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50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Being a web designer is not easy.

50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers - Smashing Magazine

Not only do we need to have a good understanding about visual design, typography, information architecture, psychology and a plethora of other disciplines; in our work, we need to take care of so many details, so that our job becomes more and more time-consuming, requiring dozens of tools, attention span and an effective workflow for beautiful, timely and functional results. And this is where small time-savers become handy. Be it a handy checklist, batch installer, dummy image generator or converter from Excel spreadsheet to HTML — all these things can save us a couple of minutes every day, making our work easier and more efficient.

And this is why we keep collecting them for Smashing Magazine’s readers. For Web Designers - Website Design Resources.


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