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How To Market Yourself As A Speaker. Many people say they would like to do more public speaking.

How To Market Yourself As A Speaker

Many people bill themselves as Public Speakers. Many people would like to be represented by a speaker's bureau. Here are some thoughts to consider first... Let me start off with some context: I am represented by two speaking bureaus (Speaker's Spotlight and Greater Talent Network). I give about 70 presentations a year. Now, to the challenge for speakers and wannabe-speakers: it's easy to say, "so and so can speak," but just because someone can speak (or wants to, or has done so in the past) it does not necessarily mean that they can present and hold an audience through an entire session or even as part of a panel discussion.

The truth is that people wanting to speak need to amp up their skills in this space (both in presenting and marketing themselves). Here's the good news... Here's the bad news... Here's what you need on a speaking page: a bio that is about your speaking. a clear statement about the topics you cover (i.e. So Your Client Says They Want To Get On Twitter…


So Your Client Says They Want To Get On Twitter…

They talk about it on the local news, they talk about it on ESPN... it's mainstream. It's almost a household name like YouTube, Facebook, or Johnson and Johnson. Businesses know that other businesses are using it, and they feel like they are potentially missing the boat on something big. Because it's web related, they turn to us, their web designers, for guidance. What do we say? "Sure, no problem" The "getting on Twitter" part is trivial. If the username you want is taken, try contacting the owner and see if they'd be willing to give it up or sell it to you. But Why? This is the same question you could ask when it comes to having a website at all. Do you want to sell more widgets?

Well guess what? It's all of the above As a business on Twitter, you do stand the chance to grow your business, but that may not come as directly as you might imagine. Quick Case Study. Social Networking in Plain English. Portland Business Journal: Succeeding Today. Twistori. Ranked Hard - Funny SEO Comic Strips - SEO Comics & SEO Humor. “Same thing every spring.

Ranked Hard - Funny SEO Comic Strips - SEO Comics & SEO Humor

Tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet! Tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet! Love’s sweet song. Hmmm! Pain in the pinfeathers, I call it!” 3 Must-Haves for a Successful Twitter Workshop Stella Tran at The 5 Big Myths Of Social Media. As a consultant working with many brands on social media strategy and efforts, I hear a lot of perceptions about social media.

The 5 Big Myths Of Social Media

Extended out to the conferences that I attend and sometimes speak at, it is surprising how often I hear the same myths about social media. These are not things that brands are just using as reasons to not engage ... they often come from brands and marketing teams that are actively using social media as well. The following is a selection of some of the myths that I hear most often, as well as some thoughts on why they are simply myths and what your brand can do to get past them:You need to give up control. By far the most common myth, giving up control is a defeatist way of looking at social media. It means that anyone can say anything about your brand and there is nothing you can do and no input you can have.

Connect: Authored by: Rohit Bhargava See complete profile. Social Media Business Course.