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10 Rules For Advertising On Facebook. In this guide, I’ll walk you through 10 of the most important laws for businesses when advertising on Facebook.

10 Rules For Advertising On Facebook

These are laws that define how Facebook advertisements function and general perspectives that you should keep in mind when creating your advertisements. Some laws will describe immediate actions you can take while others are more broad. All of these laws should help you improve your overall Facebook advertising experience. 1. Facebook Is Least Effective At Direct Sales If you’ve come to Facebook looking for instantaneous sales than you’ve come to the wrong place.

Fortunately you have the opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with your customer and that’s what Facebook is most useful for: building relationships. As I outlined in the 5 phases of the Facebook sales funnel, Facebook is about relationship marketing. 2. Often times on Google, advertisers will create an ad which targets every person in a single country and then split test two ad versions against each other. 3. The Top 10 Social Media Questions Ad Agency Clients are Asking FUEL LINES Fueling Ad Agency New Business Through Social Media. 10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips. Ross Kimbarovsky is the co-founder of crowdSPRING, a community of 43,000+ graphic designers that helps small businesses from around the world with graphic design needs.

10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips

You can follow Ross on Twitter @rosskimbarovsky and @crowdSPRING. Capacity - especially to plan and execute effective marketing strategies - is a big challenge for every small business. In this post, I'll offer 10 suggestions for how small businesses can supercharge their marketing efforts by leveraging social media. For each suggestion, I will discuss a basic strategy - for those who simply want to get their toes wet, as well as an advanced strategy - for those who want to spend a bit more time and go a bit deeper in their social media marketing efforts. These tips are based on my experience leveraging social media marketing for my company, crowdSPRING.

I suggest you begin by outlining clear goals for your social media marketing efforts and figuring out how you'll measure success. HOW TO: Measure Social Media ROI. Olivier Blanchard Basics Of Social Media Roi Defining Clear Goals As a standard formula, ROI is pretty basic, ROI = (X - Y) / Y, where X is your final value and Y is your starting value.

HOW TO: Measure Social Media ROI

In other words, if you invest $5 and get back $20, your ROI is (20 - 5) / 5 = 3 times your initial investment. In the financial sense, ROI is measured purely in the context of dollars and cents, however, the principles can really apply to any type of investment — monetary or not. Having concrete goals and concrete baselines is crucial to calculating your return on investment. Once you have your goals defined, you need to gauge the baseline for your levels before starting or changing your social media strategy. Metrics Tools Although ROI ≠ metrics, traditional web metrics like traffic counts, number of comments, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, etc. are an important component when calculating your ROI.

The trick is to not rely solely on the numbers, but on what the numbers end up leading to.