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Johncey George is an ICF certified leadership coach, with a corporate experience of over 23 years. Based on his extensive experience, he specialises in coaching corporates (millennials and senior executives), entrepreneurs and introverts. He believes in unlocking the potential of each individual and starting them on the journey of becoming their best version!

4 Key Strengths of Introvert Leaders. Home / 4 Key Strengths of Introvert Leaders 4 Key Strengths of Introvert Leaders What do Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Warren Buffet, Andrea Jung, Steven Spielberg, and Abraham Lincoln have in common?

4 Key Strengths of Introvert Leaders

Apart from the fact that they’re all renowned for contributions to their fields, they’re all introvert leaders. Does that surprise you? Though you are an introvert, it doesn’t mean you can’t rise to the pinnacle of your industry, manage a large team, and build something that’s beyond yourself. Introvert leaders listen Compared to their counterparts, introvert leaders take time to speak, but listen deeply.

Introvert leaders are rarely threatened when others are proactive and have a lot to say. Introvert leaders build strong teams where each one feels heard and understood. Introvert leaders are deliberate and thoughtful Introvert leaders are known to weigh the pros and cons of each word they utter and each decision they make more than their counterparts. Improve Your Confidence: FREE Guide. 4 Key Strengths of Introvert Leaders. Build bridges: Leadership Lessons During a Global Pandemic.

When you talk about disruptions in the business world, nothing can transcend what the Coronavirus has done in all our lives.

Build bridges: Leadership Lessons During a Global Pandemic

It has disabled our neat little structures and routines and thrown us all for a loop. What a year it has been! We’re living in unprecedented times and this requires unprecedented leadership skills. As a leader, how do you navigate this strange situation that we find ourselves in? Here are my top 5 suggestions: Show empathy: Some of your team may suffer from anxiety or have inexplicable fears that are triggered at a time like this.

Allay fears: As the leader of a company or a team, you set the tone of how the team responds and reacts both professionally and personally. Get what needs to be done, done: You must also do what needs to be done to ensure your teams’ safety and security. It is good to see that many organizations and leaders around the world are quick to react. Be liberal with trust: This is a big one. SUPERCHARGE THE ENTREPRENEUR IN YOU - Johncey George - Medium. Change in mindsets, new technology, new markets, skills and accessibility to resources has seen a spurt in the growth of entrepreneurs across sectors.


While some thrive, few others fizzle out after a promising start. Ever wondered why? In my experiences of coaching entrepreneurs, here are a few of the key challenges being faced by them- 1. Scaling Up 2. 3. 4. 5. Let us delve deeper into each of them. · Plan well: Strategically planning to grow your business requires you to first understand how your business works and its performance in comparison to your competitors in the market.

O Where is your business now? O Where do you want to see the business going in the long -term? O What do you need to reach your goal? O structure and manpower. · Stay-in tune with business trends of your industry: o Be updated and aware of the trends in your business.


Why Is It, Important to Have a Life Coach? - Johncey George - Medium. Life coaching is about guiding, inspiring someone and helping one create an actionable plan to achieve one’s life goals.

Why Is It, Important to Have a Life Coach? - Johncey George - Medium

What does a Life Coach do? Coaches help you identify your strengths and areas of concern and encourage you to leverage your strengths to address your concerns, helping you to live a fuller, meaningful life that empowers you. Types of Coaches Executive coach: Are you a C-Suite leader with a mandate to take the organization to the next level? An executive coach will help you navigate the VUCA world. Leadership coach: will coach you in developing your staff, help develop your executive presence and coach you to develop better decision-making capabilities.

Entrepreneur coach: An entrepreneur coach will help you be confident and empowered enough to confidently take a leap into the exciting world of being your own ‘boss, help you to scale up, despite the lack of initial stability, security and comfort. Not necessarily. The importance of life coaching That sounds simple! Well.

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