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Chasing Coral – An Exposure Labs Production. The Secret Life Of Brian: Documentary on the Monty Python film. In the Year of the Pig - 1968 - Full Movie. Packed in a Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson. The LIBOR scandal: what it means for you - MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials. 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience. Does art imitate life, or life imitate art? Did You Used to be R D Laing? In No Great Hurry. The Power of Nightmares : Adam Curtiss - BBC 2. Why We Fight - 2005 (full length) Food Inc. UK Movie website - Dogwoof supported by The Soil Association.

Our daily bread - THE FILM - Geyrhalterfilm. The Overnighters. GASLAND - FRACKING FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY Romanian Subtitles. The Curse of Oil. Three-part series that goes on a revealing journey through the world's oil-producing regions, beyond the familiar territory of the Middle East.

The Curse of Oil

Now that the oil price appears to be rising inexorably at the pumps, newspapers are full of gloomy predictions related to our increasing addiction to perishable reserves of oil. Bill Cran's series takes a somewhat different approach. We are in fact still amply supplied with oil on planet earth. The problem is that most of it lies in what we cosseted addicts regard as the wrong places. Getting enough oil to fill George Bush's SUV requires dealing with nasty governments or destroying the wilderness.

Cran's series leaves one with the feeling that there are no easy answers - but that, given the hysteria surrounding the subject, is no bad thing. Watch the full documentary now Rich and Poor The Pipeline. Garbage Warrior (doc full) The Corporation Film: Welcome. True Stories: Taking Liberties. Riding in on a wave of optimism and real belief in their mantra that things can only get better, they proceeded to enact some of the most authoritarian legislation in recent history.

True Stories: Taking Liberties

With fast-paced satirical style, this Bafta-nominated film shows how, in just over a decade, some rights and freedoms that took centuries to build up have been rolled back or cut away. The entitlement to habeas corpus – no detention without trial – established when the barons took on King John in the 13th century has, in some circumstances, been abolished. Millions of CCTV cameras up and down the country undermine our right to privacy.

A series of measures has made it more and more difficult to exercise freedom of speech and already led to the arrest of a large number of peaceful protesters. Director Chris Atkins has assembled footage to demonstrate how oppressive these new powers can be. We meet Moulad Sihali an Algerian refugee. Watch the full documentary now. Welcome to My DDR T-Shirt website. THE HORSE BOY. Watch Documentaries and Animated Films Online - Lifeinaday's Channel. The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz. The Creation of the Computer - Documentary. Steve Jobs Documentary - Billion Dollar Hippy FULL LENGTH - BBC.

BBC Four - What Do Artists Do All Day? Fire in Babylon. Stanley Kubricks Boxes. Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. The Academy Award for Documentary Feature is an award for documentary films.

Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature

Winners and nominees[edit] Following the Academy's practice, films are listed below by the award year (that is, the year they were released under the Academy's rules for eligibility). In practice, due to the limited nature of documentary distribution, a film may be released in different years in different venues, sometimes years after production is complete. 1940s[edit] In 1942, there was one Documentary category, twenty-five nominees and four winners. Nominees: Africa, Prelude to VictoryCombat ReportConquer by the ClockThe Grain That Built a HemisphereHenry Browne, FarmerHigh Over the BordersHigh Stakes in the EastInside Fighting ChinaIt's Everybody's WarListen to BritainLittle BelgiumLittle Isles of FreedomMr. From 1943 there were two separate documentary categories (features and short films) 1950s[edit] 1960s[edit] 1970s[edit] 1980s[edit] 1990s[edit] 2000s[edit] 2010s[edit] Controversies[edit] See also[edit]

"I Clown You" Documentary by Sasha Kapustina and Masha Tishkova. CARTEL LAND. American Nomads. Living Without Laws: Slab City, USA. The Babushkas of Chernobyl.