de Thomas Cyrix - VoxMakers. Je ne suis pas aléatoire. Magazine 30 ans et demi. J-RPG. Madness: Project Nexus 2 by Michael Swain. SketchCraft: Digibooks by Sketchcraft. Vagante by Nuke Nine. Support LAPFOX TRAX creating "PSYCHEDELIC SPACE DOG MUSIC" Awkward Hades - THE BOOK. Le Guide complet de Super Mario World. Anima Gate of Memories: Extended Campaign by Cedric Delobelle. Open Charity - WebTV caritative francophone. Riding Shotgun: The Animated Series. DONE !!