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How to Process and Improve Home Recorded Vocals. Twice a month we revisit some of our reader favorite posts from throughout the history of Audiotuts+.

How to Process and Improve Home Recorded Vocals

This tutorial was first published in July 2008. So, you’ve recorded a vocal, and now you want to mix it and process it so it sounds great in your mix. We’re not going to look at tracking vocals in this tutorial. Instead, we're going to focus on how to process vocals once you've recorded them. How to Process Vocals for an Amazing Professional Sound. Persuading a problematic vocal recording to play nicely with the rest of your mix can seem like a futile task.

How to Process Vocals for an Amazing Professional Sound

Well-recorded vocals and poorly-recorded vocals both need to be correctly prepared, and the processes we're going through today will help you turn your untreated vocal take into a polished and commercial sound. Note: this tutorial contains embedded audio that will not display in a feed reader. Click back to the site to read the tutorial with audio or download the Play Pack at the end of the tut. The Ultimate Guide To Mixing Vocals.

Before we get started, I have to make it clear that this tutorial will work with whatever DAW you’re using. You could be mixing vocals in Pro Tools, FL Studio, Garageband, Cubase 5, Studio One or using any plugins whether Waves, UAD or stock plugins. This is a concise guide so it doesn’t matter what you’re using and if you have problems applying the knowledge then spend some time learning your software or plugins. As you may know I did a short post about mixing vocals in 4 easy steps and this time I want to give you something that is more detailed and help you learn how to make vocals stand out in a mix. AUDIORECORDING. A Beginner’s Introduction to Home Recording. Home recording technology seems to get better and cost less every year.

A Beginner’s Introduction to Home Recording

It puts power in the hands of ordinary people. You’ve probably found this article because you want to get into home recording. Most of our tutorials here at Audiotuts are at the intermediate or advanced level. Sources of Free Sound Effects and Music for Multimedia Projects. In a post earlier this evening I shared Josh Wanner's video about the important role of music in video projects.

Sources of Free Sound Effects and Music for Multimedia Projects

Just as with images, it is important to have students use music and sound effects that they have permission to use. The following resources offer music and sound effects that students can use for free in multimedia projects. Royalty Free Music hosts music tracks that can be reused in numerous ways. Royalty Free Music charges the general public for their downloads, but students and teachers can download quite a bit of the music for free.

To access the free music tracks students and teachers should visit the education page on Royalty Free Music. VoiceThread - MyVoice. Sound Effects, Royalty Free Music, Sound Effect, Music Loops, Sound FX. Zamzar - video converter, audio converter, image converter, eBook converter. READ ME: Audacity Help Resources and Notes. Audacity. Atomic Learning: Audacity 2.0.3 Training. Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to login Beginning of dialog content User Settings.

Atomic Learning: Audacity 2.0.3 Training

Guide To Using Audacity. What Comprises a Good Audio Narration? If you are trying to provide business partners or customers with information about your company or about your products, you can deliver it to them with an audio narration.

What Comprises a Good Audio Narration?

It's now easier than ever before to access audio narrations, as you can post audio files on your website. This will let interested parties download and listen to the narration at their convenience. You can also use audio narrations in messages that you plan to air on television or the radio, making them an essential part of your advertisements. What Comprises a Good Audio Narration? What Comprises a Good Audio Narration?